College Student Resume Writing Guide

The Challenges of College Student Resume Writing

When you have to compose a resume as a college student, you are always between two fires. You need to talk about some experience that you probably do not have yet and explain that you require a particular job to get that precise experience. A lot of college students feel confused as they do not know what a resume for college student must look like. The most challenging part is to explain your current academic merits and prove that you have already gained the required knowledge and the basics of strategic thinking. Of course, it will always depend on the job listing and the company that you find where your resume may be skipped entirely as the HR agent will invite you for a personal interview based on your formatting and style. These aspects are crucial as you compose your student resume because if you have good writing mechanics and know how to organize your thoughts, it’s already a sign of your professional applicability. When you also provide a cover letter for your resume, remember to connect these two parts and proofread things aloud once you are done!

A successful college student resume must create a positive impact and focus on the tone and inclusion of good knowledge about the company in question. If you cannot provide them with enough job experience, offer something unique and inspiring instead that will show the company that you are the right fit for their needs. When you have good social skills and show due confidence as you tell your story, most companies will notice that as they will see that you already have what it takes as a college learner. It is also possible to provide a list of projects that you have addressed during your studies as it will help you to prove that your existing experience has a solid foundation.

Basic Resume Format With No Work Experience

Your resume still matters and must be structured in a professional way even when you have no prior work experience or academic skills. It's still possible to stand out from the rest as you focus on specific aspects that help your resume to be noticed. It will include choosing the most efficient formatting for your particular needs and getting each section structured according to education, the current state of things, and your skills. You should provide a professional layout and add something that will catch the attention of the HR manager. Here is what your resume for first job must include in terms of obligatory sections:

  • A Clear Resume Header. This should have your information along with the official contact details and a reference to a person or a department of the company of your choice.
  • Basic Resume Statement. This section tells about your statement of purpose and explains why you are applying for a certain position.
  • Your Education Paragraph. This part tells about your education and the college or university where you are currently enrolled.
  • Additional Skills. These may include volunteering, being a multilingual person, participating in workshops, online courses, advanced programming skills, etc.
  • References & Thanks. This part should include references, letters of recommendation, and words of thanks as you complete your writing.

A resume for university student may also include a list of internships or information about the projects or research assignments you have completed. It will instantly set you apart as it will talk about your maturity and specific skills. This part replaces your lack of work experience and helps to make things look attractive. The tone that you use must be alike to what’s being used in a motivation letter. Your resume must inspire and follow a clear structure like the one presented above (it should be one page long!).

How to Write a College Student Resume

Do (What to Include)

Don’t (Things to Avoid)

Focus on the key aspects of resume writing like a summary or your basic profile data, your education, current experience, and skills that make you stand out.

Avoid having the lack of proper structure and do not start writing without researching the job position and the company's requirements first.

When you write a resume for the first time, think about choosing your priorities that will be suitable for the job you would like to get. Think about work relevance and start with those skills that are most applicable.

When you talk of your hobbies, include only those that are applicable to the job position. If you like to play sports, do not let this part take all the free space because if your job is not related to sports, you should mention that you always keep yourself fit and enjoy outside activities. Keep this part accurate!

Your design should provide high readability as the fonts that you use must be either Times New Roman or Arial. Do not use fancy fonts and odd design ideas unless you are applying for fashion studies or some art design courses.

As you compose your resume sections, keep the text related and connected. Do not introduce ideas or ask for things because it's not the purpose here.

The general rule is to avoid going beyond one page of writing.

When you are unsure about how to structure your skills or what parts must be avoided, think about contacting a professional resume writing service as it will save you time and help you provide an exceptional resume that will always stand out. Turning for assistance will address:

  • Skills Suitable For a Resume. It should depend on what the job position requires. It may include technical skills, knowledge of specific software, foreign language skills, a cultural background experience, strong leadership traits, athletic qualities, traveling, and anything that fits the job position.
  • Resume Education Section. This part should include your high school and the college where you are currently enrolled. You may also provide additional courses that you may have taken. Your resume education section should not offer things that are insignificant to the company’s position. Think twice before adding to this section.
  • Resume Summary Part. This part is often the most challenging for college students because it has to create the first impression about the student. For example, applying for a Christian pastor service position, the profile will look this way:

A skilled college student with strong moral values and an attitude that is focused on Christian beliefs. With a plethora of youth service sessions and worship services across the province of Alberta, I am committed to continuing my service and contributing to the community.

As you talk about specific skills for resume, make sure that certain keywords and phrases are not duplicating what you’ve mentioned in your profile section.

Resume Writing Tips For Students

  1. Your Tone. One of the most important aspects is your tone and the confidence that you show in your writing. Express high energy and determination. While it's a bit challenging, keep things inspiring and positive. This is mostly executed in your summary or a profile part. It should be almost narrative as it tells a story about your personality. It is your unique chance to stand out and provide something unique. While there’s no perfect formula that will work for each job position, be honest and do not keep your writing generic. Be creative!
  2. Mention Relevant Skills. When you are writing a resume, focus on the skills that will sound interesting to the company in question. It should be something that the position requires. Take your time to research things first before you write and reflect on the objectives set by the job offer. It is what helps your resume stand out and contain specific keywords as most applications are being scanned.
  3. Be Realistic! Remember that being a college student does not make you anything less because the trick is to provide inspiring information, not place yourself below the others. Talk about your college education, mention vital projects in a brief way, and stay positive no matter what. Don’t promise things you may not achieve but provide information about your personality that is reflective, objective, and true.
  4. Design Aspect! The classic white background and readable fonts are a safe way to achieve success. Do not use anything out of the ordinary unless you are 100% sure it is the right way to go!

Final Resume Header Tips

If you have already seen at least one CV for students in the past, you may already know that the resume header must be designed in a clear way. It’s exactly the place where you can use bold fonts and make the contacts relatively larger to make them noticeable. Do not forget to add your social media profiles but keep them accurate and business-oriented. If it is your personal Facebook profile with family pictures and parties, it’s better to avoid it! Your contacts must look friendly and readable. Double-check the numbers and the spelling! This information is crucial for the HR specialist as they choose you for an interview.

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