75 Persuasive Essay Topics

What is a Persuasive Essay?

Persuasive essay writing is quite popular among college students because the purpose is to convince your audience and persuade them that your take on things is correct and valid. It's close in nature to argumentative writing because the most important is to offer at least three arguments and support them with a piece of evidence, real-life examples, and reasoning.

One should also remember the critical key factors that must be used when dealing with persuasive writing topics. You must be aware that the main purpose is to convince your readers by stating an opinion that is reflected in your thesis statement. As you start writing, provide a basic background of the problem as it will help your audience see why you are coming up with certain thoughts and ideas.

The factual evidence must be built in a gradual way where your factual evidence should point your readers to your evidence and the facts that have helped you in your research. It should be sufficient without turning to external data. If there is statistical information, you can use it as a reference. Remember to provide sources for every fact that you provide wherever possible to keep things reliable and avoid plagiarism.

What are the Challenges of Persuasive Essay Writing?

One of the most challenging aspects of persuasive essay writing is choosing a topic that will work. When your argumentative essay topic is chosen correctly, it can boost your grade. Likewise, when the topic is too broad, it can decrease your final grade and become difficult to research. It is a reason why our experts have compiled a list of 75 persuasive essay topics for your inspiration!

Top 10 Persuasive Essay Topics

Before we proceed with the long list, let's start with a top 10 interesting topics for persuasive essay list of the most popular persuasive essay topics in Canada. These will contain the basic explanations to help you get an idea of how things work.

  1. Does The School Day Start Too Early? - If you are still in school, or if you are studying Paedagogy, you might want to consider writing about it. While at first sight, it might not sound that interesting, it makes for a good descriptive essay writing help due to the numerous scientific and factual evidence on the matter. In fact, there is a lot of evidence that suggests that teens need more sleep until later hours to develop and function properly
  2. Does An Increase Of The Minimum Wage Help The Economy Of A Country? - Another great subject for your do my essay for me request, the task is whether the increase of the minimum wage can be tackled in a variety of ways. Furthermore, the topic itself includes a lot of statistics and can be perfect for any business, economics, marketing, or other related majors.
  3. Should Corporations Be Allowed To Advertise In Schools? - One of the best TOP-10 topics for persuasive essay writing that closely relates to business, marketing, and politics. What's more, it can be tackled from a philosophical and psychological perspective by discussing teen development and the effects advertising has on teens.
  4. Is Professional Football Too Dangerous For Players? - Whether or not professional football can cause permanent brain damage, or even death, to players is a hot topic both in the scientific community and in pop culture. This makes it one of the 10 topics for persuasive writing that you should definitely consider if you don't know what you are going to write about.
  5. Is Society Too Dependent On Technology? - Similarly to the previous one, the issue is an exploration of how technology is integrated into our everyday lives is definitely one that is constantly debated from various standpoints. By choosing it, you will be free to tackle any beliefs you have about technology and write an amazing essay.

Without a doubt, you can focus on various issues that we encounter in our modern society. Here are five more Top 10 persuasive essay topics for you to brainstorm:

  1. Do security cameras represent an invasion of privacy?
  2. Should fracking be allowed?
  3. Should a college education be free for every learner?
  4. Should a relaxed dress code be allowed in the workplace?
  5. Will the children benefit if everyone on their team receives a trophy?

When you are looking for persuasive essay topic ideas, you must focus on what your course provides and seek an idea that inspires you. If it motivates you to research and you are ready to start a debate, it's most likely the right choice. Here are some more ideas to consider:

Social Persuasive Essay Topics

The majority of persuasive essay subjects that achieve success are usually related to social ideas that we observe daily. When you are stuck for ideas, take a closer look at these suggestions as you explore various topics:

  1. Should single fathers receive the same benefits as single mothers?
  2. Should bullying in the workplace be turned into a criminal offense?
  3. Allowing minors to vote would help to improve our politics.
  4. The use of gender segregation in the workplace is illegal.
  5. Should people be allowed to work only four days per week?
  6. The use of SMART technologies makes our society lazy.
  7. How has the social agenda changed since the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic?
  8. Canada's top social priorities must be independent of the Brits.
  9. Is turning to social help services accessible for everyone in Canada?
  10. Should the use of wealth in TV advertisements be banned?

Education Persuasive Essay Topics

Another area that you must explore is education. It does not matter if you are majoring in Education, Healthcare, Sociology, or Nursing, modern learning methods and the challenges that educators and students face are representing a good field to start with. Here are some great persuasive essay topics on education that will help you start:

  1. Is the use of books in print still important today?
  2. Current online education methods in Canada need a greater emotional bond.
  3. How have the roles of teachers changed in 2022?
  4. Should children be allowed to choose their curriculum subjects?
  5. Is the use of school uniforms helping to keep everyone equal?
  6. Should STEM subjects be made a top priority for modern times?
  7. Is the use of e-books taking away from the tactile perception of information?
  8. Are people from Inuit communities receiving the same benefits in education?
  9. The use of progressive grading helps to decrease the fear of exams.
  10. The Waldorf schools in Canada provide better real-life education.

Environmental Science Persuasive Writing Ideas

The majority of college and high school students in Canada are responsible citisens who work hard to take care of our environment. It's one of the reasons why choosing environmental ideas for persuasive writing is quite popular. If you are not sure about what topics to choose, you may think about events that are taking place in your community or write about international events. The most important is to provide statistical data and stay clear with your arguments. See these good persuasive topics to write about:

  1. The use of Green Energy requires even greater financial inflows.
  2. The heritage of Green Peace: the perception is not the same today.
  3. The use of eco-packaging must be supported by the government.
  4. Canada's participation in ecological projects must be doubled.
  5. The use of animals in the field of cosmetology must be banned.
  6. The role of children in the beauty industry is not ethical.
  7. How can we help educate young people about environmental safety.
  8. The history of Margaret Atwood: why her legacy lives on.
  9. Does crypto mining affect climate change?
  10. Environmental activism in Canada needs more governmental support.

Business Persuasive Ideas

If you are majoring in MBA and need to compose a persuasive essay for your business school, these ideas will help you to see what might be explored. Likewise, if you need to dive into marketing, these ten subjects are helpful.

  1. The use of corporate ethics often leads to sweeping problems under the proverbial carpet.
  2. The business environment in Canada is still affected by the past.
  3. Small business in Canada is always dependent on governmental grants and additional funding.
  4. Closure of book stores in Canada is the result of technology's pressure.
  5. The use of AI-based tools for HR screening job employment in Canada is illegal.
  6. The workplace privacy of electronic records is higher than information that's printed out.
  7. Is the use of motivation helpful for the final quality of an employee's work?
  8. Is MBA education still valid in Canada, considering Social Media's growth and electronic invasion?
  9. Should small businesses that are about to close down merge with the larger companies?
  10. Workplace harassment reporting is still gender-biased.

Canadian Culture Persuasive Essay Topics

Since you are a student in Canada or an exchange learner who is learning in this beautiful country, do not miss an opportunity to start with a list of arguments related to Canadian culture. You can create a persuasive speech about what inspires you as you learn in Canada or discuss living in the wilderness as you are dealing with the Cottage Culture. The most important is to introduce your subject and make a claim that will help your audience to agree with you. Here are cultural persuasive essay topics:

  1. Should the dark sides of Canadian history still be taught at school?
  2. Multiculturalism in Canada helps to diminish political conflicts and decreases crime rates.
  3. Indigenous people are still not getting sufficient access to education in Canada.
  4. Should Canadian hockey become a separate brand?
  5. Canadian values represent a mixture of different nations and offer equality not found elsewhere.
  6. Equality by law: do men and women in Canada have the same legal protection in every province?
  7. Is being passive about the military helpful for Canadian society?
  8. The cultural clash in Canada is impossible because the country is the most educated in the world.
  9. The origin of friendliness in Canada is related to the high use of technology and reading.
  10. Cottage culture in Canada brings awareness of environmental protection.

Social Media Persuasive Essay Writing Ideas

As we are always dealing with social media platforms and spend most of our time stuck on smartphones, it's a great idea to explore the issues encountered on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. Here is something to help you start:

  1. Social media directly affects negative body image among teens.
  2. Should children below 13 be allowed to use social media platforms?
  3. Is the use of Instagram influencers a good thing for commercial projects?
  4. Should political leaders use social media platforms to voice official opinions?
  5. Is Twitter a safe place to post personal photography?
  6. How should Canada regulate social campaigns that are related to the country?
  7. The politics issued by Meta Inc regarding content filters is biased.
  8. Is social media marketing becoming the top technology to promote ideas?
  9. Social media takes away from our precious time by turning into an addiction.
  10. Social networks help to increase awareness about conflicts in remote areas of the world.

Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics

Here are five persuasive ideas where certain controversial conflicts are met:

  1. Should marijuana be used for medical and recreational purposes in Canada?
  2. Do we have a right to follow a made-up religion and have it registered?
  3. Is reporting a suspected domestic abuse an ethical act we can take?
  4. The use of crowdfunding for personal reasons is a fraud.
  5. Employment of people with disability still represents a problem in the workplace sector.

When You Need Extra Writing Help

Now that you have a plethora of helpful persuasive essay ideas, we are hoping that you will find something that inspires you to help you start writing. You can also approach our persuasive essay writing service when you are stuck or cannot meet your deadline. The most important is to ask for help when you need immediate assistance. Now browse the topics, get inspired, and be ready to start!

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