EduBirdie Review: How to Succeed Using Best Essay Writing Service

While there are dozens of EduBirdie reviews on the web, this one seeks to provide you with comprehensive and complete information about this company. Why is it useful and highly recommended for students? What particular services does it offer? What differentiates it from a bunch of other similar companies that are present on the market? Is it reliable and can be trusted? How EduBirdie ensures the best quality for its customers? What real clients say about this company? You can find answers to these and some other questions in this unbiased EduBirdie review.

Useful Review of Essay Writing Service for Students

EduBirdie is a platform that connects students with professional writers, who provide essay writing services. Once in a while, every student experiences pressure because of academic overload. However, despite the exhaustion, students are expected to meet all the requirements, somehow balancing their competing commitments. We suggest students use our services and find professional assistance, instead of spending sleepless nights that further diminish your abilities to focus on assignments. Due to its varied list of services and a large team of experienced experts, EduBirdie is a tool every student can use to succeed academically, gaining most of the opportunities that modern education can provide.

Pros and Cons of EduBirdie: Our Assessment of Customer Review

In this EduBirdie review, we attempt to reflect on both the pros and cons. We constantly work on maximizing the number of benefits for our customers, and informative reviews left by our students help us succeed because based on such feedback, we induce necessary changes. A recent assessment of customer reviews revealed both some pros and cons that clients often relate to our service. Among the advantages, students mention, review the following features of essay writing service:

  • a wide range of services,
  • easy ordering process,
  • ability to choose writers,
  • friendly and helpful customer support,
  • high quality of completed papers,
  • unlimited revisions,
  • ability to meet the deadline.

As for the disadvantages, customers’ reviews based on their experiences with company enabled us to pinpoint the following aspects: high prices and lack of photos in writers’ profiles.

I should say that I have experience of using several writing companies and Edubirdie was the best. At first, I hesitated about the price as it seemed to be a bit expensive, but it was offered by the top experts on the platform and my deadline was approaching, so I decided to take a risk. Of course, I have noticed that the picture of my personal assistant does not seem to be real, so I messaged my writer directly, as it is allowed on this platform, and asked about it, as I as a customer, have a right to know the truth. My expert explained that he does not want to reveal his personality because does not want to be exposed by someone else for the job he loves - that is helping students with the assignments. I understand this position, as I did not want to be exposed as well, and Edubirdie guarantees confidentiality. We also spoke about details of my essay and it was ready in 5 hours! I was very impressed and did not even request a revision as was satisfied with results!

What Services Does EduBirdie Provide? Quick Review

EduBirdie exists specifically with the purpose to help students deal with all the possible academic challenges they may face. The company is eager to go an extra mile to ensure that every student returns for more services. Our carefully selected team of experts includes professionals with diverse backgrounds, which enables us to address virtually any kind of assignment students usually deal with. We provide our clients with a varied list of services that range from custom writing to proofreading and editing. The types of works that our writers can do from scratch or edit include essays, lab reports, research papers, dissertations, presentations, speeches, reviews, and math assignments among others. Place your order, and you will receive high-quality paper completed by a chosen writer within the specified deadline.

Are There Any Extra Services Each Student Can Use?

In addition to the mentioned options, EduBirdie provides free extra services that each student can use without any hidden obligations. Particularly, our service provides students who visit site with access to free writing tools they can use while working on assignments. These include:

As a top essay writing service, we also provide visitors with access to EduBirdie blog, where our writers share best tips and useful suggestions students can use to improve quality of their writing. We value loyalty of clients, and this translates into our commitment to ensuring that customers gain the best experiences when they visit site, review and use our varied services.

Simple Ordering Process Saves Your Time

Saving time for our clients so that they could use it for their own benefit is one of our primary commitments, and simple ordering process definitely proves it. In order to receive the best essay, research paper, or any other kind of assignment, customers need to take just a few simple steps. In order to receive desired service, you should

  • place your order, providing the details of assignment,
  • choose the writer among pool of available writers,
  • check profiles of experts and their reviews
  • make a deposit that safely stays on your personal account up until deadline, when completed paper is released, and
  • pay for paper only after approval.

Here is how one of our customers evaluated experience with EduBirdie review:

Despite simplicity of its ordering process, EduBirdie ensures that our experts receive all necessary details to complete task in the best possible manner. It allows customers to communicate directly with their chosen writer, which undeniably contributes to the high quality of completed papers.

Customer Support and Good Communication with Writers

We do not limit our clients to a predetermined list of topics. Instead, we assess the needs of particular customers and provide them with individualized service. Naturally, such a customer-oriented approach demands us to enable effective communication between clients and writers. Unlike any other service on the market, EduBirdie allows clients to directly communicate with experts who work on their orders, review their performance. This communication system enables prompt clarification of order details, contributing to the high quality of services. Additionally, clients can always use customer support to clarify any kind of information or receive any guidelines related to the service. In contrast to the information presented in some reviews prepared by our competitors, customer support is easily accessible, and it is always ready to respond to any possible concerns using 24/7 live chat, email, or phone.

Here is what our customers say about the outcomes of their direct communication with writers:

Our Writers – How We Ensure Best Service for Customers

EduBirdie provides students with access to a reach pool of writing experts, and each student can choose desired writer out of more than 200 professionals. Undeniably, the bidding system that differentiates us from other comparable services on market provides both students and writers with considerable freedom of choice. Still, EduBirdie carries the responsibility for ensuring that each writer on platform possesses necessary education, knowledge, skills, and experience. The company aims at providing each client with services of high quality; therefore, we carefully select writers through the hiring process that enables us to choose best of the best.

Our hiring process is complex. Review following stages for information:

EduBirdie Respects Right for Privacy

While we demand writers to provide documents that verify their academic background, this information is protected by our privacy policy, just like we protect personal information of clients. EduBirdie secures personal data of customers, making sure that no third party gains access to this information; similarly, it respects right of writers to preserve their privacy and allows them to earn, while staying confidential.

For this reason, EduBirdie does not demand them to place their photos in profiles that customers review in the system. Although many professional assistants on platform use their photos, we believe that presence or absence of a photograph does not impact quality of papers. At the same time, we demand every writing expert to specify their academic background, so that customers can make informed decisions when choosing professionals to work on particular tasks.

Indeed, lack of photos in profiles does not affect quality of papers, and clients’ reviews prove this point:

EduBirdie Review: Prices and Refund Policy

Despite the fact that EduBirdie prices are cited in some reviews as too high, we believe that they are justified by quality of papers our writers provide. Indeed, prices clients often pay for essays written by our experts are not the lowest on market, but they are not the highest either. Still, we aim at retaining our professional writers for the benefit of clients by charging slightly higher but still affordable prices for high quality. Furthermore, unlike competitors, we have a system of bids, in context of which expert can suggest their prices per page or order, and clients are free to choose price that fits them most.

As EduBirdie plays role of a mediator in a client-writer relationship, it carries out responsibility of ensuring refunds when certain inconsistencies occur. No one is fully secured from possibility of mistakes, and we understand that instances may take place when writers do not fully grab task. In such cases, our Quality Assurance team intervenes and ensures the best possible outcome for clients: either paper becomes revised to point when it fully matches demands or clients receive refunds. Depending on circumstances, there may be certain non-refundable fees, for instance, company retains payments for some extra services. Still, amount of such fees is limited, and customers are informed beforehand. Customers also have access to rather detailed terms and conditions, which differentiate between cases when clients can receive a 100% refund and cases where a partial refund is possible.

Our Quality Assurance team is always ready to intervene to ensure customer satisfaction. EduBirdie team members are open to communication and eager to hear every client:

Special Offers

In contrast to some negative writing service reviews, EduBirdie rewards its returning clients with special offers. Particularly, company runs a referral program that encourages students to share their experience with friends. This program enables returning clients to receive a $25 bonus for each friend, eager to place an order with EduBirdie. Similarly, friends who come through referral program also benefit, as they receive a 10% discount on their first order.

Assessment of Reviews – EduBirdie Online Reputation

EduBirdie is a top essay writing service, and our competitors increasingly use our brand name in their marketing efforts, creating fake reviews of company’s work and suggesting their own services instead. Fake reviews are easy to reveal: mostly negative in character, they include lists of 5-6 alternative services, and upon brief review, it becomes evident that each of listed sites belongs to a single company. We feel responsible to provide clarifications for benefit of both our Clients and employees. Neither potential Clients (and we say potential, because current Clients choose to return to us repeatedly anyway) nor our Writers should lose their best opportunities to cooperate on mutually benefiting terms because of unethical business practices. On its behalf, EduBirdie remains committed to ensuring the highest quality of services for its clients, and assessing and addressing both positive and negative reviews is our path to improvement.

This company is eager to provide customers with the best services, and representatives of EduBirdie team treat any negative experience of students as a chance to induce positive change. As evident from screenshots, we strive to resolve conflicts if there are any and consider clients’ reviews to promote ethical practices among EduBirdie writers.

Use EduBirdie to Boost Your Academic Achievements

There are reviews on the web that point out both positive and negative features of EduBirdie. Still, sometimes students cannot deal with all pressures they experience, and they need academic support. Many of assessed reviews agree on this idea. We suggest you use EduBirdie as an effective tool that can help resolve tensions, bringing you closer to desired academic outcomes. We also encourage you to create reviews and publish them both on EduBirdie site and on the web, because an assessment of your experiences enables EduBirdie to keep improving for benefit of both customers and writers.


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