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Success Factors for Students to Study at the University

University is the next big step in life after high school. Transitioning may be overwhelming, but it can bring excitement and new experiences in an academic year. This will be a transition phase leaving students overwhelmed. “For many university and college students, the initial excitement of the school year quickly gives way to the stress of assignments and midterms” (Glauser, 2017, pg.1).To prevent this, all students should consider having some key factors for a successful and satisfying university experience by having good time management skills, being persistent and having good study habits.

University is a place where people go to upgrade and advance in an area of interest. Some acquiring diploma’s, degree’s, master’s or PHD’s. A main issue that sometimes comes with university is stress. When our bodies are in high demand, because something is going on around us, whether it be good or bad our bodies react to these stressors. This can be from a variety of things like work, school, or family issues. The way our bodies respond to stress can be different in everyone. Some common physical symptoms of stress can include headaches, upset stomach, aches and pains, sleep disturbance and more (Stress symptoms, 2017, pg. 2). There are many ways for students to avoid becoming stressed, and in order to enjoy university, students must utilize the tools made available to them.

A key factor to have a successful and satisfying university experience that all students should consider is having good time management skills. University is a time-consuming process and often leaves very little time for social and work life. Student’s often take on the task of doing too many subjects at the same time, making it confusing and not giving our brains time to adjust to either one. Time management is a very important part in improving school grades (Qureshi, Pathan and Parus,2016, Para 2).Aneffective way to improve time management is by planning your semester ahead of time with all its activities (Qureshi, et al,2016, para 3). By doing this, it allows students to have better planning skills, motivation and better focus. This will help students see due dates, exams and assignments. Having good time management skills will allow students to work ahead on assignments.By improving time management not only is it improving your academic success it will improve your daily routine and allow you to have more time with less conflict (Qureshi, et al,2016, para 2). Having an organized schedule and good time management is an important aspect in a student’s university experience and will always benefit them in a positive way giving them the most universitysuccess (Qureshi, et al,2016, para 21).

Utilizing specific tools in university will benefit students learning experiences. One good technique to use that will improve your time management would be making a calendar of your academic and social life. Withthis, it allows students to see where they have assignments due and where they have some free time. A calendar will allow students to see where school and social life conflict, so they can work around these conflicts. To utilize this extra time wisely student may wish to start working on future assignments, extra studying, or preparing written papers. Doing school work in advanced will contribute to less stress, more organization and keeps students more accountable. If student’s use these tools consistently at the start of a semester one is sure to have success.

Another key factor to have a successful and satisfying university experience that all students should consider is being persistent. Being persistent is about over coming challenges and pushing through even if its tough and you want to give up. Persistence is an important part in a student’s experience at university. To be persistent in school students should adapt characteristics of hope and gratitude (Browning, Mcdermott, Scaffa, Booth and Carr, 2018, pg. 610). Having hope is important because it allows students to believe something good is going to happen. It allows a student to look forward to something positive they have planned for their future. As well, gratitude plays an important role in being persistent because it allows students to show their appreciation for services available to them during there university experience. When students feel thankful and are pleased with the outcome this boosts persistence to keep going forward to achieve goals. Having a good attitude in school will improve your self representation and school performance.

Being persistent by adapting positive attitudes will improve the overall experience of university. Attitude’s students should focus on are being positive, consistent, mindful and being pleased with one self. Students should be sure to reward themselves to keep positive and to keep working hard. Making mistakes are okay, as it will challenge student’s do things in a different way. Mistakes help motivate and challenge students to try a new approach (Price-Mitchell, 2011, para. 3). Withmistakes students should look at the positive side not the negative. The positive side of making mistakes is correcting it for the next time and learning from that mistake, where the negative side is taking it to heart and getting down on yourself. By doing this repetitively students adopt a better attitude. Being persistent in school will benefit students throughout their academic experiences.

Key factors to have a successful and satisfying university experience that all students should consider is good study habits. In university the drop out rate was extremely high after the first year (Van Rooij, Jansen, Van de Grift, 2017, pg.750). This is important because it shows how big of a change it is for students new to university. Students in university must do a lot of academic adjustment throughout their university experience(Van Rooij et al, 2017, pg.750). Such as things like studying and writing techniques. Certain study techniques that a student could adopt would be finding a quiet place to study, review daily and take breaks. It is important to find a learning style that works best for the student and asking for help when needed. Student’s should try not to confuse their minds by trying to study (example: reading) and then flipping back and forth on their phones (example: texting), as this can make our minds loose our train of thought. Academic adjustment is a very important part in a student’s success during university (Van Rooij et al, 2017, pg.751). Study habits are very important and being able to adjust them during the academic year will help every student have academic success.

In university, there are many forms of help that students can seek. Universities have an Academic Success Centre where they offer a variety of services. Here students can find help with developing and refining skills that can be used ongoing as well as help with course content, preparing for exams and quizzes. Peer tutors at the academic centre can help guide student’s in developing essays and other written work. Using these resources available to students will help with academic success bringing a positive university experience. Asking for help is a crucial part in academic adjustment. Having these options,is a big bonus during the student’s university career and these resources should be used as often as needed by each student to ensure they have a successful university experience.

In concluding, young people today have added pressure to get a higher level of education. Having a good support system put into place will help alleviate stressors by having family members or social circles for support (Stelnicki, Nordstokke, Saklofske, 2015, pg. 215-217). Student’s often take on the task of doing too many subjects at the same time, making it confusing and not giving our brains time to adjust to either one. University is the next journey in a student’s life and although it can be stressful there are certain techniques and help centres that can be utilized to make the journey a pleasant one. If students remember to have good time management, be persistent and have good study habits, they are sure to have a successful and satisfying university experience.


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