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Dr. Emmanuel J.

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Dr Josephine

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Prof. Shack

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Favorite Tutor

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Dr. Sophia

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Dr Dan PhD

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Original work

I had doubts about this service, but it appeared to be of much better quality than I expected. Had it checked for plagiarism and it turned out to be 100% original. You get what you pay for.



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Service with Canadian writers

I think it is the best service with Canadian writers who know all the local stuff when you need to review diverse case study tasks. I am glad that I have a Canadian service now, so I can approach them with this or that without fear that they have no relevant sources.


Frank F.

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This service has been very helpful with my homework.

I came across different writers in 2-year time and am satisfied with most of them. I recommend providing as many details on the assignment as you can to get a high-standard work.


Sharon C.

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Very good indeed

I normally never leave reviews but this service is one of the best out there. Got some tips from them in essay writing for my future works.


Felycia Viffany

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Good service

EduBirdie is a good service that can always help you when you need it. They are available 24/7 and reply to your messages very fast! Thank you for your hospitality.



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Amazing work!

The assignment complied with the prompt was completed before the deadline and had no grammatical errors. I will definitely use this writer again!


Andrea G.

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Excellent economics essay, no plagiarism

I work a lot to pay my tuition fee, so at the end of the term I had to save as much money as I could. As work takes much time, I had to find someone who could help with my Economics essay. Luckily, Edubirdie writers helped with my problem in time and for a pleasant price!



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I must admit I was very pleased with my paper.

I did not know that my paper would take just a few hours to complete. I placed my order at night and woke up to an email that said - my paper is finished. I'm quite happy right now and stress-free! Thanks so much to my writer!


Ann Cady

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Excellent service

I did not have enough time for studying, but I had to finish my college papers. Edubirdie helped me to resolve all my writing tasks and succeed. I always get excellent work on time and save my grades.



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Excellent and professional writer.

She has helped me with several papers for my Finance class and did a great job. She is definitely someone you can trust because she delivers great quality papers in a very short time.



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Prof. Lisa did an excellent job.

This writer is a life-saver who freed me of stress and delivered a great paper. I would recommend her to anyone who is to busy to even attempt writing a large paper on Economics.


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Research paper in Biology was the perfect assignment ever!

I study Phycology, but our mandatory subject is Biology, which can not be called my favorite. So, I chose to ask professionals from Edubird for help, as the feedback from my groupmate was excellent. The writer was an expert on the topic that my research paper was based on. It was completed so good that I understood this topic much better while reading the paper. I was so pleased to find out that there was no plagiarism too!


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Don't worry, I got A+

I have ordered from Edubirdie many times. Now, I have a part-time job as well as studying, so I don't have a lot of free time to write all my essays and assignments. When I heard about this site, I was a little anxious to use it but I decided to give it a try. I have no regrets as I got the grade I was expecting! Also, it is easy to communicate with the staff. Very happy!


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Creative Essay Writing Service for Students All Around Canada

Struggling with a creative writing essay or having a hard time with other creative writing assignments? Need a huge script written for a show or theater play? Have you ever suffered from writer’s block that left you hopeless with a deadline ticking down?

That’s why we provide creative content writing services in Canada to satisfy your academic needs. We know exactly what is required for any kind of creative writing projects, short stories, critical thinking writing, and other papers. Thus, let’s consider the benefits of working with an expert.

Give Yourself Weeks Of Free Time

Even the shortest essay requires days and weeks of making persistent efforts. Students have to find sources, look through all of them, take notes, outline the paper, write the first draft, edit it, proofread it and finally turn it in. In other words, use up lots of precious time!

High Grades Guaranteed

You’ll be guaranteed a high grade for any course or assignment. Don’t let stress get you down! With our professional essay help from right here in Canada, you can get straight A’s even when the odds are not in your favor.

Learn From Real Pros

You’ll have the chance to learn the specifics of how to the best creative essays. Being able to learn from the best writers is surely one of the biggest benefits you will get by ordering professional assistance here at

Considering the broad field and variety of elements creative writing includes, we can conclude a student needs a developed language, vast lexicon, artistic sense, rich imagination, creativity, and plenty of other personal characteristics to produce high-quality work.

We Offer:

  1. Unique and free online plagiarism checker for students in Canada.
  2. Vast team of experienced creative writers.
  3. A writer proficient in the particular required subject.
  4. Ability to communicate with your writer during the whole process.
  5. Unlimited revisions until the paper meets your needs.
  6. 24/7 customer care department support.
  7. Individual approach to every customer.

We understand you may have some doubts about choosing a third party to write creative papers for you. Caring for and serving every assignment as an original masterpiece has earned our reputation.

We offer a list of guarantees so you can have no doubts your work will be outstanding, plagiarism-free and custom-written. Custom creative writing services are available along with reliable payment methods, which have strict fraud and safe policies.

Our Guarantees:

  1. High quality of the work done.
  2. No plagiarism, which we confirm using special software.
  3. Absolute confidentiality of all your personal information.
  4. All rights for the writing pieces done given to you.
  5. Money-back guarantee.

Why should you choose our Canadian creative writing website? It’s obvious! We have established a solid reputation in business along with numerous satisfied customers from all over the world. Our team of professional writers is always ready to assist you at any time or day of the week as we understand the value of time for each and every one of our clients.

Our academic writing experts are proficient specialists that will suit your individual needs of creative essays, whether it’s fiction/poetry/drama, etc.

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