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Example #1

Looking back, I feel like I scarcely knew what I was getting into when I enrolled for the Undergraduate program in Architecture. I chose architecture because of my long-standing interest in building constructions and strength in the theoretical aspect of the subject. During my first year and a half at my college, I did struggle with the more expressive of the topics, particularly those relating to designing, graphics, etc. However, as is the case with everything in life, hard work and perseverance paid off and I got a better grasp of those topics gradually.

Still, my fascination laid in the constructions of the buildings rather than their planning or design. I was introduced to Construction Management during my internship, which I completed in a governmental organization that oversaw the construction and maintenance of buildings in Kathmandu. There, I got a glimpse of the administrative and managerial side of the construction industry and learned the basics of estimation and tender process. The internship was a turning point in my just-developed professional life. From then on, I knew I wanted to work independently and maybe open up an engineering firm later on. However, I do want to gain hands-on experience from the experts in this field. Luckily, I got the opportunity to study estimation and valuation in my 9th semester of college, where I learned about costing and valuation of buildings, writing specifications and creating BOQs. The economics and management course in our last semester taught us more about the tender processes, construction scheduling techniques, and economic models. Having scored high standings on those courses has, I feel, better prepared me to take up this graduate course.

I have been employed by the Nepal Reconstruction Authority (Government of Nepal) for 10 months now. Here, my primary duty is to oversee the reconstruction of buildings that were affected by the 2015 Nepal Earthquake. Because of this professional experience, I developed a real interest in post-disaster construction management, which is where I would like to focus my graduate research. Besides the 2015 earthquake, I have also been a victim of numerous disasters. I come from the Terai region of Nepal where flooding is a serious problem year after year. So, I have actually felt the importance of construction management myself. I have seen the negative impacts of lack of post-disaster management on the lives of people and the development of a country. This unique but real-life experience is my greatest motivator to do something in this field and it is also what I feel like I can contribute to the program.

I chose Purdue University’s Polytechnic Institute for a graduate degree in Construction Management not just because of the high-quality education and facilities but also because of educators like Assoc. Professor Dr. Randy R Rapp whose knowledge in disaster recovery management would be incredibly valuable to my research. It also helps that the university has a diverse student population and culture. The funding opportunities during college and placement opportunities afterward just showed to me that Purdue actually cares about the students and their future. I am very grateful for your consideration and would consider it an honor to be a part of this university.

Example #2

Science and arts had been my strength and my fascination from early on. The perfect balance of creativity and logic that architecture offered was the reason I decided to pursue an undergraduate degree in this field. After my Building Science course in my third semester, I developed a real interest in the engineering aspect of architecture. I have always believed that a good design should be more than just aesthetically pleasing; it should be functional and, above all, should be comfortable.

Even though an architectural degree has taught me much about building design and planning, I feel that I lack in-depth knowledge in other aspects of building construction. A Civil Engineering graduate degree from Purdue University that concentrates on architectural engineering would give me that required expertise. Subjects relating to improving a building’s mechanical system, illumination, indoor thermal control, building envelope, energy usage, etc. would enable me to become a well-rounded architect capable of designing better buildings and built-environments.

To prepare myself for graduate school, I have registered for classes that would give me a foundational understanding of building engineering and technology with courses such as building services, building construction, building science, and structural design and analysis. Interning at a governmental organization gave me an opportunity to gain some hands-on experience in building construction. My high standings on the related subjects and my professional experience have strengthened my background. That, combined with my hard work, as evidenced by my inclusion in Dean’s list, and my unique cultural background places me in a position to make significant contributions to the Purdue’s graduate degree.

During the 9th semester of college, I got a chance to take up Low-Cost housing as an elective where we learned about the cost-effective measures for sustainable housing and researched on low-cost housing in Nepal. Buildings like S-house from Vo Trong Nghia, which combine sustainability with building science to produce structures that are affordable, have always been my inspiration. My report on “Daylighting” in my Directed Studies and Seminars course and the study of the vernacular architecture of the ancient Manang settlement in Architectural Design VI further educated me about sustainable technologies and their implementation.

I want my graduate research to continue this line of study by focusing on sustainable building materials and techniques/ technologies, preferably for low-cost housing. As a developing country, Nepal faces a real need for sustainable and low-cost housing. With a career in architecture, whether it is in the government or the private sector, I would be well-placed to aware people of the cost benefits of sustainable buildings and improve the architectural practices in my country.

To that end, a graduate degree from Purdue University would be invaluable. Educators like Professor Panagiota Karava, whose interests in smart buildings and energy-aware residential communities mirror mine, could guide me in my research for green and affordable housing. Being able to access world-class laboratories to learn about high performance and energy-efficient buildings would be incredibly beneficial for my research. The fact that Purdue provides financial aids and placement opportunities just go to show that the university has the best interests of its student and I would be honored to be a part of such a university.

Example #3

A new world and era of data has opened up because of technology. This data is being extracted, transformed and analyzed in different ways. Data science\’s application is not only limited to certain fields but can be integrated in several others like weather estimation, sales and marketing, Healthcare, and in every industry where massive data is stored and processed on daily basis. Even in Amazon based on each user\’s search history, recommendations are not only limited within in it also reflected back in other platforms too like Facebook advertisements. I am interested about the growth of Data Science as a field and with my motivation and willingness, I want to complete Master Degree of Data science to enhance my vision and make it as my career.

From my undergraduate study in Computer Science Engineering at Panimalar Engineering College – affiliated to ANNA University, which is one of the top ten college in Tamil Nadu, I learned different programming languages, mathematics and logical problem solving which helped me to find solutions for problems by writing algorithm and coding it. While doing my final year, I did my project on “Heart attack and alcohol detection sensor monitoring in smart transportation system using Internet of Things” which is an IEEE publication. The objective was to provide safety measures for vehicles and also for the driver by constantly monitoring his health parameters via sensors that are controlled by IOT, which prevents accidents from happening.

After graduation, I am currently working in COGNIZANT as SAP ABAP programme Analyst for more than a year. I applied my analysing knowledge and programming skills in the project which I learnt in my undergraduate degree. One aspect of work is, as SAP ABAP technical consultant I have to analyze the issue and debug to find the solution. Another aspect of work was, it involved me to download all the production records for client which was used for various research studies and it took more than a week for our team to complete it. My client needed all the production records from past five years to analyze and predict the future number of orders, which made me to realize the worth of each record maintained in database. I further googled about data analytics and data science and came to know the significance of data and its potential in various fields. This gradually developed an interest in me to learn the core concept of data analytics skills and dive deeper into it.

I want to reposition my career towards data science field, which is essential for me to stay successful and employable. In doing further research about data scientist, I understood that I need to acquire data science skills such as data visualization, machine learning, coding skill.
My short term goal is to become a data scientist and my long term career goal is to construct my own company which concentrates on giving Data Analytics Consulting Services in future. Combined with the years’ experience in the field of SAP and my passion towards data science, I am sure this will help me shape my career into a better and interesting one.

The University College Cork has a structured course for Data Science and Analytics which covers data analytics, computational specialized skills and business communication and management science. I believe that the faculties will bring their industrial experience and academic professions through guidance which is precisely what I wanted. Overall the program provided by University College Cork fulfils each and every one of my desires which will help me to enter into industry in short term. I am searching for a school that provides hands-on experience, professional skills and business communication skills for which I am sure that the institute will help me achieve my goals and move further ahead.

Having done my undergraduate studies at one of the best undergraduate institutions in India and worked in World\’s leading IT companies, I would consider it my privilege to be able to pursue my graduate studies at your University and avail of the excellent infrastructural facilities and research opportunities it has to offer. The distinguished faculty and excellent facilities at your university make its graduate program ideally suited to my professional goals. Being a hardworking and committed student, I am certain that I will be able to cope with the rigors of an International curriculum with ease and contribute fruitfully and meet the expectations of the University.

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