The Global Status Report 2020

The Global Status of CCS Report 2020 demonstrates the vital role of carbon capture and storage technologies (CCS) in reducing emissions to net-zero by 2050 as well as documenting the current status and important milestones for the technology over the past 12 months.

The report provides detailed information on and analyses of the global CCS facility pipeline, international policy perspectives, CO2 storage and the CCS legal and regulatory environment.

In addition, four regional updates provide further detail about CCS progress across the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Gulf Cooperation Council States and a Technology section provides updates on key innovations and applications of CCS.


Commitments to reach net-zero emissions saw significant support over the last year from governments and businesses alike, particularly in Europe and in Asia Pacific, spearheading CCS investment and driving growth.


The Global CCS Status Report shows that global capture and storage capacity has increased by 33% since 2019, and there are 65 commercial CCS facilities in various stages of development globally.

The 2020 Report features commentary and insights from a range of experts from across industry, finance, climate change, energy and academia who, collectively, voice their support for the technology.

The report also includes a variety of detailed maps, charts, figures and infographics to supplement the written information and analyses.

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