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Writing an argumentative essay is one of the most common types of academic writing. This type of writing focuses on improving students’ abilities on making proper research of a particular topic or theme, supporting it with logical evidence, then convincing readers of changing their mind or viewpoint.

Research and critical thinking skills are crucial when you are working on an argumentative essay. Unlike a verbal argument, readers are looking for the logic behind your viewpoint supported by various reliable resources. Learning how to master the art of argumentative essay writing qualifies you to better career opportunities in the future. Whether you become a politician, a lawyer, a teacher, or a doctor, you want people to hear you out. They should listen to you and see why your opinion makes sense.

What are the Elements of an Argumentative Essay?

So, what is an argumentative essay? It is an academic type of writing where students study a topic and gather information to establish a position.

A good argumentative essay should be persuasive. It is crafted to motivate the audience to change their stance. In addition to researching the topic and using logic in your argument, you should be able to anticipate opposition. This involves addressing potential questions and providing answers so readers believe that they should follow your lead.

To establish a decent argument, you must focus on 4 elements; position, reasons, evidence, and counterargument. Mastering these elements is the key to winning an argument.


After being assigned a topic or choosing one for your assignment, you should make a claim. This is your position with regards to this topic and what you believe is right. It differs from a feeling or an opinion because you support it with reason. State a strong and precise thesis statement and show that you are ready to convince readers with your beliefs.


Why should people believe you? Justify your opinion and explain why it makes sense. Logic is the key here because stating feelings isn’t motivating enough. It is essential to provide enough information about the background of the topic to prove that you’ve researched it well.


Support your claims with academically accepted pieces of evidence. These include quotes, statistics, graphics, and other tools. Rely on academically accepted sources that add weight to your argumentative paper. Listing various interesting pieces of evidence is an excellent way to make people admire your research skills as well as convince them with your argument.


While reading your essay, readers will have questions. Some of them might oppose your viewpoint. This is where you should refute counterarguments. These are the opinions of people who disagree with your thesis statement or opinion. By including and researching a counterargument, you are strengthening your position by showing readers that you’ve studied, examined, and investigated every aspect of the issue discussed.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay?

This type of essay has a distinctive structure that shows readers you’ve read and researched the topic well. It should include the introduction, body, conclusion, and citations. Following the right format helps you submit an excellent and well-researched task no matter how complicated the theme may be.


This is where you present your topic and position. It should contain a clear thesis statement that shows opinion in addition to some basic background information. Start with a hook that grabs readers’ attention and keep things simple. They should be able to understand your viewpoint or claim, and that you’re qualified enough to defend it.


The body of your article should include 2 or 3 supporting paragraphs. Their job is to support the claim mentioned in the introduction. Each paragraph should have a single topic sentence followed by logical proofs and evidence. A good writer should explain the evidence and why it makes sense. This helps readers interpret the provided evidence and see how it connects to the main claim. At the end of each paragraph, write a conclusion statement that sums it up.

This part should also include a paragraph that focuses on the opposing opinion. What do others say about this issue or topic? Refute these views using facts, quotes, and other pieces of logical evidence. Your job is not just to show people that your opinion makes sense, but also to make them refuse any opposing viewpoint.


The essay should end with a sound conclusion that summarizes the entire argument. Restate the thesis statement and go through the supporting evidence. If readers failed to follow on any part of your argumentative essay they can understand it by referring to the conclusion. There should be a call or action that motivates readers to make a move or intrigues them to change their firm beliefs.


Personal experiences and feelings make sense to you, but they won’t necessarily seem logic to readers. Using academically approved sources is crucial in this type of writing. Gather data from books, academic journals, researches, documentaries, government reports, and other reliable sources that provide useful information. List these sources at the end of your task, so your college professor and other interested readers can see realize the amount of effort you’ve put into this assignment. This also gives them a chance to refer to these sources if they wish to learn more.

Examples of Argumentative Essays:

There are plenty of intriguing argumentative essay topics to create an interesting piece of writing. If you have the privilege to pick a topic or theme, choose one that you are passionate about. This facilitates the process of writing and gives you a chance to submit a decent paper.

It is a good idea to pick a current topic or a popular trend that people are already talking about. Make sure that it is controversial; that some people are for while others are against. Here are some examples and ideas to consider for your upcoming assignment:

Internet Access Should be Limited to Students:

We currently live in an Internet-based world. But with so much accessibility come lots of responsibilities and risks. Should students have limited access to the internet? What are the risks of going online unsupervised? Talk about what you believe and why others should agree with you.

Cloning Should Be Prohibited:

Genetic engineering opens up doors to unbelievable possibilities. But is cloning ethical? Should it be banned? How can cloning help people who suffer from serious injuries or health problems? How can living with your clone affect your life? Make a strong argument and support it with evidence.

Medical Testing on Animals is Unethical:

Modern medicine offers solutions to health issues that seemed inevitable a few decades ago. But poor animals are paying the price. Should testing on animals be banned? Should researchers test on humans instead? How can doctors ensure that no animals are hurt during the tests? Explain your viewpoint and the reason behind it.

There are plenty of other debatable issues that you pick for a good argumentative essay assignment. Take a look at the newspapers, social media platforms, and what people chat about on campus. This gives you a clear idea of what’s trending.

Great Tips to Write an Excellent Argumentative Essay:

Although writing an argumentative essay takes a lot of time and effort, there are a few tips that can help you finish it fast and do it right.

  1. Avoid using the first-person pronoun. An argumentative essay should be impersonal and formal. Unless mentioned in the instructions, it is best not to use “I” or “We” – this will make your writing look more professional and objective.
  2. Read all relevant literature. Doing extensive research is impressive and shows your professor and other potential readers how hard you’ve worked to craft your essay. By reading and studying various sources, you can logically analyze counterarguments. Focusing on supporting opinions only is going to decrease the quality of your task.
  3. Try to sound unbiased. While defending your point of view, avoid using emotions and feelings. Use coherent sentences, proofs, facts, and other pieces of relevant evidence. Make citations to various sources, so readers are convinced that you have a valid argument.
  4. End your text with a strong call to action. What is the purpose of your task? What do you want readers to do? Ask readers to make a move based on your argument.

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