Trending 2023 Argumentative Essay Topics

Being a student means that eventually, you’re going to be assigned an argumentative essay. And that’s where problems start because how to decide among argumentative essay topics and how to turn them into something great?

Argumentative essay is one of the most important tasks you’re going to face once you become a student. Toronto University or a small college in Charlottetown, it doesn’t matter because argumentative essay is a universal and standard requirement of all educational establishments. Considering how many argumentative essay topics exist, you might be stuck because you shouldn’t just choose one, you have to actually know what to write about and feel at least some basic interest in it.

Finding a list of argumentative essay topics before choosing something is essential because the right topic is the basis of your future paper and grade. Discussions on capital punishment or abortion have largely exhausted themselves, so few professors are interested in reading about them again. Finding something more refreshing that would also be personally stimulating is tough, and providing a thoughtful, high-quality essay is even more difficult. Luckily, you can always ask for essay writing help as our service has vast experience in this kind of tasks.

Argumentative Essay: What Is It and What’s It For?

By definition, argumentative essay is a piece of writing that defends a specific position, regards all sides of the question, including the opposite one, refutes conflicting opinions and provides support for the argued point of view. In other words, it’s an essay where you express a stance on some issue and defend it while remaining objective and providing strong evidence in its support. Writing such essays is a universal task for several reasons.

First, it develops critical thinking. After choosing among argumentative essay topics, you have to outline defense and opposition sides’ arguments, as well as offer refutation. It has to flow logically, so you have to clearly understand what you’re arguing for and what evidence will work best in defending your point of view. It also boosts your persuasion skills and every specialist needs them regardless of the sphere they work in. So, learning how to write argumentative essay and developing persuasive essay writing skill is a must for every student. 

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Basic Argumentative Essay Structure

Every argumentative essay will have a similar structure. Namely, there are six main points to include no matter what problem you’ve chosen.

  • Introduction. You’re presenting a brief background of the topic here.
  • Thesis. It’s the last sentence of introduction as well as the essence of the entire essay. In general, readers should be able to just look at thesis and understand what this paper is going to be about right away. So, work hard on it, remember that it has to be argumentative and mention both sides.
  • Body: a paragraph supporting your position. Present your opinions (from the third point of view) and offer evidence in support. Be logical, not emotional. You should have several paragraphs like this in most cases, depending on essay size.
  • Body: a paragraph opposing your view of the problem. Mention arguments that others might present against your position. Again, be objective and fair. Offer quotation from relevant sources to show the entirety of opposition’s views.
  • Body: a paragraph refuting opposite opinion. Show reasons why opposition is wrong and your viewpoint is stronger. Address each argument you’ve presented and meet it with counterargument.
  • Conclusion. Summarize everything you’ve achieved and restate thesis, though don’t forget to do it in other words instead of just copying it. Make a definite statement proving your central argument once and for all.

Where to Find Good Essay Topics?

The question of what good argumentative topics include is very common among students. The best answer is, find something you’re interested in but don’t let it be something overly popular. There are topics that most professors don’t want to see, including discussions on homosexuality, abortion, capital punishment, marihuana, etc. because they’ve been written about for millions times and bringing some new insights is nearly impossible here. So, try to find a niche you’d personally like, even if at first it might not seem like a good topic. Anything that’s discussed rarely is guaranteed to make professor interested, particularly if you present high-quality arguments.

Internet offers numerous sites with various topics for argumentative essay. Want a tip? Look for newer lists. They are likely to be less popular but they’ll be more original and feature relevant, rarer topics. So, scroll down and start with less known topics collection. Another option is choosing good argumentative essay topics generator. It will suggest many ideas. Some of them will be wild but some might actually work.

100 Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics for Students

Here’s a list of the 100 best argumentative essay topics in five wide categories. Look through the ones that seem most interesting to you. Maybe you’ll find your perfect topic! Note, though, that these are ideas, not titles.


  • Should there be an age threshold for getting married?
  • Should there be an age threshold for having children?
  • Should future parents be tested on whether they’re fit to raise a child?
  • Main reason why people cheat
  • Should there be a limit on how many times people can marry?
  • How long should mourning of partner last before it’s considered unhealthy?
  • In divorce, do siblings stay together?
  • Rules of adoption to be changed
  • Children should primarily stay with mother after divorce
  • Children should primarily stay with father after divorce
  • Maximum number of children one family can adopt
  • Can romantic love last?
  • Is cheating ever justified?
  • Who should be responsible for household?
  • Can romance started in childhood last?
  • Long-distance relationship isn’t sustainable
  • Long-distance relationship is sustainable
  • Differences between polygamous and monogamous partners: who’s right?
  • Differences between BDSM-oriented and BDSM-resistant partners: who’s right?
  • Compromise isn’t always possible


  • All fictional content must be allowed
  • Some fictional topics are to be banned
  • Non-Fanfiction as a valid literature form
  • Origins of rape fantasies
  • Representation in fiction doesn’t matter
  • Representation in fiction matters
  • Enjoying something in fiction doesn’t mean condoning it in real life
  • Rates of violence aren’t affected by fiction
  • Forbid violent fiction
  • Fandoms shouldn’t be policed
  • Non-Fiction is a good coping mechanism
  • Fiction inspires people to do good things
  • Fiction inspires people to do bad things
  • Books burning is never fine
  • Ban on underage fiction is needed
  • Positive effect of adult fiction on young minds
  • Negative effect of adult fiction on young minds
  • Writer is the profession of the future
  • Quality horror genre is dead
  • Quality romance genre is dead

Random Field Topics (depending on your major)

  • Technology development should be stopped
  • Why AI development should be financed more
  • Pigeons can’t infect humans
  • Insects activity can be helpful in criminal investigations
  • Psychopath is an outdated term
  • Should murderers be allowed to breed?
  • Some drugs must be forbidden
  • Should mediums be deemed illegal?
  • Reality shows are damaging
  • Modern advertising is sex-obsessed
  • A global flood happened in the 1800s
  • Earth is flat
  • Journalism should be restricted
  • Journalism has no boundaries
  • Using Pi isn’t practical
  • Internet is the greatest discovery
  • Internet is the most dangerous discovery
  • Cancer cure will become real soon
  • Should sex education be mandatory everywhere?
  • Can bad childhood excuse adult actions?

World Issues as Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Scholarships should be increased
  • Global warming isn’t a problem
  • Liberalism should be limited
  • Famous people’s speech must be monitored
  • Planet needs more vegetarians
  • It’s impossible to live without consuming meat
  • Meat is dangerous for human body
  • Building walls to stop illegal immigration is a good solution
  • Immigration should be unlimited
  • Immigration has to be banned entirely
  • Education has become inadequate
  • Watching porn increases aggression
  • Children who engaged in animal cruelty must be monitored for many years
  • Religion and faith are two different things
  • Numbers of cars per person must be regulated
  • Animal cruelty should be punished by life sentence
  • Countries shouldn’t interfere with each other’s politics
  • The US must change its aggressive politics as they are harmful
  • Misogyny must become a crime
  • Countries with destructive politics must be forcefully and legally restrained

History & Progress

  • World Wars brought nothing positive to the world
  • Multiculturalism made Canada a strong country
  • Social media destroyed the notion of privacy
  • Social media is the best invention in history
  • Internet has brought more damage than benefits
  • Canada shouldn’t have accepted such a big amount of immigrants after World War 2
  • Canada is the most liberal country
  • If Hitler had won, the world would have been destroyed by now
  • Freedom of speech is more harmful than beneficial
  • Soviet refugees weren’t welcomed by Canadian population
  • Aboriginal people are the most discriminated group in the world
  • Canadian capital must be changed
  • Canada changed the way the world communicates
  • Third World War is inevitable
  • No relevant discoveries have been made outside technology sector in the last 50 years
  • Corporal punishment must be resurrected in all schools
  • Religion has brought the biggest world destruction
  • Canada achieved most in space exploration
  • Homophobia remains rampant in Canada
  • The US is the world’s biggest aggressor

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