Why is Homework Important? Truth Revealed

Starting out as punishment for students who did not obey during the lesson, homework has transformed into obligatory work that helps both teachers and learners to stay on top of progress and within academic discipline rules. Primary reason why is homework important can be explained by the necessity of individual study skills. No matter how hard or easy home assignments are, they force students to think independently, process information in a different environment, and make responsible decisions. Moreover, with no homework involved, there would be no space for creativity and looking for additional information that goes beyond textbooks and college lectures. Starting with colouring or similar tasks, students learn to actually complete assignments without guidance, letting teachers see benefits and shortcomings of each person.

Why Teachers Assign Homework?

Actually, it’s not to check how smart the parents are or test how good one can use Google services! Seriously though, it’s a way to verify whether material given in the classroom has been understood in a proper way. However, the majority of innovative college professors in Canada argue with this statement by telling that home tasks should contain different objectives. In practice, it means that homework often relates with school or university projects that require more time and commitment, including teamwork or visits the local library as you seek for additional information. It allows considering different approaches, methods, process vast amount of sources, finally ending up with something that fits given objectives best.

With hours of free time spent writing and reading, it’s easy to doubt as to why is homework necessary, yet it often comes down to lack of careful planning or time-management issues. In accordance with statistics, modern students in Canada receive an enormous amount of tasks to complete beyond school because of great volumes of information that teachers plan to cover. In result, it frequently becomes a burden, which leads to loss of motivation with little interest in further studies. A popular solution that most colleges and schools in Canada find efficient is turning to innovative, creative methods that offer a balance between what’s studied in the classroom and what you should learn at home. This way teachers know what to expect so students are not frightened of possible failures as homework is not miles away from original material.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Doing Homework

Explaining why homework is good may seem like a difficult task if one simply imagines world without home assignments. A student will have more opportunities for leisure and fun, there is less stress, life is beautiful. Right? Actually, not exactly! Studies will become even more stressful as they’ll include new subjects where material is truly confusing, terms are difficult to understand, and odd concepts should be mastered. Let us take an example of student without homework first:

  • There’s more leisure that’s spent outside with friends
  • No more stress or fear when some books have not been read
  • Strict deadlines is a thing of the past
  • Lessons continue with new material basically each day
  • Teacher’s instructions are followed with no personal input involved

Such student spends time listening to the professor's important lectures, often thinking of other things with attention and memory span being short. Confused, absent-minded attitude, lecture notes are soon forgotten. As next lesson begins, he or she frantically starts thinking about what all these new words mean as new material lecture continues.

Now student who should do homework have:

  • Less free time, but the importance of homework teaches to appreciate each minute more, planning it with care
  • If something is unclear, student goes online or turns to additional books
  • Deadlines teach how to approach tasks creatively, find solutions when working in demanding environments
  • Homework flaws help teachers see where one is struggling, leaving comments or recommendations
  • Learning by home assignments, students work out personal style of writing, information processing, becoming independent, more confident, focused

Top Reasons to Do Your Homework

No matter what your future profession is or what subject you may be learning, doing your homework is part of personal responsibility, simply knowing how to make it through demanding, challenging situations. Below are the top reasons why doing homework can become a major positive boost, a needed change that makes struggles worth it:

  • Each task is your own creation, so do your best to make it creative, memorable, personal.
  • Homework improves memory, cognitive or attention skills.
  • Teaches using time wisely, so you can plan other important tasks.
  • Your writing style becomes better and recognizable.
  • Using additional books, reliable sources of information, you make homework unique, something you can stand for.
  • Ask your teacher if material is unclear by referring to an example of assignment that’s not clear.
  • Working on important team projects, one learns how to cooperate with others.
  • You’ll become a better learner and receive scholarship or any other kind of financial help that successful students have a right for.
  • It teaches responsibility, opening great opportunities for internship and unique practice hours at leading international companies.
  • As student works with outlines and drafts, home tasks adapt to word count limits, writing templates, proper academic writing structure.
  • Once all tasks are completed, it’s much easier to take a look back and repeat material that has already been processed in the past, which only proves why homework is beneficial.

Importance of Doing Your Homework

What is homework in practice can be interpreted by saying that it is not only an accepted progress, but a unique self-assessment tool that allows seeing personal strengths and flaws as they occur. From reflection essays to annotated bibliography tasks, all these types of work exist to help identify and reveal particular academic skills of each person. Even if it seems that everything is too much to handle, it is recommended to approach each assignment differently, just like taking a walk or listening to your favourite band. For example, if you need to do your law assignment, turn to history or a modern event to understand how it can be beneficial and important for society.

Another important reason that should be mentioned is test preparation because it always takes practice and even failures. Sometimes you may not see how to improve and get better. It is exactly the same with home assignments that are like little exams resulting in great in-class exam. As one tries to finish everything as quickly as possible, time-management skills are worked out. It’s no secret that school tests are always time-dependent, so students master this important skill at home.

Finally, good grades lead to career and scholarship opportunities and promotion as future employers will look for internship candidates among those who “did their homework well”. Therefore, even though studying is challenging, it is everyone’s important chance to stay in control, reaching for success!

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