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Verified order

Really well!

Writer is really good at following instructions. Really well written essay


Asa K.

Verified order

Most likely - cool

I can not say enough about the service, because I used it only a couple of times. I ordered some essays and the writers I chose did their job pretty quickly and with no plagiarism in the papers. They left a good impression on me, so I`ll maybe try this platform again.


Sharon C.

Verified order

Very good indeed

I normally never leave reviews but this service is one of the best out there. Got some tips from them in essay writing for my future works.



Verified order

Awesome job

Did an awesome job in a timely manner! Fixed mistakes immediately when asked!



Verified order

My essay so amazing!

She worded my essay so amazing grateful for her to be my writer



Verified order

Great job

Had a massive project due the same day this essay was due. She wrote it fast, well, and in a timely manner! She did a great job and would look forward to working with her again!



Verified order

Thank you!

Thank you! friendly, great format in paper, helpful and quick writer and done way before due date.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do you edit my essay?

    It will start with the evaluation of your grading rubric, the draft, and the original instructions. Once our essay editor will check these aspects, the editing stage will follow to analyse the content. Next, the proofreading stage will start to eliminate style, grammar, and formatting issues. The editor will leave certain notes if necessary.

  • Does the editor have a relevant background in my field?

    Yes, your paper will be edited by a person who has sufficient knowledge and professional skills to deliver the best results. It means that your nursing paper will not be edited by a programmer or a law specialist.

  • Which types of paper can you edit?

    We can help you with the editing of college essays, dissertations, coursework, resumes, research papers, lab reports, slideshows, personal statements, blog posts, business reports, agreements, admissions essay editing, and many other types of written content.

  • How fast can you edit my paper?

    It will always depend on your assignment type and the word count. While an average paper can be edited in two hours if it is up to five pages, the lengthy coursework and dissertations may require more time if some editing and formatting must be done to meet your research proposal and the original instructions.

Learn About Our University Essay Editing Services

Our service provides you with professional editing and proofreading according to the highest writing educational standards in Canada that will help you improve your essay and meet each point in your grading rubric. The editing plays a crucial part in the way your paper is being graded since the accuracy, following of the academic format, and style is a critical part of being a college student.

Essay Editor Helps Make a Difference: Ways to Edit Your Essay

It is only natural to make unintentional mistakes when you have spent days or even months busy composing your essay, research paper, or dissertation. The primary reason why an essay editor’s help becomes critical is approaching an expert and the second pair of eyes to let the minor style and grammar mistakes be eliminated. Since our expert will always provide you with a detailed checklist and will fix every issue, it is guaranteed that your essay will meet those odd aspects mentioned in every academic writing style.

One must remember that editing your essay is not the same as proofreading, which is why an essay editor can either complete the editing part or do both tasks at once. However, the first stage always includes editing to keep the best parts of your essay there to meet the objectives. This part of the editing work relates to the scientific approach to writing, while the proofreading part focuses on grammar, style, spelling, repetitions, and readability. It also helps to get a plagiarism-free paper.

How Does Editing Work?

The editing process also includes evaluation, analysis, and checking of the mechanical errors, which is exactly the way a college professor evaluates an average paper. It is a reason why one must include three vital steps when starting with the essay editing:

  • First Stage: Analytical Paper Editing. It has to provide clarity and comprehension of the content. It is what makes your essay readable and includes analysis to make things sound good as an author. You should check whether your paper appears confident and strong enough.
  • Second Stage: Professional Proofreading. This is where one checks grammar, spelling, style, formatting, repetitions, and run-on sentences. It is where a professional essay editor is using proofreading to make your writing accurate.
  • Third Stage: Personalized Approach to Meet Your Objectives & Grading Rubric. Here is the final stage where you can receive a personalized report with the notes or aspects that may be contradictory. It is where the editor will ask questions and provide you with several tips that will improve your writing style.

You may alternate the third and the second stages, yet the essay editing step must always come first to check the content’s quality. The editor will check both his or her considerations and your grading rubric as well to make sure that you have met the paragraph structure, the style format, and many other aspects that may be specific to a particular college essay.

Benefits of Our Essay Editing Service

Our team consists of native English speakers and verified Canadian specialists who will not only check the grammar and spelling but will also help you to avoid plagiarism issues and style mistakes. Moreover, your essay editor can be chosen based on your subject and the discipline, which means that the editing stage will also improve general clarity and readability.

What makes our essay editing service special is knowing what the majority of grading rubrics in Canada require. Turning to our background academic experience, we know what your college professors expect and what every essay style will require. For example, writing an argumentative essay will have a different structure compared to a reflection paper or a compare-and-contrast paper. It means that your essay editor will check the structure and will follow the instructions to the letter.

Most importantly, we will check your paper in terms of being original, which can only be done by a professional editor who will paraphrase certain bits and will replace certain concepts without ruining the paper.

Time to Improve Your Essay Right Now!

One of the reasons why college students and educators turn to an essay editing service is because of an expert’s evaluation, which helps to improve the paper without costing a fortune. Some of us may be the best students at the university, yet even the brightest learners still make mistakes and may miss certain parts or encounter readability issues. It is not without a reason that most educators recommend reading one’s paper aloud to check whether it sounds confident and clear. Still, as an author, you become used to your text and it forces a person to oversee the mistakes. Turning to an essay editor who sees your text for the first time makes it possible to evaluate your content through the grading rubric and professional editing approach.

One should not ignore editing your essay because it is the major part of your final grade. As we know, some strict college professors may approach it as a vital part of your results, which is why you must seek an expert for your editing and proofreading purposes. Do not let a minor grammar mistake ruin your assignment or have an essay revision when you are running out of time!

What Does The Editor Check?

The essay editing process is quite complex because it is not only about grammar and spelling. An average expert will split their work into three sections:

Grammar. It includes spelling, the use of passive voice, conjugation of senses, run-on sentences, and wordiness. As the Canadian natives, our essay editor will also improve the grammar for ESL students to make things readable and accurate.

Structure Check. The structure will include the evaluation and analysis of the paragraphs and checking with your grading rubric, which means that it will include every rule like topic sentences at the start of each section, the length of a thesis statement, bibliography checking, counter-arguments, the hook sentence, and more.

Formatting. Regardless of your academic style that must be used, when you share your instructions and ask within the lines of edit my paper, our specialists will see what format is required and will convert your existing sources appropriately or compose the sources for you based on some references that you have found. Once this part is checked, it will also include the essay plagiarism detection tool test that will help to keep your college assignment unique, which is one of the most important aspects of professional essay editing.

If you will need an expert’s view or an improvement of style and general strength, our experts know how to edit your draft and bring it to perfection!

Learn More About Our Editors

Every essay editor in our team is a native English speaker with excellent writing skills and a relevant background in a certain subject. It means that your Engineering task will be edited by an individual who has the skills that are required to provide a perfect paper. Likewise, your English Literature task will be proofread and edited by a specialist who knows what makes the assignment good.

Finally, we check every person in terms of their academic credentials and let every person pass our quality check. It guarantees that what you receive after getting an essay proofreading service will meet the highest academic standards in Canada.

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