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45 Best Canadian Law Essay Topics

Canadian Law Essay Topics blog

The Peculiarities of Canada’s Law Topics

As almost every Canadian college student will tell you, Law essay topics differ from talking about local environmental issues. Speaking of modern times choices, law essay topics Canada includes challenges of the First Nations People through the prism of history. Although it is not an easy topic to explore, it is always possible to compare past and present in terms of legal changes.

45 Canadian Law Essay Topics

Regardless if you are dealing with Business Law in Canada for your course or just want to explore the basic human rights of the First Nations People, this selection of Canadian law essay topics will be essential. Check these bright ideas for law assignment writing and use them as your starting points by changing the wording accordingly by narrowing things down:

  1. Legal consequences of gambling.
  2. Abortion laws in Canada vs United States.
  3. Women's rights in the Canadian workplace.
  4. Foreign policies legislation during the 1980s.
  5. Legal consequences of academic plagiarism.
  6. Criminal law education in Canadian high schools.
  7. How is alcohol handled in legal terms?
  8. The most common criminal offenses in Columbia.
  9. Cannabis controversies.
  10. First Nations People’s legal rights in the workplace.
  11. Intellectual rights property.
  12. Why Labour Law does not work for ethnic minorities in Canada.
  13. Inequality in income assistance in Vancouver.
  14. The history of Canadian Housing Law.
  15. Separation and divorce legislation.
  16. Ontario Disability Support Program.
  17. The process of going to criminal court.
  18. Domestic violence protection.
  19. Child abuse detection procedures in Canadian legislation.
  20. Power of Attorney for property in French-speaking provinces.

Legal topics in Canada may also include basic civil issues like homeschooling rights or dealing with refugee claims, which are quite common for the country where all kinds of cultures and people co-exist together.

  1. Family Court vs Small Claims Court processing.
  2. Homeschooling laws.
  3. Why refugee hearings must be made public?
  4. Permanent residence laws.
  5. Why Human Rights complaints are not handled right?
  6. Civil law and French language controversy.
  7. Child support laws.
  8. Employment insurance legal procedures.
  9. Canada Pension Plan (CPP) vs Norwegian pension system.
  10. What are Peace Bonds in Canada?

Sometimes students will challenge themselves with the rights of the French language in provinces that are not French-speaking. The same relates to payday loans and Personal Care rights, which became even more relevant because of the Covid-19 times.

  1. Reporting child abuse and neglect procedures.
  2. Legal right for education in French.
  3. Bullying laws.
  4. Education rights and First Nation's People language barriers.
  5. How Wills are handled in different Canadian provinces.
  6. Power of Attorney for Personal Care in Canada.
  7. Are collection agencies legal in Canada?
  8. The challenges of payday loans.
  9. The rights of the arrested person in Canada.
  10. Property trespassing laws.

You may also explore how Administrative Law works in different parts of Canada as the list of responsibilities will differ between provinces. The same relates to Property Rights that can be taken as the starting point for exploration. If it does not sound right, it is also possible to explore the legal protection of athletes in Canada.

  1. Administrative Law in various Canadian provinces: analysis of similarities.
  2. Handling of noise complaints in the city vs rural areas in Ontario.
  3. Tobacco consumption laws.
  4. Finding a lawyer in Canada procedure.
  5. Business ethics law in Canada and foreign policies.

If you would like to explore something else, you can continue by looking up certain issues in Canada like women’s rights or disability legislation and explore it in greater depth. Next, look up recent issues and use them for case study purposes as you compose your essay instead of just listing something that is already well-known.

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Summing Things Up

Choosing your law essay topic in Canada should not be just another boring task because Canada has a logical legal system where every point is cleverly laid out. If you are unsure about your choice, focus on something that inspires you or subjects that you know well. Female students may consider checking Women’s Suffrage in Canada by exploring relevant rights. Even if you are majoring in Engineering, exploring intellectual property rights can be a good option since it will always remain relevant. You may get assistance at our criminal law assignment help service. Remember that you can always discuss your topic with a college professor or have a closer look at our selection of topics.

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