How to Write a Motivation Letter for University

What is a Motivation Letter?

Also known as the statement of purpose, the motivation letter should represent the reasons why you are applying for a specific university course and the list of qualifications and qualities that drive you as you make your choice. If you are asked to present a motivation letter for university admission, it means that you must compose a summary of your goals and strive for being accepted. You should present yourself in a letter and may even ask for a personal interview as the motivation letter must inspire the admission committee.

Your letter of motivation must include personal details and reflect your personality as it is the main purpose of such writing. Consider what you provide in a CV because these details must be connected to what you provide. Keep an accurate balance between your narration and the academic requirements of your course and university by stating what motivates you and how particular academic opportunities will be able to help you in your future career and aspirations.

The Types of Motivation Letters for University

Students often fail to see the difference between a classic cover letter and a motivational letter. While these may look similar in the final take, these follow different objectives. Therefore, we have different types of motivation letters that may include:

  • A motivation letter for a scholarship. It’s one of the most challenging types where you need, to be honest, and precise about your motivation. It’s insufficient to talk about your academic merits because there must be something that makes you stand out. You can approach a trained personal statement writer to determine and edit your writing. It’s also the best way to avoid plagiarism issues as you have to follow some prompt or talk about the usual things.
  • University admission purposes. This letter of motivation type must explain what motivates you to join a particular course and include information about your background. The purpose is to connect your personality to things you are planning to learn.
  • Internship request. When you are applying for an internship position, a motivation letter is essential. You must provide information about your academic merits and special skills that make you a suitable candidate.
  • Returning to academic studies. When you are coming back to college, you may have to explain the reasons why you had to take a break and what events have taken place in your life. You must provide information about what motivates you to try harder and learn.
  • Dissertation statement of purpose. When you are planning to start with a complex dissertation, writing a motivation letter to the academic committee is also one of the types to consider.

How to Compose a Motivation Letter

Start with your motivational letter in advance to give it some time as you work on your draft and plan the final concept. Your layout and structure also play an important role.

Here is how to write a motivational letter and the elements to consider:

  • Your Concept. Think about what thoughts and ideas motivate you to pursue a particular course and university. Stay true to your skills and discuss what you can contribute to the academic community, why you have chosen it, and the reasons why it's the best option for you.
  • Your Layout. The formatting of your motivation letter should be accurate and professional. The maximum length should not go beyond two pages. Times New Roman, Arial, or Verdana fonts must be used.
  • The Structure. Your letter should consist of an introductory paragraph with a hook, 2-3 body paragraphs, and the conclusion paragraph. The final part should re-state your personal advantages.
  • Final Improvements. Proofread and edit your motivation statement. Avoid complex words and constructions. Your language must be smooth and your tone must be a mixture of narration and an explanation.

You may consider professional college admission essay help if you need to fine-tune your writing and check the readability aspect. Always stay true and research the university and the course requirements before you start writing as it will always pay off!

Motivation Letter Structure Example

Since there is no universal structure for the motivational letter, you may either follow the template below or connect your writing with what you have to provide in an average resume for students. The general structure template will look this way:

  1. Contact Details.
  2. Introduction.
    • Personal information part.
    • What course/university you are applying to.
    • Reasons why you are applying.
  3. 1-3 Body Paragraphs.
    • a) Story behind your academic merits.
    • b) The facts about your personality.
    • c) Your skills in numbers.
  4. Conclusion Paragraph.
    • a) Your future plans and objectives.
    • b) Words of thanks and conclusion.

Do's and Don'ts In Your Motivation Letter

As you start with a statement of purpose writing, there are several aspects you must consider to avoid getting into the trap of repetitions or things that must be eliminated.

Things to Consider

Things to Avoid

Keep your writing creative and personal to make an impression.

Do not repeat what’s already included in your resume.

Use an interesting hook in your introductory paragraph.

Do not use cliches or quotes in the first paragraph.

Research university and course specifics as it will help you keep your writing relevant.

Avoid using jokes and humour. It’s good to keep your tone positive, but do not overdo it.

Always proofread and edit your writing aloud to check the readability.

Always take your time to create a concept instead of making a carbon copy of your CV.

The most important is to keep things stylish and readable as you have to keep the right balance between marketing yourself and staying true.

Get Urgent Help When You Need It!

If you feel stuck or do not know how to proceed with your motivation letter or with a recommendation letter, don’t give up because professional help is always available. Consider the admissions editing service and explain your situation. It will help you to save time, avoid plagiarism, and achieve stellar results!

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