Top Universities In Ontario to Apply

Young people may be afraid of choosing prestigious universities due to multiple reasons. A potentially high level of professors’ demands is among them. Obviously, youth is the period in life that one does not want to spend reading hundreds of books and writing thousands of various assignments as it is the best time to have much fun. At the same time choosing the right uni is an important step for having a successful and prosperous life. Just imagine what high self-esteem you’ll have while studying at one of these top universities in Ontario! Are having fun and high grades incompatible things? Not at all!


10th place - University of Guelph

Uni that opens our list is based in the best city to live in: Guelph, Ontario. This educational establishment is a particularly notable choice for those who want to become experts in the spheres of human health and veterinary medicine. The latter is a real point of pride as the university’s veterinary science program is the most exclusive in the world. This career path is a real chance to alter the world as more than 60% of all human diseases originate from animals. Thus, finding a way to conquer all of those diseases will result in healthier humankind.

9th place - Ryerson University

If you like urban landscapes and feel that your future should be connected with a business field, Ryerson Uni is the best choice. Currently, it is among the largest educational establishments in Canada as more than 43.000 students are studying there. It’s located in a busy business district in downtown Toronto, which resulted in classroom studies being enriched by closer connections with business and industry communities, related practical tasks, and real work experience. The possibility to combine studies with a practical application of obtained knowledge adds value to education.

8th place - Carleton University

For those who want to live in the capital city of Ottawa, Carleton Uni offers a variety of disciplines. You may choose any field of expertise from legal studies to engineering and join a large students’ community. Currently, there are more than 23.000 students from all over the world as this university is known for its strong focus on international research. If you happen to be a good basketball player, you may also join the university’s team which already won seven national championships in a row, and enjoy that spirit of victory that fills students’ life in Ontario.

7th place - McMaster University

Do you want to study at a higher education institution that has a long and rich history? Then McMaster University is a good choice for you as it was established in the 19th century and became one of the worldwide-known research-intensive universities where scholars develop new ideas and solutions to global problems. You have a great chance to make the world a better place to live in upon applying to this uni. It definitely deserves its reputation as one of the highest-ranked institutions in Canada. And who knows, maybe one of the future Nobel prizes maybe yours?

6th place - York University

It is the place where you meet new people and what can be better than 52.000 of potential friends? Studying at York University, which is the third-largest uni in Canada, will give you opportunities you could not even imagine. Moreover, it is located in Toronto which is the most populous Canadian city and it opens multiple perspectives for a successful career in the future. There won’t be problems with employment after graduating from York University since there are various learning programs where you get skills helpful in earning money in a big city.

5th place - University of Ottawa

If you want to hone your skills in French, the University of Ottawa is a great option since it’s not only the most renowned higher education institution in Canada but also a large educational establishment with English-French bilingual community of students. Currently, there are more than 35.000 students. Not to mention multiple studying programs that offer decent knowledge and useful skills. All of these are steps to stay successful in Canada’s city.

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4th place - Queen’s University

It is famous for the fact being established earlier than Canada became an independent country. Eventually, it’s the oldest institution of higher education in the country. A long history is not the only strong point of Queen’s Uni since a place in the top ten of the best universities in Canada can be achieved only because of innovative teaching and research practices as well as presenting numerous opportunities for students. Studying here, you may take part in internship programs to get working skills or even become a member of the “study abroad” program.

3rd place - Western University

One of the best places that you should consider if the scientific career attracts you is the University of Western Ontario, or simply Western University. The list of U15, which is a group of high-ranked research unis in Canada with substantial funding, includes the name of this institution. There are even Nobel Laureates who were Western University’s students. Imagine what academic results you may achieve here! It must be inspiring to study at the uni which is ranked 62nd among the top ones in the entire world.

2nd place - University of Waterloo

The second place in our list of good universities in Ontario takes the most innovative institution that combines theoretical education with its application in a working environment in global companies such as Amazon or Google. The focus on practical skills and the possibility to get a degree even in such rare and difficult fields as nanotechnology or quantum computing places University of Waterloo among the best options for education in Ontario province. Modern technological world requires relevant knowledge to keep up the progress and you may be the one who gives further impetus to the development of innovations.

1st place - University of Toronto

It’s considered to be the best not only among the best universities in Ontario but in the entire country. Even more, it’s ranked 28th as the world’s best universities. Its academic reputation is extremely high and number of inventions developed by researchers in this institution is exciting. The effectiveness of its studying programs can be proved by ten Nobel Laureates who graduated from this educational establishment. It has an almost 200-year history of learning and discovery that had a significant impact on the world and you may become a part of this phenomenon.


Indeed, there are many places where you can receive a decent higher education. Each uni has its own benefits that might be of particular interest just to you. Remember that ultimately real knowledge is the thing that matters and allows us to change the world. Also good Ontario universities ranking:

Name Location in Ontario Country Rank World Rank Admission Rate, %
Nipissing University North Bay 62 2186 60-70
University of Ontario Institute of Technology Oshawa 42 1308 70
Trent University Peterborough 33 967 70-80
Wilfrid Laurier University Waterloo 30 679 60
University of Windsor Windsor 25 464 60-70


Now you see how many perfect options are available so choose wisely. Ontario offers numerous highest-ranking institutions where you can get the desired degree. Undoubtedly, studying at any of these unis is challenging. With the help of experienced writers who already got their degrees this process will be much easier and more effective. It is important to know the service that will assist with required written assignments while you are catching all opportunities in life.

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