Social media engagement – Statistics and Trends

Did you know that nearly 2.1 Billion people in this world have social media accounts.  Nearly 7 in 10 internet users are active on social media and 4 in 10 internet users actively use social media apps. More than 50% of Facebook users use social media platform more than once a day, followed by Youtube(28%) , Google+ (25%) , Twitter(27%) and Instagram (24%) . Check out our latest infographic on “Social Media Engagement” for latest statistics and trends.

How often active users access each social media platform

Social Media Platform More than once a day Daily Weekly Less Often
Facebook 50% 25% 13% 12%
Youtube 28% 30% 25% 17%
Google+ 25% 28% 22% 25%
Twitter 27% 24% 24% 25%
Instagram 24% 23% 23% 30%
Tumblr 15% 18% 22% 45%
Linkedin 13% 22% 30% 35%
Pinterest 14% 20% 23% 43%

User Interactions with brand posts as percentage of brands fans or followers

 Social media Brand Brand Engagement
Instagram 4.21%
Facebook 0.07%
Twitter 0.03%

Post engagement rate on facebook is 75% in the first 5 hours.

 Engagement rates on Thursdays and Fridays are 18% higher than the other day.

Engagement rates on Thursdays and Fridays because people find more leisure time available.

88.2% of US companies will use social networks for marketing purposes, and is estimated to reach 89.4% by 2017.

64% of marketers said that increasing audience engagement was crucial for their social media marketing strategy.

Tweets with 1-2 hashtags get 21% higher average engagement than those with none.

Tweets with more than 3 hashtags get 17% less engagement.

Facebook posts with less than 250 characters get 60% more engagement.

Tweets with Images Receive 150% more Re-Tweets

53% of Americans Who Follow Brands in Social Are More Loyal to Those Brands

87% of a Facebook Page’s Engagement Happens on Photo Posts

Brand Engagement on Twitter Decreases If Your Brand is Tweeting More Than 3 X a Day

Facebook images that were posted together as a photo album post received 12.9 times more clicks than single photo posts.

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