University of Toronto Acceptance Rate - How to Get Accepted to a Top College

Many young people in Canada apply to the University of Toronto as it is among the best options in the country to get higher education. The University of Toronto acceptance rate shows that while admission may be difficult, it is possible to join a team that consists of more than 70.000 undergraduate students currently studying there. Let’s see what happened in Fall 2019-20 so that you know real admission chances.

Acceptance Rates - Quick Overview

Almost 16.000 new students joined Undergraduate Programs in 2020 while total enrollment was more than 93 thousand. Just to compare, the enrollment in Fall 2018-19 was approximately 91.000. Thus, this rate implies that applicants need to put some efforts to be accepted. But this is the opportunity to show skills and dedication, isn’t it? Not only young Canadians decided to pursue their degrees from this university but people from other countries as well. Find many new friends from China, India, and the United States upon joining the institution as approximately 20% of all students came from these countries. Not to mention many people from other countries that altogether form the international U of T family.

In order to join the desired program and dive deep into studies, you should have a transcript of academic performance as supporting documents for completed application form. Sometimes, if your area of interest is too specific, an interview with an applicant may be requested to check if all program-specific requirements are met. But there is nothing to be afraid of since all in the University of Toronto just need to be sure that a future student fully understands what he or she wants to know.

What Choices Are Offered?

University of Toronto has not just one campus but three more: St. George Campus in Downtown Toronto, Mississauga, and Scarborough. Variety of available programs for newcomers is impressive as well since there are more than 700 from them covering multiple fields. All programs are organized into separate units that help students with their focused studies. Overall, there are many faculties that offer undergraduate and graduate programs within these fields:

  • Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Life Sciences

  • Applied Sciences

  • Commerce & Management

  • Computer Science, Engineering

  • Kinesiology & Physical Education

  • Music & Architecture

  • Law

  • Medicine & Nursing

Some faculties are more popular than the others based on the number of departments offering specific division or currently relevant knowledge spheres. Let’s consider some of the most popular choices students made during a few last years.

University Of Toronto Acceptance Rate Based on Faculties’ Data

Faculty of Arts & Science

More than 10.000 applicants pursued their degrees during Fall 2018-19 in one of 300 undergrad programs that are offered across sciences, social studies, and humanities in this Faculty. It is the largest academic unit in the Uni of Toronto for not only students’ community but scholars and worldwide-known researchers as well. The chances are high as the acceptance rate is more than 70%. Degrees that students can get there are highly appreciated by employers as the employment rate is 77% within 6 months after graduation. This is a diverse and vibrant place where studying is pure enjoyment.

Joseph L. Rotman School of Management

This part in the University of Toronto is the right place for those with a desire to start a new business or become innovative in management education. Almost 7000 people applied for undergraduate Business and Commerce programs in 2019. Demands to applicants are higher as acceptances are approximately up to 57%. Complete submission process as early as possible since future freshmen are selected on a rolling basis. Though this is worth efforts since alumni who graduated from this unit have one of the highest employment rates after graduation.

Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering

If you want to join top students coming all over the world, #1 Canadian Engineering institution would be the best choice. Starting from 2017 this faculty beats all records as they received almost 13.000 applications that year. Offers for admission were provided to 24% selected applicants. So those who want to get acquainted with, for example, Computer Engineering, should prove dedication and skills as there are 12 candidates for each place. Though studying here may be not so difficult as it appears since the graduation rate is over 85%! All these people earned chances to find a good job and everybody may follow their way.

Faculty of Nursing and Faculty of Medicine

These two institutions unite people who possess call to service, ability to bear responsibility and change the world for better. Desire for becoming a practitioner in the medical field requires thorough preparation. Applicants are required to provide a well-developed personal statement and letters of reference in addition to possible interview. All programs here are highly competitive and one needs to do his or her best and ensure admission. Almost 100% possibility of graduation and finding a well-paid job very soon are benefits that are proved by over 60 thousand alumni that graduated from nursing faculty alone.

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE)

OISE is recognized as one of the leading centers in the education sphere not only in Canada but in the world as well. Chances of acceptance there are high as the requirements for admission are minimal in all departments. Basic documents related to academic achievements are needed as well as letter of intent. Some programs, such as Teacher Education, may require written work samples. Studying here is not hard as well because the graduation rate is over 98%! Though, be aware that OISE intends to lower the number of undergrad students and shift its focus towards graduate education. This gives more opportunities for those who intend to concentrate on intensive academic research.

Follow Our Advice And Strive For Degree

Reviewing acceptance rates is the important admission process part. But successful application is just the first step and you should remember that it is harder to stay in university than just get there. Fortunately, our U of T essay writing service consultants are always ready to assist with difficult tasks ensuring your successful graduation.

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