70 Interesting Canadian History Topics

Interesting Canadian History Topics

Without a doubt, the history of Canada has a plethora of unique and significant events. As the boiling pot of different cultures, Canada is proud to be the land that has seen it all and fought its way through rebellions, failures, noble victories, and the unity of people. It also makes a list of interesting Canadian history topics. Starting with Garneau's Histoire du Canada to the romantic personality and literary works of Leonard Cohen, there is always something that both young and old will enjoy.

Looking through Canadian history topics and if you ever need additional history homework help, we are here to help you.

High School Canadian History Essay Topics

Of course, as a high school student, you might like to write about controversial topics as you have to deal with topics on the history of Canada. Yet, it might not be as easy as it seems. For example, if you want to explore the Canadian Indian residential school system, you will have to approach not only political but also ethical and religious aspects. It means that you must operate with various facts and present information based on clear evidence.

Therefore, it is much safer to focus on the history of hockey in Canada or talk about how the Maple Syrup is distributed all over the world. You can order geography homework help to write the history of a particular area.

Take a look at these topics that will be helpful to brainstorm some ideas for your Canadian history project:

  1. The Role of First Nations People in Healthcare Practices of The Settlers.
  2. The Cultural Impact of Immigration in Canada.
  3. The History of Folk Music in Canada.
  4. How Has Hockey Influenced Canada's National Identity.
  5. “Idle No More” Social Movement's Role in Canada's History.
  6. The Free Trade Agreement Between Canada and The United States.
  7. The Historical Aspect of Quebec Referendum on May 20, 1980.
  8. The Coverage of the Anik A-1 Launch (world's first geostationary domestic satellite).
  9. The History of the National flag of Canada.
  10. The History of Normandy Landings (D-Day).
  11. How has Winnipeg General Strike Influenced Canada's Working Class.
  12. Saskatchewan’s Cultural History.
  13. The Manitoba School Act.
  14. The Political Situation in Canada During World War I.
  15. The Great Depression and Canada's Cultural Shift.

You can use these topics as the starting points that cover various aspects of Canada's history. Remember that it must inspire you and represent something that you know well. If you are not sure about your topic, talk to your school teacher and think of a good subject together.

University Canadian History Essay Topics

Here are some history essay topics that you will find interesting for your essay:

  1. The Slavery in the United States and Canada
  2. The Gender Relations in First Nations People's Cultural Traditions.
  3. How Has Aboriginal and Treaty Rights in Canada Affected Our Society.
  4. The Role of Bilingual Education in Canada.
  5. Has Canada Been Truly Built by Immigrants?
  6. How Has Women's Work Influenced Columbia?
  7. Canada in Post-World War II Period.
  8. The History of Ethnicity in Canada.
  9. The History of Religion in Canada.
  10. Art History and Politics.
  11. The Role of Canada in the Vietnam War.
  12. Canada is a Founding Member of NATO.
  13. Canada's Foreign Policy and The History of Propaganda.
  14. The Causes and Effects of Canada's Role in World War I.
  15. The History of Politics and Hockey.
  16. The First Nations People and Army Service.
  17. Can Canada Be Considered a Peacekeeper?
  18. Patriotic Movements in Canada.
  19. What Has Caused The Beaver Wars?
  20. The Cultural Conflict in Quebec Society.

Some more Canadian history essay topics focusing on social issues:

  1. Canada Versus the Soviet Union in Sports.
  2. The Cultural Conflicts in Canada.
  3. The History of English Language Modifications in Canada.
  4. The Influence of Emily Carr's Art.
  5. How Does Modern History Portray The Aboriginal People in Canada?
  6. The Cultural Impact of the Group of Seven Movement.
  7. How Has The Black Lives Matter Affected Canada.
  8. Treaty 7 and Land Wars.
  9. The Indian Act and Assimilation into Euro-Canadian Society.
  10. The Treaty of Washington and Fishing Rights.
  11. Red River Resistance & Louis Riel.
  12. North America Act and Royalties.
  13. The Influence of Queen Victoria in Canada's History.
  14. How Has Charlottetown Conference Influenced Canada's Unity?
  15. The Cultural Portrayal of Fraser River Gold Rush.
  16. The Personality of Augustin Morin.
  17. The History of First Telegraph Company in Canada.
  18. The St. Lawrence Railroad History.
  19. Various Explorations of Alexander Mackenzie.
  20. The Cinematography in Canada.

More Canada history subjects of the earlier period:

  1. Council of Three Fires Confederation.
  2. John Cabot's Personality.
  3. The Cultural Challenges of French Colonists.
  4. The Great Peace of Montreal (New France and 39 First Nations).
  5. Quebec Act of 1774.

Social history in Canada topics:

  1. Royal Canadian Navy Importance.
  2. Women Gain The Right to Vote in Canada.
  3. What Has Caused Quebec Referendum?
  4. Student Protest History & University Tuition.
  5. Quebec's Quiet Revolution.
  6. Charter of Rights and Freedom's Importance for Canada.
  7. Canada's Participation in Afghanistan.
  8. When did Irish Catholics Choose Canada?
  9. Scottish Immigration to Canada.
  10. The Role of Loyalists in Ontario.

Now that we have some good history research paper topics, it is good to learn how to ensure that you are not missing anything in terms of writing rules.

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How to Choose The Topics and How to Write a Perfect History Essay

As you approach Canadian history or anything that requires analysis and understanding of ideas, follow these simple rules:

  1. Define Your Topic. Choose something that interests you and narrow things down to make sure that you focus on a single idea or an argument.
  2. Come Up With a Thesis Statement. Remember that your thesis statement reflects a clear opinion. It should not be static as you can change it later and proceed with your paper.
  3. Research Your Subject & Find Reliable Sources. Consider checking various similar research ideas. For example, you can choose Google Scholar by using keywords or JSTOR. Alternatively, try adding "PDF" to your thesis idea keywords in the search string.
  4. Take Notes & Create an Outline. If you come across something interesting, think about writing things down. Next, create topic sentences for each body paragraph. They must support each idea that you have for your Canadian history essay.
  5. Proofread Your History Paper. Read your history assignment aloud and make sure that you check your style, repetitions, and structure.

Remember to check your sources and formatting to avoid any plagiarism issues. Take your time, read our Canada's history topic ideas, analyze, start with an outline, and you will be able to write an amazing paper!

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