How to Write a Cover Letter for University Application

The Peculiarities of a Cover Letter for Application

When you have composed a resume for college student purposes, you should add a cover letter where you have to tell more about your personality and explain why you are the best fit for an academic program. Many college students often mix up these two parts. The cover letter for university application stands for a document that strives to explain your intentions and the statement of purpose as you apply for a particular collegiate course. It helps the admission officers see what kind of a person you are and what motivates you to attend their school. As always, your cover letter should be based on honest and accurate information as it’s like creating your academic profile where you talk about things that are too lengthy for a resume. It is recommended to avoid making a copy of what you have specified in your CV because the cover letter should be a type of reference to the admission officer.

The Length of a University College Cover Letter

Unlike a resume that should be one page only, your cover letter can be up to two pages. It should be around 5-8 paragraphs that are structured in an accurate way. If you feel that something must be extended, take notes and think about the different wording that will help you remain precise. Some colleges also set specific instructions, which is why it’s necessary to do some research first and see if you follow the existing admission requirements they may have for a cover letter or motivation letter.

How to Compose an Excellent Cover Letter for College Application

The most important aspect of the university application letter is the structure and the order of the sections that you provide. Here are the most important parts that must be there:

  1. Your personal information.
  2. Date of admission.
  3. Contact person's name, title, and university department.
  4. Salutation.
  5. Your introductory paragraph.
  6. Information about your skills.
  7. Additional specifics.
  8. Contact information and closure.

Let us focus on each part separately to gain a deeper understanding of what must be included.

  • Your address part must include your mailing address and phone number. It's necessary to get in touch as your application becomes accepted. You may also include an email address for communication purposes, yet most universities these days still require the postal address.
  • The salutation section should refer to the admissions officer. You may use the "To the Admission Officer" salutation as the safe way. If you know the officer's name and title, you may keep things more personal. Do not use "To whom it may concern" or "Dear Sir" types of greetings.
  • Remember to include the school's address and the department you are referring to.
  • Your introduction part must talk about your purpose and the reasons why you have chosen a certain program. Keep the tone friendly, yet formal.
  • Discuss what kind of qualification and experience you have in the next paragraph. Research the college specifics and explain why you are a good candidate. Talk about your academic merits and any important (related) extracurricular activities.
  • In the next paragraph, talk about the additional skills you have. You may tell about volunteering, social work, participation in the local campaigns, and so on.
  • Before you continue with the conclusion paragraph, sum up why the university of choice will help you to achieve success and how exactly. Discuss why the college looks appealing to you!
  • The final paragraph should talk about your contact information (in brief) and tell if you have added your CV, letter of recommendation, or any other important information that may be helpful for the admission committee. Show respect and keep your tone confident. The cover letter for the university is usually closed with the "Yours Sincerely", followed by your name and your last name.

Remember that your cover letter for university application must be accurate and keep the grammar and style up to the high academic writing standards. If this part sounds too challenging, consider approaching college admission essay editing services to ensure that there are no mistakes or plagiarism risks. This part is crucial as the committee will check every paragraph and possibly scan it through their database in terms of being accurate and unique!

The Structure Rules & Format

One of the most frequent requests regarding formatting that cover letter writing service specialists receive is how to format the header part. The rest is mostly clear, which is why we shall provide you with the header template. Here is the correct order:

The header must be located at the top left side of the page.



Your name and Last Name
Postal Address
Phone Number
Email Address


Admission officer's name.
University Department.
University Address.

Turning to the final formatting of your cover letter, do not use phrases like "Thanks a lot" as you write or anything formal. You can also add an electronic signature if you are sending an email message or sharing your cover letter online. The most suitable signature is “Truly Yours” or “Yours sincerely”. 

Also, make sure your email security protocols are enabled. It will help you to protect against cyber attacks and unauthorized access to your email account.

Regarding font and spacing, use professional and accessible fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, or Verdana. The use of different colours or odd fonts is not recommended. There must be an extra space between your header and each paragraph to increase the readability. The page alignment should be 2.5 cm on all sides. The use of links is not recommended as you should explain what additional personal information you may provide.

College Cover Letter Writing Tips

Some writing tips help college students to achieve success and feel safe as they write and sort their ideas. As you compose your cover letter for college application, follow these tips:

  • Keep Things Concise! The most important is to include only vital information and set your priorities. It will help you to look appealing.
  • Stay Focused! Provide accurate information regarding your qualifications and participation in school projects as these parts must be verified as you apply.
  • Creativity and Narrative Tone are Welcome! It's your chance to keep things personal as you need to make a positive impression and motivate the admissions officers. At the same time, your tone must be respectful.
  • Keep Things Qualitative! Use numbers and a statistical approach as you talk about your skills and academic merits. It helps to show that you operate with the information in a confident way and know the university requirements well.
  • Always Proofread and Edit Your Cover Letter. Do so aloud and analyse how it sounds. If something is not good enough for a speech presentation, choose simpler wording.

When You Require Academic Assistance

Even when you follow all the rules and formatting specifications, you may still feel unsure about the clarity of your cover letter for university. If you feel stressed and need a professional to check your writing, consider contacting an essay writing for university admission specialist who will help you achieve success. The helpful and reliable assistance may include correction of your wording and the accuracy of the statements that you make. A trained expert will study the course requirements and correct certain parts that will make you look better through the lens of the academic requirements set by the admission committee.

As you send your letter to university for admission, always proofread and edit things aloud by checking your postal address twice. When you keep things accurate and evaluate the style and the visual approach, you have far greater chances to become accepted and achieve success. Turning to an expert as you seek help will also help you to feel confident and avoid missing some parts that only a specialist can spot. Now take your time, study the rules again, ask for assistance when you require it and stay true to your dreams!

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