How to Write an Introduction For an Essay

What is an Essay Introduction: Main Requirements 

In the majority of cases, an introduction part is what will help your target audience see your research objectives and make a successful transition from the general field of science or a subject to something that is more aimed at a particular problem or a challenge. The most important, as you write a good introduction for an essay, is to provide introductory and/or explanatory information to your readers like your topic, the reasons why it's important, and how exactly you are planning to continue with your research or discussion. 

Regardless of your discipline or subject, an introduction paragraph should also serve as the foundation for your main argument or thesis statement. As usual, your thesis must be the last sentence of your introduction paragraph. In certain cases, however, you may use a supporting sentence for your thesis to provide a clearer explanation or to avoid confusion. 

The general rule of academic writing states that both the introduction and conclusion parts should be around 10% of your total essay word count. While it is possible to break the rules, depending on your grading rubric requirements, your introduction also contains the thesis and must provide information in a condensed way without sounding too complex or lengthy. Assuming that you are dealing with 1,500 words document, your introduction should be approximately 150 words. It's also possible to make it a bit longer if your main argument or statistical data requires that. It should sound organic and have a solid reason to make it longer, especially if it is social research where contradictory elements may be present. 

Learning how to write an introduction for an essay, remember that your structure of an introduction should start with a hook sentence that will inspire your readers and make a bold statement regarding what your essay is about. The basic structure should provide the general importance of the essay and narrow things down to explain the topic and methodology that one plans to use. Once this part is written down, you must offer a brief explanation before your thesis to make it sound vital.  

How to Write an Introduction for an Essay: Step-by-Step Guide  

Although writing an introduction for a typical college essay will be different for each case, there are still some basic rules and recommendations that must be followed. Here are the steps that must be taken to compose an amazing introduction: 

  • A Powerful Hook Sentence. It can be an unusual fact, statistical information, or anything that will help to keep your readers inspired. It’s best to avoid direct quotes or citations right at the beginning of your paper as it will limit the originality factor. Make sure that the hook sentence mirrors your main statement and carries the main message (agenda) of your essay. 
  • Importance of Your Subject. Your introduction paragraph for an essay should talk about the reasons why (and how) your topic relates to the subject you are exploring and why it is important in the general sense. If it’s a special group project or a personal essay, mention why it’s conducted and how it can help others. 
  • Methodology Part. The next sentence should talk about the methods you have used (in brief) to explain what is to be expected and confirm the validity of your upcoming claim. It should be around 2-3 sentences in length. 
  • Essay Objectives. Mention your objectives as the next measure since it will help your readers to appreciate your thesis in a better way. It is especially helpful to set the borderlines of your essay and to narrow things down a little bit. 
  • Thesis Statement. It is the heart of your introduction paragraph or culmination of things as you share your main argument. Your thesis should be clear and make it clear that it cannot be understood or read differently. It’s where the order and the use of words help. You can start with the list of keywords that reflect your main idea and compose a thesis sentence based on what you have. 

Useful Words and Phrases to Add to Your Introduction Paragraph 

As you think about how to start an essay introduction, focus on the helpful transition words to increase the general emphasis and tone of your message. The following phrases will be helpful as you will learn from the basic examples that we provide: 

  • As recent research has shown, the advancement of technology has helped to explore the aspects that have been impossible to address in the past. 
  • Considering the rise of domestic violence cases in the Ontario province... 
  • According to X... As stated by Z... 
  • In order to achieve the most efficient outcome, this essay focuses on... 
  • Consider the scientific limitations of this research... 
  • Firstly, statistics show that the majority of...  

A successful introductory paragraph will seek something that will inspire readers to continue reading or explore why exactly you are planning to explore something. 

For example, if you are dealing with online education in Canada, you may start by making assumptions like this one: 

"Contrary to the popular belief, access to modern technology is not only helpful as it tends to create a special gap between the young learners who embrace technology eagerly and the older teachers who may be struggling with more advanced features of the LMS platform.

Some other helpful phrases for intro for essays to use in your introduction should act as transition words as you plan to reveal your thesis statement:

  • It brings out the necessity of careful planning... 
  • Considering the recent changes in our society... 
  • The pandemic times and restrictions have changed our perception of things, resulting in... 
  • The main benefit of this method can be summed up as... 
  • Although contradictory, the legislation states clearly that...  

The key is to proofread your writing and make sure that you introduce the importance of your thesis statement clearly without making it overly complex. As you work on your writing, do not try to explain how things work yet because your body paragraphs are supposed to achieve that! Regardless if it is a debate essay or a coursework introduction, you have to explain what has been explored and why. The main purpose here is to introduce. 

Introduction Writing Tips  

The general rule is to keep things inspiring as you write even if the topic is complex and hard to manage. Ask yourself why it matters to you and create a special outline as you research your objectives. If something sounds unclear, think about creating a list of keywords that will help to reflect the subject and distribute them in your introduction paragraph as it’s a secret trick that professional journalists always use.  

Here are some other tips to consider: 

  1. Starting an essay, do not give all of your secrets and main arguments out just yet. Keep the intrigue and provide an assumption or an interesting fact that will be explained later on. 
  2. Do not introduce statistical information without an explanation or introduction that comes first. 
  3. Your thesis statement can be either summed up in a single sentence or use a special supporting sentence that will further explain the meaning.  
  4. Do not mention anything in your introduction that won't be discussed later on in your essay. It means that if you mention Latin America and their take on forensic studies, it must be mentioned in your body paragraphs. Likewise, if you introduce certain facts, discuss them, and keep things connected to your thesis statement. If it sounds overly complex, remember that paying someone to write your essay can be helpful as you can get things checked by an expert and avoid plagiarism. Keeping balance and clarity is always essential as it’s the first thing that your college professors will see!  
  5. Do not use more than one quote (citation) in your introduction paragraph and use it only when it’s absolutely necessary and helps to support the main fact and your primary idea. 

Using creative writing techniques in the introduction of your essay can be an effective way to make a lasting impression on your reader. By utilizing descriptive language, vivid imagery, and unique perspectives, you can create a sense of intrigue and anticipation that will encourage your audience to continue reading. This can be especially helpful when writing an argumentative essay or a personal narrative, as it can establish your writing style and create a connection with your reader from the very beginning.

Good Essay Introduction Example 

Writing an introduction, it’s always good when you can turn to an actual example of the introduction and see how it is composed. Let's take an example of a Healthcare essay that deals with vaccination and autistic children. Since it's a controversial topic, pay attention to the tone and the hook sentence. See how it is connected to the thesis statement:  

essay introduction example

Making Things Logical Matters 

The majority of intros for essays that you will find will hurry to reveal the main message, which can be both a good and a bad thing, depending on your essay type. If you are planning to write an argumentative essay, do not start with an argument right away but talk about the context and add some background to your writing. It will make things a bit more logical and provide your target audience with the means to follow your thoughts. If you are talking about some events or issues related to a particular country or time period, mention it right at the beginning of your essay. It will help to narrow things down and make your examples sound more relevant. 

Likewise, as you write your essay that represents a cause-and-effect assignment for Environmental Sciences class, think about the latest events that can set the starting point and inspire your readers to explore why something has happened or how to prevent the natural disaster. The introduction must motivate people to read further and provide a strong lead that results in your thesis statement. 

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