Complete List of Accredited Online Universities in Canada

Online education is gaining rapid popularity, particularly in Canada. With the constant technological advancements, it’s not surprising, but what’s the reason behind this phenomenon? Everything is simple: online education allows receiving controlled settings knowledge. Students can be located anywhere. For example, someone from a distant small country might want to get a degree from the best, world-known uni. Sadly, actually moving to study there physically requires a lot of efforts and money. Not everyone can afford it. That’s where such schools come into play since they’re cheaper but equally efficient. Why Canada, though?

More and more students search for a list of accredited online universities in Canada because this country offers some of the best education centers. Degrees from them, despite being online, are valued highly, and if you study there, you’ll get an excellent knowledge base. But to make an informed decision, you should know more about all options and peculiarities.

10 Best Accredited Online Universities In Canada

So, which online university in Canada should you choose? Check the list below. It presents top 10 Canadian online unis that’ll provide you with an actual degree and diploma, not just a meaningless piece of paper informing that you’ve completed some courses.

This accredited establishment of Canada offers different online programs for different academic ranks. Undergraduate and graduate programs, courses, courses dedicated to narrow professional development — it meets all possible educational needs. It participates in the Canadian Virtual University Consortium and its diplomas are highly regarded in a professional market.

This accredited university also provides relevant and accredited diplomas to its students. Business, education, art, tourism or technologies — just choose among a wide specialties range and enjoy professional studies.

This accredited place focuses on providing assistance to Newfoundlanders who have suffered as the result of military conflicts first and foremost, but it additionally provides excellent schooling to all promising students. You can study here physically or online, and the education quality won’t change.

This accredited uni also has both physical and distance education. You receive proper degree credit that’ll be recognised everywhere. Location doesn’t matter, so visit the site of this uni and look through various programs it offers.

This accredited education centre is known for its excellent online programs in the widest range of subjects. It provides some of the best college courses as well as more sophisticated academic rank pathways.

If you’re interested in extending your learning while managing your time effectively, you’ll definitely find programs of this accredited uni worthy. It provides numerous credit studies in various areas, including narrow health-related directions.

This is a French-language accredited on-line education centre in Canada, so if you’re from France or prefer this language, you should definitely consider it. Distance education program of this uni is excellent and it’s used by more than 20,000 students annually.

This accredited uni is probably the only one in its kind because it provides schooling to various armed forces representatives. Its unique but effective program explains why it got its place in the list of accredited online universities in Canada.

Online learning is a crucial part of this technology-focused uni. It specifically used the help by field experts in devising its programs, which is why it’s valued so highly.

This is an independent accredited institution that provides relevant Social Sciences, Humanities, Business, Management, as well as Art, Design, and Architecture academic ranks. So, if you’d like to be a Bachelor or a Master in these spheres, this is a great choice for you.

7 Recommended Online Schools with Low Tuition

Obviously, not every student affords education, even online one, which is usually cheaper. For this reason, we’ve developed the top 7 online Canada schools list and unis that have the lowest tuition.

It’s difficult to present fees for this place because everything depends on your specialty, whether you are an international student or a Canadian, and how many credits you’re interested in obtaining. The cheapest price for a program ranges between $780-$1000.

This place also has relatively low fees. For most programs, the price is about $1,000 for a course. This price is lower than in most online credible unis for the same service.

General online course here cost $1,234.10, but if you’re an international student, it’s always better to clarify.

This place provides students all over the world with knowledge that helps them enter any Canadian uni. Price is $1,300.00 for a 4-month course.

Price for courses here depends on a number of credits taken. For example, a standard 3-credit course of this highly respected uni costs $1,683.

This centre is also known for its great programs with a rather cheap fee. For one 3-credit course, for the price $1,966.68.

For international students, education received in this respectable centre online costs $4,629.13 per standard 3-credit course. Price is much cheaper for Canadians, reaching only $618.31. Also, Queen's University takes 4th place in the ranking of the top universities in Ontario.

Types of Online Degrees & Diplomas

One of the most relevant aspects that students considering online universities are worried about is types of degrees and consequently diplomas they’re going to be offered. After all, the job market is very clear in its requirements. There are general degrees that are recognized worldwide, and if you don’t have them, you’re unlikely to be viewed as a valuable specialist on a professional arena. Luckily, academic ranks proposed by top online courses in Canada don’t differ from that full-time unis have.

Associate Degree

This is an easier-to-get but credible degree that’ll boost your chances in the job market. Choose what program to major in, pick electives you need, and be assigned various tasks as well as reading materials. Such academic rank, when provided on line, usually takes up to two years. It depends on a place you’ve picked.

Bachelor’s Degree

This degree will be more respected because more efforts are invested in getting it. First, choose whether you are interested in becoming a BS (Bachelor of Science) or BA (Bachelor of Arts). It’ll determine tasks and direction your on-line schooling takes. Good news is, most programs for this academic rank also last about 2 years, so you won’t be studying for an increased amount of time.

Master’s Degree

This degree is considered as among the most prestigious ones because it means a deeper knowledge level. Again, you’re following either Master of Science or Master of Arts direction. You must already possess a Bachelor's academic rank to join. Note that some courses might also require at least some minimal work experience in order for you to qualify, so check all requirements at once. Such programs last for another two years.

Doctorate Degree

It’s not enough to simply choose your program in the list of accredited online universities in Canada. You have to understand very well what goals you have and how many efforts you’re ready to apply in achieving them. Doctorate degree is divided into narrower types and one needs to spend from about 3 to 7 years on attaining it. You’ll become a true master in your field, acquiring all research and analysis skills, but don’t let the promising perspectives blind you. Apply only if 100% ready and understand how complex studying may be.

Pros and Cons of Getting an Online Degree

Before looking for an accredited online school, there are things you should be aware of. While this kind of education is popular, and many people consider it great, it certainly has its disadvantages. So, take a look at the list of pros and cons of getting accredited online degrees in Canada and decide for yourself whether it’s worth it!


  • Study from anywhere in the world. This is the main reason why so many young people decide to engage with this kind of education. Getting an academic rank from relevant Canadian uni when traveling to Italy, for instance, can be tough, but online form allows applying without having to travel and live away from your family.

  • Costs for such education are lower. This is a great benefit, because these days, schooling is extremely expensive. It’s especially high for international students who live in countries where dollar costs a lot. Because of this unfortunate fact, they simply can’t afford studying anywhere. Getting a degree will give them similar knowledge for a much lower price.

  • This education type counts. As long as you make sure to apply to accredited unis, you receive all the same perks as people who studied in physical campuses. When seeing your CV, no one will discard it just because they deem education invalid. So, be careful and check a list of online universities that are accredited in Canada below to ascertain that you’ve made the right choice.

  • Build your schedule. Online schooling isn’t as demanding as its physical form, so you work and study at the same time. You can also balance your personal and educational tasks much more easily. For example, if you feel sick, have a sudden arrangement that you can’t miss, or just have other plans, make changes to your schedule. Lecture as we, as well as reading materials and homework, be available to you once you’re ready.


  • Intense self-organization skills are needed. If you have trouble with making yourself do something, this schooling type might not be the best fit. Professors will assign tasks without having the ability to control whether you actually do them until the submission date. When studying in physical unis, students are wary of angering their professor and feel more responsibility to complete everything on time. With this kind of education, it isn’t possible.

  • Bias. While academic ranks from accredited unis are valid, you might still not be picked for a job if your CV is considered along with a similar CV of a person with physical uni academic rank. Unless you have more achievements, you may lose such a competition.

  • Less opportunities to ask for help. With online education, you’re studying only strictly by the set schedule. If you have questions outside the online classroom, you won’t be able to ask them because the professor won’t be available. Same goes for lessons themselves — because of their online mode, you may be really limited in asking opportunities.

Price for international students. International students have to pay more for online Canadian education than native citizens.

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