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Online History Homework Help

History assignment of any kind may be super-challenging and usually requires much time. To talk about anything with authority, students need a lot of knowledge about the past and the present events and figures. That is why it is a great idea to always have history homework help at hand. Our history experts provide assistance with homework, research, tests, or even with writing assignments from scratch.

Importance of History and Its Utility

It is believed that people should study history in order to avoid repeating humanity’s past mistakes, and that is correct. Examining current and past events helps to identify similar patterns and avoid trouble by ringing alarm bells in advance or may simply help understand current evolutions or trends better. In addition, humanity should collectively examine past and try to devise mechanisms, laws, state institutions, or international frameworks or organizations that minimize the probability of such events.

An example could be looking into how totalitarian regimes manage to gain power, how they are able to retain it but also reflecting about democratic mechanisms that could prevent this. For instance, an aspect characteristic for any authoritarian regime is propaganda through monopolized mass-media, hence, solutions are important to fight this monopolization as well as outright indoctrination practices.

Learning history is very important for intercultural dialogue. Anybody involved in diplomacy should possess knowledge of the cultural framework the other party belongs to. History is an important part of everyday life and that is why every student requires a proper history homework help and political science help.

Challenges in Studying History and How Edubirdie Helps

History is taught at different levels of difficulty and it turns out that complex study material present numerous homework challenges for students. Below are just some of them:

  • understanding each historical period in its complexity, being able to efficiently judge about certain occasions, phenomena, personalities through the prism of a given era.
  • learning to efficiently identify and describe interdependence (causality) between different historical events, to describe their short term or long term impact, their pros and cons, etc.
  • reading original documents and interpreting them to extract key points, overall significance, purpose, etc. but also interpreting their content in the corresponding historical context.
  • integrating information from multiple historical documents in order to produce comprehensive descriptions or analyses.
  • maneuvering through huge amounts of historical data and distinguishing key information from secondary information.

Apart from content related challenges, there are trivial challenges faced by students that prevent them from completing history homework, such as time constraints imposed by coursework overload, extra-curricular activities, internships, part-time jobs.

Canadian Edubirdie offers history homework help for college or university students among many other types of services. Our writers are familiar with the curriculum followed by Canadian schools and colleges and are exposed to a great variety of assignments, many of which could resemble your particular assignment. Such help could prove indispensable when faced with urgent or highly complex tasks including history assighment help.

Historical Periods Studied

The following important periods could be identified in Canadian history and are usually a part of a homework task:

  • Prehistory or pre-colonization – it is essential, aboriginal people history. This is a time where European methods of recording events were not yet in place, hence, most information has been derived through archeology or testimony originating from the first explorers. Nevertheless, this period is where important aboriginal cultural heritage originates from: dances, songs, legends, stories, which can prove informative from a historical perspective.
  • New France – this is when first French settlements were established, which then grew systematically supported by the metropole and served as outposts from which active exploration and colonization of lands in North America happened. Alliances were formed with certain tribes while wars were fought with others. It is when tensions with English settlers began to mount, for instance, in running business operations. This eventually led to the seven years war – the English victory on the plains of Abraham signified the end of French rule.
  • Revolution. As English colonies were opposing taxation at rates imposed by , violence broke out and the continental congress of the 13 colonies decided to invade French colonies who hesitated to join them in their fight with . troops were retrenched to Halifax - this informal territorial delimitation would ultimately dictate US/Canadian borders.
  • America – following its defeat in the American Revolution, Britain focused its territorial exploration and expansion northwards and northwest, assimilating French Canadians from these territories, all these while fighting off American invasions.
  • Reform and responsible government – a period of reinventing colonial governments by based on principles of responsible government. This is when Lower Canada was united with Upper Canada to ensure numerical prevalence of English people in the formed union, which would ensure prevalence over French culture and customs.
  • Confederation formation – this is when the Canadian Confederation was formed through peaceful dialogue between the involved parties (including the Empire). Importantly this happened amongst fears fuelled by territorial ambitions exhibited by the US.
  • Nation Building. Laurier years – this is when building a unifying national consciousness started, accompanied by infrastructure development, economic growth, military consolidation, discoveries in science, social reform, artistic expression.
  • The Great War – the First World War, marked by regress on multiple fronts.
  • 20’s – the post-war period was marked by industrial growth, urbanization, introduction of new technologies and machineries.
  • Great Depression – this describes the crisis that started on Wall Street and that has profoundly affected both the US and Canada but also how this crisis was managed (not very well). This is the time when Canada gained control over its foreign policy.
  • WW2 – Canada answered the call to support Britain in its fight against Nazi Germany, contributing with a large navy and troops. WW2 ended the Depression and created appropriate circumstances for Canada’s future economic progress.
  • Cold War – as tension was mounting between the West and East, Canada became part of the Western capitalist block, continuing its economical, technological, social, cultural development.
  • Modern period – this describe relatively recent occasions and evolutions.

Our psychology homework help will improve your understanding of the mental state of people during these periods.

Benefits of Asking EduBirdie For Help With History Homework

Edubirdie has some key benefits that positively distinguish our service from competing platforms who provide history homework help:

  • We employ highly proficient writers following a highly competitive and rigorous selection process. Only about 8% of all applicants make it through all selection stages, including two English tests (one focussed on language knowledge while another one on essay writing skills), verification of professional skills and writing experience but also of study diplomas along with their IDs. Close monitoring of writer performance continues even after admission.
  • Edubirdie offers its customers more control in choosing a desired writer for a particular homework by allowing them to transparently review a writer’s performance on our platform along with the corresponding bidding price offered by him or her.
  • We allow unlimited revisions, all for free, in case the original instructions have not been satisfied or results are simply unsatisfactory. In case even these multiple revisions fail, we provide our clients a full refund, so that risks are always minimized.
  • Clients communicate with writers as their projects progress: provide additional guidance, review drafts, outlines, writing strategy or style, source quality, etc. All these contribute towards more predictable results and more efficient interaction.
  • We give you better control over your money – funds uploaded for a placed order are only released to writers when and if clients are satisfied with the quality of homework help they get.
  • We provide assistance 24/7 – it refers both to our customer support and our writers (accepting orders).
  • We ensure safe transactions and high confidentiality regarding all interaction with us and the list and type of contracted services.
  • Our prices are democratic amongst competition.

Whether it’s history help or something else, the academic assistance offered by Edubirdie will help you easily overcome significant hurdles related to complex assignments, all by respecting the specified deadline. Don’t hesitate to place an order and experience the quality and professionalism of our help!

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