150 Climate Change Essay Topics by Writing Experts

What is Climate Change? 

While there is no simple definition for climate change, it always comes down to the study of the human impact and the natural processes that lead to short-term and long-term changes in relation to temperature and weather. The students that seek assistance with the climate change topics for essay may deal with history, daily human activities both in Canada and beyond, and the reasons why our climate changes. It can be the burning of fossil fuels, water pollution, and greenhouse effects. It can be a reflective essay, case study writing, explanatory writing, or even college debates. When we learn about the human and the natural impact through writing, we can be the positive change we want to see. As a way to help you stay inspired and explore, our experts have collected various topics that can be used as a research template. 

Climate change is studied by students majoring in Environmental Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, History, Geography, Political Sciences, and Healthcare students. We have the topics that can be used for the basic high school essay as well as those that can be addressed in coursework or dissertation. Even if you don’t belong to any of the classic disciplines, you can write about climate change and the environment for your speech and find the topic ideas that we have as helpful. 

150 Climate Change Essay Topics by Categories

Climate Change in Canada 

As you are looking for climate change essay topics, it's necessary to narrow things down a little bit so you can make your outline and address the issues that are most relevant to Canadians. Here are some inspiring environmental topics to consider: 

  1. The most common causes of the higher temperatures in Ontario province.
  2. The role of social media in the awareness of the shifting rainfall patterns in Canada.
  3. Dealing with extreme weather in Canada: traditional versus innovative solutions.
  4. The use of AI-based tools in the management of rising sea levels.
  5. The most common changes taken from the monitoring stations in Canada.
  6. Atmospheric gases increase and the role of Canadian parks in Vancouver, BC.
  7. Climate intensification in 2022 and the bond of pandemic situation.
  8. Unpredictable weather patterns in Canada and the best solutions implemented.
  9. The problem of forest fires in Manitoba province in the 2010-2020 time period.
  10. Historic flooding versus human-impacted issues.
  11. Dealing with the melting glaciers in Canada.
  12. The legislation of fossil fuels burning in Canada and climate change.
  13. Conversion of land in Victoria, BC, and the modern agricultural practices.
  14. Urban life in Canada and the human activity that affects the land.
  15. Traditional farming in Canada: negative versus positive events.

Environmental Issues in Canada 

Most Canadians are responsible and attentive when it comes to environmental issues in Canada. These topics are used not only by those who study Biology or Environmental Sciences because most engineers and educators also cover this subject. Check out these ideas: 

  1. Social media platforms as the ground for extreme heat alerts. 
  2. Dealing with the flood based on the skills of the First Nations People. 
  3. The use of chemical substances when addressing forest fires. 
  4. Keeping Canadian air clean: digital markers placement in towns and cities. 
  5. Water pollution challenges in Vancouver and the vessels. 
  6. Canada's attitude to the oil industry and carbon emissions. 
  7. The problem of oilsands and the current legislation in Canada. 
  8. Climate change policies and the education of immigrants. 
  9. Transportation and housing through the environmental lens. 
  10. Transformation to green energy sources: pros and cons. 
  11. What has caused the high world environmental record in Canada: case study writing.  
  12. Reduction of emissions by 2030 as the Climate Change Plan. 
  13. Deforestation problem in Canada and sustainable management approach. 
  14. The use of social surveys to help Canadians become eco-friendly. 
  15. Educational plans in middle schools to help youngsters become aware of environmental problems. 

Global Warming 

Another popular topic to consider for your college writing is global warming. As a rule, many students believe that there are certain myths that must be addressed, which is why choosing your topic correctly is essential. These are essay about global warming ideas to brainstorm: 

  1. Political bias when addressing global warming issues in Canada. 
  2. The role of Instagram influencers in promotion of the global warming issues. 
  3. Is the use of aviation a solid cause for the global warming challenge?
  4. The problem of fast warming and the Canadian Arctic. 
  5. Sea-ice deterioration problem and permanent changes that are not addressed. 
  6. The legislative differences between Canadian provinces that address global warming issues. 
  7. Water pollution and the challenges of scarcity in Canada. 
  8. Creation of ecosystems and the role of Canadian universities during the Covid-19 pandemic. 
  9. The national parks and saving endangered species. 
  10. Weather hazards and climate change issues in 2022. 
  11. Global warming and internal migration in Canada. 
  12. The pros and cons of the social campaigns that advertise global warming issues. 
  13. The role of Canadian celebrities in promotion of the ecological events and problems. 
  14. The heritage of the Inuit people and the connection to nature. 
  15. Global warming and the use of electric vehicles.

Causes of Climate Change 

When you have to compose a reliable research paper, it is vital to focus on the causes of climate change. Even if you do not have to work on a cause-and-effect paper, you should explore what leads to environmental issues by checking these climate change topics: 

Human Activities and Climate Change 

  1. Power generation methods: electricity versus heat. 
  2. The innovative management of burning fossil fuels in Canada. 
  3. The best ways to achieve a safe manufacturing process. 
  4. Cutting down forests problem in British Columbia. 
  5. Human consumption and the ways to reduce eco-negativity. 
  6. The use of transportation and recycling methods. 
  7. The role of education and the attitude to our nature. 
  8. Scouting in Canada as a way to help preserve the forests. 
  9. Overfishing problems in Canada: resolving the historical problem. 
  10. Oil drilling techniques: are there safer alternatives? 

Business/Factories and Climate Change 

  1. Business-driven economic activities in Oakville, Ontario. 
  2. Water pollution and the use of filters. 
  3. Corporate solidarity in Canada and the role of journalism. 
  4. The use of Reddit and the reports of the local environmental issues. 
  5. CO2 emissions and the percentage of business ecological harm. 

Greenhouse Effect Challenges

If you would like to address the greenhouse effect problem, you must include statistical data and provide certain facts. Regardless of whether you want to use case study writing or start from scratch, see these ideas: 

  1. Is there an alternative to the burning of fossil fuels? 
  2. Livestock production in Canada is the reason for the greenhouse effect. 
  3. Industrial methods of work and deforestation problem. 
  4. Statistical comparison of the greenhouse gases release of Canada vs the United States. 
  5. Direct versus indirect greenhouse effect: what are the core differences? 
  6. The use of solar radiation as a benefit for energy transformation. 
  7. The advantages of solar panels and renewable energy sources. 
  8. The importance of the green tags in Canadian supermarkets versus the factories. 
  9. Air pollution and the rise of respiratory diseases in Toronto, Ontario. 
  10. Greenhouse emissions and the rise of forest fires. 
  11. The heritage of John Tyndall and the sun ray's effect. 
  12. Anthropogenic greenhouse gas control: an ethical side or consumption? 
  13. What can a single Canadian do to reduce the greenhouse effect? 
  14. Water vapor is the most challenging problem of greenhouse emissions. 
  15. Desertification of fertile areas in Canada and the recovery methods. 

Climate Change and Future 

Climate change is always linked to the future as we cannot limit ourselves to studies of the past and present only. It means that you can start with a prognosis and look into the future as you research. Here are the topics to consider: 

  1. Dealing with a warmer atmosphere in the future: changing our consumption patterns. 
  2. Climate change and international security challenges. 
  3. Decrease of available water resources in Canada. 
  4. The true challenges of permafrost thawing: things we do not know. 
  5. The method of cutting down the flights and the use of air transportation. 
  6. Human impact and reduction of energy use. 
  7. The reasons why cutting consumption behaviours is not the ultimate solution. 
  8. Climate shifts and analysis of the heat waves in Canada. 
  9. Foreign climate policies and the role of international legislation. 
  10. Global warming challenges and the industrial methods of work. 
  11. Innovative farming methods in Canada as the way to address the increasing heat. 
  12. Conservation and restoration campaigns developed by Canadian scientists. 
  13. Land management techniques in Canada versus the United Kingdom. 
  14. Public transport changes during the pandemic times. 
  15. The reasons why turning to green energy is not always helpful. 

Activities to Slow Down Global Warming 

If you want to provide an argumentative essay on the list of activities that can slow down global warming, it is necessary to find a solution that you can describe in your paper. Here are some global warming essay topics ideas: 

  1. Business ethics and environment among Canadian entrepreneurs. 
  2. Social distancing problem and the ways how staying indoors has unfolded certain environmental challenges. 
  3. Transformation to green energy and the use of social campaigns. 
  4. Local problems and international problems: why every land is bonded? 
  5. Planting a tree campaign in remote Canadian provinces in 2022. 
  6. The use of hot water and the water vapor myth: what are the pros and cons? 
  7. Innovative systems of packaging and recycling methods. 
  8. Consumption of organic foods and safe farming techniques. 
  9. Powering homes with the help of renewable energy solutions. 
  10. Investment in ecological farms in Canada. 
  11. Reduction of waste and personal management systems. 
  12. Creation of an outline to slow down global warming: things that won't be done overnight. 
  13. Electricity versus the food that we consume daily. 
  14. Controversial subjects and the reasons why global warming is ignored by many. 
  15. School education is a solution to reduce the harmful human impact on our environment. 

Worldwide Politics/policies for Climate Change

As you may already assume, when you are writing about climate change policies, you cannot limit yourself to the problems in Canada or the local events. Even if talk about some international corporation, you will have to deal with legislation and politics. See an essay on climate change ideas: 

  1. The political aspect of climate change in the world: is it inevitable? 
  2. Canadian environmental legislation: what are the unique things to consider? 
  3. China and the pollution control methods: manufacturing effect. 
  4. Global warming and climate change campaigns. 
  5. UNESCO and the role of Canada in the youth programs based on environmental issues. 
  6. Ocean heat and the use of AI-based robots to track the violators. 
  7. Addressing the social media campaigns and the use of Canadian athletes. 
  8. Sports and competitions as the way to promote healthy consumption. 
  9. Transportation sector and the international logistics: the most efficient transportation methods. 
  10. The necessity of the environmental taxes system for ships and planes. 
  11. Human activity and the evidence that is hidden by transnational corporations. 
  12. The waste management of masks during the Covid-19 times. 
  13. Polar ice caps melting: who is responsible and who has to take action?
  14. The use of arts and music to promote a healthy way of life. 
  15. Personal responsibility versus the life promoted by political parties worldwide.

Historical Events

Many of the climate change topics have roots in our history, which is especially relevant in Canada as you study History, Anthropology, or start with a Healthcare project. Take a look at these inspiring topics on global warming that relate to Canada’s history: 

  1. The Environment and Climate Change Canada law and the heritage. 
  2. Department of the Environment in Canada as the second country in the world to establish the practice. 
  3. The history of the Meteorological Service of Canada. 
  4. The techniques used for water restoration by the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. 
  5. The Canada Wildlife Act and the creation of natural habitats in British Columbia. 
  6. The challenges of marine pollution in Canada and the London Convention. 
  7. The changes provided by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada. 
  8. Canada's scientists and their impact on the Chornobyl nuclear disaster. 
  9. The North American cooperation and the North American Waterfowl Management Plan. 
  10. Montreal Protocol and the plan to recover the ozone layer. 
  11. The role of human health through the lens of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. 
  12. The history milestones in Quebec and the legislation between the multicultural cooperation. 
  13. Canada's Green Plan as a solution for the climate change challenges. 
  14. Air Quality Agreement law and the United States since 1991. 
  15. The Fraser River Action Plan and the environmental research campaigns in the 90s. 

Controversial Topics / Topics to Debate 

It's not surprising that some college professors in Canada like to ask for climate change and environment debates where things easily get controversial. Keep things respectful as you write an essay about climate change as you check these ideas: 

  1. Global warming is another political myth. 
  2. The negative sides of solar panels and green energy sources. 
  3. Celebrities that stand for the environment, yet live another way. 
  4. The use of chemicals to produce a safer environment. 
  5. The pros and cons of electrical charging for vehicles. 
  6. Is ecotourism only creating more damage in Canada? 
  7. The introduction of the carbon tax is a useless solution. 
  8. The majority of zoos are bringing more harm to the animal world. 
  9. Vegetarians cannot help to diminish climate change. 
  10. Prohibiting mining should be mandatory. 
  11. Overpopulation and global warming. 
  12. The pros and cons of urban farming in Canada. 
  13. Organic farming versus traditional farming practices. 
  14. The dangers of the septic tanks. 
  15. Climate change is inevitable and cannot be helped. 

Keeping Your Climate Change Writing Unique! 

As you brainstorm the ideas for your climate change essay, always make sure that you provide all the relevant references and credit every idea that is not yours. Explore the subject, play with the wording, create an outline, and do not be afraid to discover something new as you might find a new solution. When you research the facts, do not forget to provide your unique voice and keep your writing unique. If you are feeling stuck or need some guidance with your writing, consider approaching a climate change essay writing service and ask an expert for help. It will help you to start and get things done as writing about climate change is never easy! 

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