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Good Analytical Essay Topics for You to Write

We’ve collected 70 really good analytical essay topics, but first, let’s start with the definition of ‘analytical essay’.

An analytical essay is a well-structured piece of writing with a detailed analysis of a theme. You can write analytical essays about different sides of life: philosophy, art, human psychology and behavior, politics, books, various events, characters, economics, etc. Firstly, an analytical essay writer chooses a topic, then defines the goals of analysis, collects all the relevant information, and defines the structure of an essay. The analytical essay includes an acquaintance with the analyzed subject and the question that it raises, your perception of the subject, arguments, evidence, and examples. Also, you need to write a conclusion.

There are different analytical methods that writers use to create their essays such as comparison, classification, analysis of causes of the phenomenon and its impact on things, etc.

As we said, topics for analytical essay usually cover different spheres of our lives, so we divided them into subcategories:

  • Psychology
  • Sport
  • Relationships
  • Society

Also, we can include some funny topics. We will call them ‘non-trivial’. So how should we start with our analytical essay topics list?


  1. How to be brave?
  2. Does classical music affect mental health?
  3. Pros and cons of living alone.
  4. How to choose a therapist?
  5. How to help your friend survive a personal crisis?
  6. Similar tactics used in propaganda and marketing
  7. How to cope with bad feelings?
  8. Why do people need to be exceptional?
  9. Why is humor important for us?
  10. Healthy ways for the brain to relax.
  11. Do we need to leave our comfort zones?
  12. The psychology of prejudice and discrimination
  13. What should we know about children?
  14. Psychology of romance and love


  1. What is in Diego Maradona’s character that made him a great player?
  2. How does sport help children to be smart?
  3. The brain of an athlete.
  4. Doping in sport.
  5. The history of hockey in Canada.
  6. Why do we love to watch movies about champions?
  7. Sport and pregnancy.
  8. Pros and cons of fast running.
  9. Is stretching for everyone?
  10. Sport during COVID-19 pandemic.
  11. How to stay strong and healthy after 50?
  12. The structure of attacking strategies in hockey.
  13. How to overcome a defeat?
  14. Theory of coaching.


  1. How to take criticism from a partner?
  2. How to be a good friend?
  3. The specifics of a parent-child relationship
  4. The most important thing about relationships.
  5. How to be a good listener?
  6. How to overcome a fear of talking to people?
  7. What is the main point of equality between men and women?
  8. How to be a good boss?
  9. On being vulnerable with a partner.
  10. How to communicate online?
  11. How to adapt if you are a freshman at work.
  12. How to build good relationships with your fellow students?
  13. Why do people get defensive?
  14. How to lend money to our friends?

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  1. The society we want to live in.
  2. Can personal responsibility solve climate change?
  3. The portrait of a modern family.
  4. How COVID has changed society?
  5. Cars and their impact on citizens.
  6. Common gender stereotypes.
  7. Social media and haters.
  8. Food delivery during a pandemic.
  9. Should we turn off our TVs?
  10. Applications that help to raise money to feed children.
  11. Difficult times and true values.
  12. Child-free families.
  13. Should we celebrate Halloween?
  14. How to become a volunteer?

Non-trivial topics

  1. What would happen if you were a spiderman?
  2. What to do when there is nothing to do?
  3. What do people need to feel happy?
  4. Why do we love comedies?
  5. What to do If your neighbor plays guitar at night?
  6. What will you choose: red or blue pill and why?
  7. Pros of living in a cold country.
  8. What is the best way to live a day?
  9. Is Mr.Baggins of the Shire brave?
  10. Do you believe in magic?
  11. Do you believe in aliens?
  12. Do affirmations work?
  13. Why do we need to save sharks?
  14. Were Ross and Rachel on a break?


A good analytical research paper usually achieves two goals: it helps a writer to be a deep thinker, helps them to analyze things and build strong evidence of their point of view, and develops their critical thinking. The second goal of an analytical essay - to provide readers with adequate information on things that they need and educate them.

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