120 Nursing Essay Topics (Canadian Nursing System)

Canadian Nursing System

Before we start with nursing essay topics that are most relevant for Canadian students, we’d like to remind you about the basics of the Canadian Nursing system. As a specialist, you shall encounter Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (also known as RPN), and Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN). The licensing rules and registration are quite strict and one must approach a nursing regulatory agency in your Canadian province.

Note that RPNs (Registered Practical Nurses) are only encountered in Columbia, Alberta, Yukon, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan territories. Check Canadian Nurses Association to use the latest legislation as you work on your assignment.

As you choose your topic, start with a sub-division of your nursing field, play with the wording, seek the sources that support your vision, and always check your references twice to maintain accuracy and reliability. It will also help you to come up with a unique topic and avoid plagiarism.

120 Competitive Nursing Essay Topics You Must Check

ER Nursing.

The majority of Emergency Nursing subjects in Canada these days will deal with Covid-19 restrictions and special treatment methods as it is the role of ER specialists that make a difference. Writing about the role of these heroes is not easy even if you are majoring in this field. The subjects below will help you to brainstorm several ideas:

  1. The role of ER nurse when dealing with a criminal: what restrictions must be there?
  2. Ethical aspects and privacy in Canada during an emergency situation.
  3. Covid-19 sanitary methods and the changes that have been implemented.
  4. Preparation for a military conflict: what skills should a nursing specialist have?
  5. The use of telemedicine during work in remote areas in Canada.
  6. Woodwork traumas and the rules that must be followed during the first ten minutes of emergency help.
  7. Psychology's use in the self-control of the ER nursing personnel.
  8. The use of nursing philosophy when dealing with confessions from the patients.
  9. The role of the nursing assistant during surgical operations in Canada.
  10. Dealing with patients with disability in ER unit: communicative barriers.

Childcare Nursing & Paediatrics.

The paediatric nursing is one of the most challenging areas where Canadian students seek help with nursing assignment as one may have to work with a case study or come up with independent research based on a provided essay prompt. In either case, these ideas will help you overcome writer's block:

  1. Dealing with school safety rules in Canada as a nursing specialist.
  2. Nutrition in childcare and the link to weight gain issues.
  3. Vaccination rules implemented during 2021-2022 by the Canadian government.
  4. Identification of developmental disabilities.
  5. Labour and delivery challenges in Ottawa vs Ontario.
  6. Lactation consultancy and hormonal issues faced by the refugees in Canada.
  7. The observation and recording management methods of paediatric nurses.
  8. Parental education and assessments with evaluations.
  9. Administration of childcare drugs and injections in Canada vs the United States.
  10. The presence of the teaching skills vs practical emergency experience.

Cardiac Nursing.

Exploring nursing research paper topics, Cardiac unit nursing students also find it hard to come up with ideas even though they are always related to heart conditions. Check our highly trusted healthcare essay writing service for a wide range of plagiarism-free papers.

  1. Bypass surgery recovery methods.
  2. The mental reasons leading to heart failure.
  3. Coronary artery disease cases among First Nations People.
  4. The benefits of occupational therapy for patients with cardiac conditions.
  5. Athletics in Canada: how well the cardiac treatment is addressed.
  6. Step-down nursing vs Registered nurses in the cardiac department.
  7. Medical-surgical responsibilities and dealing with an emergency situation.
  8. The use of AI-based solutions for cardiovascular system treatments.
  9. Chronic heart conditions and the role of mental health.
  10. Interdisciplinary approach in cardiology: dealing with related specialists.

Geriatric Nursing Ideas.

Care for elderly patients plays an important role in Canada's healthcare system, which is why this branch of medicine is constantly explored by college students.

  1. Covid-19 ethics in nursing among the elderly.
  2. The most efficient method of healthy aging.
  3. The role of sociological problems and their relation to healthcare issues.
  4. The importance of multidisciplinary teams and shared responsibilities.
  5. Chronic illnesses vs geriatric syndromes.
  6. What are the limits of talking to elderly patients and showing respect.
  7. Availability of community resources for elderly patients.
  8. Integration of education for the prevention of elder abuse in Canada.
  9. Prevention of injuries and self-care methods.
  10. Emergency help and the role of cognitive skills.

Family Nursing.

As most Canadian families have their personal healthcare practitioner, one must take time to explore the following ideas:

  1. The importance of leadership in nursing to make one's message across to all family members.
  2. Biased attitude encountered by First Nations People and immigrants.
  3. The safe ways to inform your healthcare family specialist about child abuse.
  4. Identification of viral diseases in Alberta province.
  5. Communicational conflict resolution and legal protection methods.
  6. Covid-19 alerts and information delivery among Canadian families.
  7. Access to medication and immediate assistance in rural areas.
  8. Prevention of foreseeable crises when setting healthcare plans.
  9. Creation of family care plans based on insurance.
  10. Terminal illness message delivery: nursing communication skills.

Critical Care Essay Topics.

When you have to work with patients who had a major injury or a terminal illness, a nursing specialist has to provide the most skills and experience. The topics that relate here may include:

  1. Time management in nursing when a critical decision has to be made.
  2. An interdisciplinary approach to creating a forum for specialists.
  3. How to deliver exchange findings based on critical care observation.
  4. Care for post-surgical patients involved in military conflicts.
  5. The role of therapeutic communication and patients with disabilities.
  6. Sexual abuse recovery methods: psychological vs physical training.
  7. Progressive care analysis of chronically-ill patients in Canada.
  8. Coordination of patient care in the cancer nursing department.
  9. Acute vs non-acute areas of post-surgical practice.
  10. Mental health patients and responsibilities of nursing students.

Managerial Nursing.

The nursing students also face the challenges of managerial nursing where certain ideas and concepts have to be mastered as the medical records and observations are being managed. You can explore various argumentative nursing topics based on existing case studies or compose a history of nursing essay based on the timeline of achievements and changes that have taken place lately.

  1. The management of digital records in the multilingual Canadian society.
  2. The role of data management platforms for the accuracy of medical observations.
  3. How have the privacy rules changed since the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  4. The most efficient methods of data collection when dealing with refugees in Canada.
  5. Canadian nursing management system: the necessity of business skills among nursing students.
  6. The legal side of medical records: how the mistakes are being addressed.
  7. The challenges of bedside care and monitoring of recovery processes.
  8. Postpartum support: registration and responsibilities.
  9. Administration of medication and feeding strategies.
  10. Management of human and financial resources: the limitations of nursing skills.

Rural Healthcare Essay Ideas.

Our Canadian nursing paper writing service can help you with specific topics that can only be encountered in Canada or those lands where nursing care has to be provided in remote areas and low temperatures where clinical care is not always possible. Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Field-work medical kit and the emergency situations analysis.
  2. Delivery of medication in rural areas.
  3. Healthcare access and the spiritual beliefs: cultural competence in nursing.
  4. How can herbal practices help nursing personnel to provide a social bridge.
  5. Cardiovascular assistance in a low-temperature environment.
  6. Paramedical care and the role of immediate assistance.
  7. Transportation and logistics in mountainous areas.
  8. Community support branches and the importance of pure drinking water.
  9. Indigenous people and specifics of the lingual barrier.
  10. Pharmacotherapeutics and cooperation with the remote areas.

Public Health.

Public health is a social area of nursing where the purpose is to strive for the common good for the population on planet Earth.

  1. Optimal use of medical resources: the strategies used by the Canadian government.
  2. Primary prevention of viral diseases.
  3. Reaching out to WHO during Covid-19 pandemic: pros and cons.
  4. Collaboration of Canada and Iceland: healthcare exchange.
  5. Population health promotion and middle school education.
  6. How to create a responsible community in a small town regarding unknown substance use?
  7. Illness and injury prevention in Canadian factories.
  8. Promotion of healthy lifestyles: the role of bloggers and social media influencers.
  9. Community health safety in Germany vs Canada.
  10. Analysis of cause-driven injuries among females in Canadian households.

Psychiatric Nursing & Psychology.

One of the most challenging subjects related to health practices is mental health and those philosophical areas where students explore nursing ethical dilemma paper topics. Since these are quite controversial at times, it’s better to choose something safe like the topics below:

  1. Dealing with patients on a substance abuse recovery path.
  2. Suicidal patients: mediation and conflict resolution methods.
  3. How to identify mental conditions to healthcare specialists and when to contact law enforcement officers.
  4. The role of self-advocacy and personal responsibilities.
  5. Identification of behavioural changes and reflective journal writing.
  6. Family assistance and psychiatric patients.
  7. Remote digital health monitoring systems: safety benefits.
  8. The heritage of Linda Richards: a theoretical analysis.
  9. Promotion of physical well-being and the role of sports.
  10. The role of individual holistic care: pros and cons.

Nursing Administration Essay Topics.

An administrator provides that special bridge between a nurse and all the rest of the healthcare facility or aspects like logistics and availability of medication. It makes it challenging to narrow things down as one chooses a relevant topic.

  1. Contemporary nursing practice and the use of video conferencing.
  2. The pros and cons of non-unionised hospitals in Ontario.
  3. Supervision of RNs and the authoritarian leadership method.
  4. HR screening methods and the privacy of personal data.
  5. Performance review analysis: how to remain unbiased.
  6. Cooperation with pharmacology units in the clinical care environment.
  7. Ethical aspect of pre-natal care practices in Manitoba.
  8. Challenges of management-level duties and assistance during off-hours.
  9. The presence of marketing and business skills among healthcare administrators.
  10. Male vs female administrators: communication choices and strategy choices.

Specific Canadian Nursing Subjects.

As you seek essay topics for nursing students in Canada, one should explore those subjects that deal with indigenous people and the challenges that are faced by the nurses:

  1. Depression and anxiety recovery methods offered by the Canadian government.
  2. How to report sexual harassment cases in various nursing units.
  3. Racial bias among Canadian healthcare specialists.
  4. How has the presence of 600 First Nations health-assistance communities shaped the healthcare situation in the country?
  5. Canadian Nurses Association and the resolution of ethical conflicts.
  6. Moral qualities required by Registered Psychiatric Nurse in Montreal.
  7. Conference Board of Canada's history and responsibilities.
  8. Responsibilities of the nursing instructors in Ottawa.
  9. The lack of nurses in Nova Scotia and Manitoba: what has caused the crisis?
  10. The role of personal values in nursing for a Canadian citisen.

How to Choose Your Nursing Essay Topic Correctly

The most important aspect is an inspiration and your personal passion for the subject. If you are motivated and know a certain problem well, it will always show in your nursing essay. It’s safe to say that it’s even more important than structure because if you keep your tone confidential and clear, your work will always stand out. As you look for nursing essay writing services, remember to brainstorm topic ideas first to determine what kind of research you would like to do. Look for good sources, see what has been published on the subject, explore various opinions, take notes as you research, and it will always pay off as you will be able to narrow things down.

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