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What is plagiarism and plagiarism checker?

When you are writing any type of paper, it's necessary to be sure that you haven't claimed anyone's ideas or words as your own. Such behaviour is known as unintentional plagiarism and considered to be fraudulent and dishonest. To avoid any possible problems, check your essays for plagiarism with our reliable software. Try out our free online plagiarism checker that will help you check your writing quickly and easily.

Why Is It Important to Avoid Plagiarism?

Today, our society is oriented towards information and takes uniqueness very seriously. Whether you write an academic work for college or an article for your blog, the originality of your content should be your top priority.

A plagiarized essay always gets a low grade from professors. Make sure that you change and paraphrase the texts you are using for your research. If you use any ideas from other authors, cite their works properly according to the requirements.

When you are a writer of a blog or run an online business, you should be very careful with all content you post on your website. If you use a text written by another author, it can lead to legal problems, and your blog or business will be discredited forever. Check all texts with dependable service for uniqueness to avoid this problem.

Needless to say, you can find a lot of free anti-plagiarism services that offer to test your paper for originality. Be careful while choosing a plagiarism software that may give you perfect results even when your article is full of copied text. How can you prevent such problems from happening? Only by using a trustworthy service that will provide you with accurate results.

How to Use Our Online Plagiarism Checker?

EduBirdie's plagiarism checker tool is easy to use for a user with any level of computer skills. You can get precise results in just four easy steps:

  1. Copy the title and text of your assignment and paste them into the special box on our website.
  2. Press the "Check my essay" button to upload your text and run the scanner.
  3. Wait a little while as our plagiarism finder scans your text.
  4. Get a free plagiarism report with details on what percentage of your text is plagiarized and use this information to edit your text.

How does it work?

Our university plagiarism checker for students aims to provide clear results in the shortest time, so we always check every text thoroughly. Content that passes through our test is 100% original because we compare the given text to existing articles on the Internet and in our database. The process is so simple that you won't need to put any special efforts into learning how to check essays for plagiarism. After you paste your text into the box, we pass it through our database and compare it with similar works all around the world.

Even if you know for sure that your text is not copied, it can still be similar to some texts published on the web. To avoid this similarity, you need to look through the parts of your text that our similarity essay checker would highlight as plagiarized and change them. It's just as simple as that!

How to Understand the Results and Get Rid of Plagiarism?

After the check is complete, you receive a report that gives a detailed description of what percentage of the text is unique. If the content is not 100% original, you can see a list of sources with potentially plagiarised content. All non-original words and phrases will be highlighted.

Once you get the report, you need only to change and rewrite the highlighted parts. Try to make your text different, but don't change the main idea. Then recheck the entire paper. If it still has borrowed phrases, repeat the procedure.

Benefits of Our Online Plagiarism Checker

Students and writers from Canada can be sure to get these benefits from our service:

  • We guarantee 100% accuracy.
  • Our tool is super easy to use and processes the results quickly.
  • If you detect plagiarism in a paper, contact our customer support team immediately. We'll help you to investigate the situation and solve the problem.
  • We keep our clients' data safe and secure. We guarantee that your information will not be shared with any third parties. Client confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us.

Who Can Use It?

Not only students, anyone whose work somehow needs to deal with texts and its quality - university or school teachers, bloggers or freelancers - can use this tool. You can use one more additional filter in the form of our simple tool if you still think that the quality of paper could be better. Your client, teacher or customer will be satisfied, which results in you receiving a good review. You can even analyze a large number of words if you are a writer or work with books. The check, in this case, will take a little longer, but your text will undoubtedly be clear from any plagiarism, as well as your life would be free from its consequences. Only several clicks will make your content free of any duplicates. Keep in mind the thought of how convenient tool can be waiting for you in bookmarks. And as soon as you sit down at the next work with the text - think about it. Do not let your essay drown in the sea of plagiarism, bad grades or rage reviews.

Why It Is Better to Use Essay Plagiarism Checker Designed by EduBirdie?

There are plenty of free online checkers on the Internet, but you cannot be sure if they will get you accurate results. That is why we highly recommend using our free online plagiarism checker for students; it can give you 100% proven results.

You should check whether your text is unique because a plagiarized paper can ruin your reputation, result in a low grade, or even bring about a lawsuit if the author of the copied text decides to cause you problems. It's incredibly important to use a reliable plagiarism essay checker software to find out if your work is unique. Our online checker is just what you need!

What is plagiarism

There are many different types of plagiarism, and our plagiarism checking tool can detect all of them, including:

Patchwriting: rephrasing another author’s words and using them without attribution in your essay.
Direct plagiarism: knowingly copying and pasting somebody else’s work without crediting the author;
Self-plagiarism: using parts of your previously published/submitted work without citing it was used before;
Paraphrasing: rewording the original work without crediting the original author;
Fake citations: referencing incorrect or non-existent sources;
Accidental plagiarism: accidentally using someone’s work without citing it properly.
You no longer need to worry about any of theseissues if you ask for a helping hand from our professionals.
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How we can help to avoid plagiarism

While our plagiarism checker online can help you find plagiarized parts of your essay, our professional team of writers can do even more:

  • Rewrite the highlighted parts
  • Add proper references
  • Edit the formatting
  • Find credible sources and cite them properly
  • Write an essay from scratch
  • Edit reference list
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Chat with our writers and pick who you would want to work with.
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Make a payment, so the team of our professionals will start dealing with your request.
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Check whether the results are satisfying.
What’s included in our plagiarism tool

Our free checker is better than others available online, and one of the reasons is that there is more to it than just providing you with a detailed report.

High-quality essays Upload any file format

Whether you want to paste your essay or upload a file, any format is supported.

Secure essay writing service Check any type of content

From an essay to a web-page content; we can check anything for you.

Quick Essay Writing Unlimited number of uses

No matter how many times you need to check your essay, you can do so.

24/7 Customer Support Contact customer support

If you have any questions, our support team will be happy to assist you at any time, any day.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What technology does Edubirdie Plagiarism Checker use?

    Edubirdie Plagiarism Checker uses the algorithm that relies on semantics and sentence structure rather than a direct copying. What this means is that even paraphrasing, if done incorrectly, will be highlighted as plagiarized. The software explores several different search engines as well as Edubirdie’s database.

  • How long does Edubirdie plagiarism checker take?

    On average, Edubirdie plagiarism checker takes between 10 to 30 seconds, and the length of your essay is the defining factor.

  • Can I check my document for plagiarism multiple times?

    Yes. No matter how many times it takes to make your paper perfect, you can use our plagiarism checker. Unlike some other checking tools, we do not save your text to our database, which means it can easily be reuploaded.

  • What percentage of plagiarism is acceptable?

    Unfortunately, there is no set percentage of plagiarism that is acceptable; however, ask your professor if there is a number to try to aim at. Usually, keeping your plagiarism percentage lower than 15% is a good rule of thumb as long as all referencing requirements are followed.

  • How to avoid plagiarism?

    Usually, the most common types of plagiarism are pretty easy to avoid; you do not copy and paste someone else’s work and try to pass it as your own, and you’re good. However, accidental plagiarism gets a bit more tricky than this. If in doubt, always credit the original source and make sure all of your references are compliant with the format requirements. The easiest way to submit a 100% unique and plagiarism-free essay is to order one from our team of professional writers.

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