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When the secondary education comes to the end and you realize you’re in your last year, it’s impossible not to feel excited. A new, different life is waiting for you after that, but there is also a feeling of anxiety. What educational establishment to choose? How to afford it? There are many colleges in Canada, and there is an equally big number of higher educational establishments.

Top Ten Universities in Canada To Choose From

The following list comprises best universities in Canada based on 2019 margins. Note that it goes from the worst- to best-ranked ones and that in the future, some of the data presented might no longer be relevant. For now, things are like this.

  • University of Manitoba in Canada is a public research educational establishment that takes 10th place in national Canada ranking system. It’s located in Winnipeg, the main city of Manitoba province, and it has numerous courses and faculties, from medical ones to Art and Recreational Management. Its main characteristics include the following.
  1. Citation classification, which shows research influence and strength, has 275th position. It means that faculty members frequently conduct and publish credible research that undergoes strict peer-reviewing process.
  2. This Canada Uni provides both scholarships and bursaries for its students. Eligibility criteria are rather mild: if your average admission rate starts with 85, you have all chances to receive financial help.
  3. Alumni employment world’s ranking for Uni of Manitoba is 207. It’s a great result showing that many former students have succeeded and found respectable places of employment.
  4. The influence rank is 288. Considering that it’s the world’s ranking system, the number is quite impressive, so if you join this place, you’ll know that it has a notable influence among other educational establishments.
  5. Quality of education that this Canadian Ivy League center has is ranked at 301. It’s a moderately good result, and while it could be better, there is a perfect correlation between the opportunities it offers, fees it requires, and its rank.

To learn more, visit its official site here before you make your decision.

  • University of Ottawa, Canada is an English-French bilingual public research educational center that ranks 9th in the top Canadian university rankings. It’s placed in Ottawa in Ontario and offers various courses for undergraduates, as well as PhD and Master's degrees. There are different Art, Law, Medicine, Sciences faculties, etc., so you’re likely to find what you’re looking for here.
  1. This Canada Uni has citation classification of 200, which makes it even more influential in regard to research. Numerous highly educated specialists are working at the faculty and this fact can be positively reflected on students.
  2. Uni of Ottawa offers a generous scholarships and bursaries options to its students. If you demonstrate academic excellence or are in a dire need of financial aid, check available programs. With such huge variety, you’re likely to find something you’ll be eligible for.
  3. Alumni employment has a rank that stands at 431. Per Canada standards, it’s not overly impressive, but remember that this is a world’s ranking, so your chances of employment are good.
  4. Overall influence classification is 164, which is very high.
  5. Education quality has a ranking of 366. It’s good, but there is still place for growth.

For more information about this establishment, be sure to visit their website

  • Western University in Canada is located in the city of London in Ontario, and among the top universities in Canada, it takes 8th place. It’s known for its great student and off-campus facilities and it has an impressive number of programs to offer.
  1. Citations’ rank here is 167, meaning that the strength of research is incredibly solid.
  2. Very generous Canada scholarships are offered to most exceptional students, so if you’re among them, you should definitely consider applying.
  3. Alumni employment ranking sits at 105. It’s a great result that will automatically increase your chances of future successful employment.
  4. Influence evaluation in the world resulted in position 202.
  5. Quality of courses is at 454th place in the world, which is not a very good result. It still has its rightful place among Canadian Ivy League educational centers, though.

Look through this site to learn more

  • University of Calgary has the 7th place among top universities in Canada. It’s a public research university located in the city with the same name in the Alberta province.
  1. Canada citation rank is 240, which is quite good.
  2. Many kinds of financial help are provided, comprising scholarships for all levels, including PhD and Master's, bursaries, and awards.
  3. Alumni employment is 213, which is also an impressive indicator.
  4. The world’s place of influence is 153.
  5. Per 2019, there is no classification of this Uni’s quality of education.

Visit this site and learn more if you’re interested in additional details

  • McMaster University, Canada takes number 6 on the scale of top universities in Canada. This public research educational establishment operates in Hamilton in Ontario and it has six large faculties.
  1. Citation ranking sits at 57, which is among the most impressive results even when only the Canadian Ivy League establishments are considered.
  2. There are several major financial awards and scholarships types offered for both national Canada and international students.
  3. Alumni employment has position 660 that’s far from a good result in comparison to other educational centers, but on a world’s scale this is good.
  4. Influence classification is 124, and it’s a great indicator.
  5. Quality of courses is at 339th place, which is a mild result.

Visit this site for details

  • University of Montreal in Canada has 5th place in Canada education classification system. It’s French-oriented and a public research educational center that can be found in Montreal. It focuses on medical degrees largely but it has other specialties and interests spheres as well.
  1. Citation’s rank is at 139, so research strength is good.
  2. Many scholarships and awards are available, including the Exemption from Differential Tuition Fees award. However, academic excellence must be of a truly high quality.
  3. Alumni classification employment is 445, which is not an impressive result among top universities in Canada.
  4. Influence is placed on position 93, and it’s an excellent result that compensates for the lower alumni employment rank.
  5. Education quality stands at 486. Again, it isn’t a great indicator, but it’s compensated by other more effective ones.

More information is available at

  • University of Alberta, Canada has a respectable 4th place among the best Canada educational establishments. It’s an educational, research-focused center located in Edmonton, Alberta. It has 18 diverse faculties and even more research institutes that every student would be honored to join.
  1. Canada citation rank is 80, a highly impressive world number, considering all competition.
  2. With high academic performance rates, you can be eligible for considerable financial help. It especially concerns international students.
  3. Alumni employment ranks 371st.
  4. Influence rates take 117th place among world’s educational establishments.
  5. Education quality is at the 281st rank, which is pretty good.

Find out about your opportunities here

  • University of British Columbia in Canada gets into three top universities in Canada by taking 3rd place. This public research educational center has branches in two cities of British Columbia, namely, in Kelowna and Vancouver. It has a diverse international culture and is focused on innovative programs.
  1. Citation ranking sits at 24, that’s an amazing result that explains this center’s popularity.
  2. There are Canada scholarships available to students who’re academically successful and/or have relevant experience in different kinds of extracurricular activities.
  3. Alumni rates are at 699, which is a disappointing result in comparison to that of other top establishments.
  4. Influence rates stand at 37, and it really improves its overall position both on national and international levels.
  5. Education quality has 173rd place, which is quite impressive.

More information can be retrieved here

  • McGill University is the 2nd among top universities in Canada. As a public research educational center, located in Quebec province in Montreal and it has eleven faculties that focus on music, religious studies, law, etc.
  1. Citations rates stand at 39, which can be regarded as a great faculty members’ achievement. It explains why any students are eager to join this place and use benefits that come with it.
  2. There are some scholarships and donor financial support options, but their amounts are rather limited so it won’t cover your tuition fully.
  3. Alumni employment has 86th place in the classification system, which is the best result among all Canadian Ivy League unis that’s largely responsible for McGill’s general high ranking.
  4. Influence has 53rd place.
  5. Quality of courses takes 68th ranking position.

For more offered opportunities, see here

  • University of Toronto constantly has the highest annual ranking, and in 2019, it has taken the 1st place among the best educational establishments in Canada. This’s public research uni that can be found in Toronto, surrounding the legendary Queen’s Park, and it comprises eleven top colleges in Canada. There are many directions that all potential students can choose from as there are areas of interest for everyone, from law students to art lovers.
  1. Citations rates take the 7th position worldwide. This stunning academic result is among many reasons explaining its popularity.
  2. Many scholarship programs are available for students with outstanding academic records and/or excellent leadership experience.
  3. Alumni employment takes 171rt position. Again, a very impressive result, meaning that you have a chance to join the ranks of very successful graduates.
  4. Influence rates stand at astonishing 16th rank.
  5. Education quality takes 86th place.

To check what you can study in particular and what aid you’d be eligible for, check this site

Table of Comparison of Top Ten Universities in Canada

  University of Toronto McGill University University of British Columbia University of Alberta University of Montreal McMaster University University of Calgary Western University University of Ottawa University of Manitoba
Founded 1827 1821 1908 1908 1878 1887 1966 1878 1848 1877
Scholarships Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fees Depends Depends Depends Depends Depends Depends Depends Depends Depends Depends
Number of students 60,595 40,000 54,236 38,290 67,542 27,337 30,000 30,522 40,000 30,000
City Toronto Montreal Kelowna and Vancouver Edmonton Montreal Hamilton Calgary London (Ontario) Ottawa Winnipeg
Canada ranking 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
World rank 17 37 38 96 110 121 196 198 205 231

Other Great Canadian Universities Comparison

Let’s take a look at the list featuring other best educational establishments of Canada that might be less successful than the mentioned top 10 but still very respectable.

  Queen's University University of Waterloo Laval University Dalhousie University Simon Fraser University University of Guelph University of Victoria York University University of Saskatchewan University of Sherbrooke
Canada ranking 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
World rank 261 268 269 278 311 326 363 388 411 468
Citations 363 275 275 200 254 200 275 275 460 304
Scholarships Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alumni employment 378 222 499 290 > 1000 > 1000 > 1000 243 647 > 1000
Influence 316 353 252 225 262 325 365 419 483 450
Education quality 378 222 499 290 > 1000 > 1000 > 1000 243 647 > 1000
City Kingston Waterloo Quebec Nova Scotia British Columbia Guelph Victoria Toronto Saskatoon Quebec

Make Your Choice Now!

If you know this basic information about top universities in Canada, making a decision will be easier. Check scholarships options, world’s and national rankings, the city where this knowledge center is located, and make your final choice. There are many more great educational establishments in Canada, but these are undoubtedly the best.

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