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Best Letter of Recommendation Writing Services to Boost Your Profile

If you’re seeking admission to a course, applying for a new job, or in any other situation where you have to make your profile strong, you should submit a letter or recommendation. Writing an impressive and compelling LOR is a real challenge for many people. If you’re one of them, welcome to our website. Edubirdie is a reputable academic letter of recommendation writing service that has delivered academic papers of any kind to thousands of clients worldwide. Let’s see what LOR is and what kind of assistance you can get from us.

What Is a Letter of Recommendation?

It’s a letter completed on behalf of a candidate by a person who can stand surety for that applicant’s professional or educational performance. This paper is usually addressed to a hiring manager or admissions officer who considers an application for a scholarship, employment, or access to a course. It’s focused on giving insight into a candidate’s personal qualities, such as leadership potential, intellectual curiosity, and integrity. Writing a compelling cover letter for managers, counselors, or teachers allows giving a candidate an edge over competitors.

Types of Letters of Recommendation

There are various types of such letters. Each of them comes with unique features and specifics. We deliver all of them, which makes us different from other writing companies. To cater to our customer’s needs, we complete the following papers:

  • Academic reference letter for college, graduate school, and Ph.D.;
  • Note for a job application;
  • Statement of interest for professional purposes;
  • Recommendation report for business school;
  • Letter to apply for a visa;
  • Letter of residency.

LOR carries considerable weight as it’s an essential component when you submit your documents to many institutions related to important spheres of your life – be it education, career, or residency. Such a letter has its specifics: it contains an explanation of what kind of person you are but is written by someone other than yourself. By shedding light on your advantages that may remain otherwise invisible to the audience, recommendations provided by others are much more valuable than we used to consider.  

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation 

Various requirements for completing a recommendation report and letter depend on the organization where you have to submit these papers. Usually, a typical LOR includes the following sections:

  • Date;
  • Recipient name;
  • Title of an institution to which you apply;
  • Recipient address;
  • Greeting: Address the sendee by name if possible (Dear Mr/Ms);
  • Introduction: Begin the body of your message by presenting yourself; indicate who you are and your relationship with the candidate;
  • Recommendation: Explain what makes an applicant a perfect match, mention specific qualifications and skills that fit the role;
  • Closing: Make a conclusion and explain why you’d recommend this candidate;
  • Contact details: Indicate your email and phone number for feedback;
  • Signature.  

A letter of recommendation is something you don’t complete by yourself. It’s usually written by a colleague, professor, or any other person who has value in others’ eyes. Writing a LOR requires enough time that your busy recommender may lack. That’s why the good idea is to create such a letter beforehand and then have it signed by your recommender. Still, the writing process is not so easy for most people as it includes ensuring the right tone without being too presumptuous or underestimating. The slightest error can jeopardize your success. So, it’s better to entrust this process to professionals. 

If you wish to have a positive result for your LOR, you may come to our experts who have huge experience in completing papers and know the ropes of letter of intent writing. In such a way, you’ll avoid mistakes in your document and the stress coming with the writing process.

Why EduBirdie Is the Best LOR Writing Service

If you worry that your professor lacks time to deliver you a LOR, or you don’t have the necessary skills to do it yourself, we’ll support you and craft an impressive and professional letter you deserve. Edubirdie is the best when it comes to SOP writing help as we have the following advantages.

  • Extensive Experience

We’ve completed hundreds of letters for clients over the last years and helped them to get their admissions and jobs.

  • Professional Team 

Each recommendation letter writer has passed strict exams before being hired at Edubirdie. Our specialists have enough skills and knowledge to deliver you perfectly written letters.

  • On-Time Delivery 

Your order will be instantly handled by one of our 450 dedicated writers who never miss deadlines. 

  • Affordable Price 

Whether you’re studying and need our letter of motivation writing service for college or just starting your career and don’t have enough money to pay, you’ll appreciate our reasonable pricing policy. We do all to allow any client to avail of our services. 

  • Round-the-Clock Support

If you navigate our website and have questions while placing your order, you can contact our managers 24/7. Our friendly team is glad to assist you anytime.

Can’t you complete a LOR to stand out from the rest? Our academic recommendation letter writing service can help you with this trouble!

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