Research Essay Writing: online tips, topics and examples

A wide range of essays exists today that can be encountered by students from various disciplines. These essays are usually used to test the students, assessing their knowledge on various topics relating to the discipline. They are also used to assess how well students are able to search out information, and articulate facts using their own words. Research essays are among the essay types used in such assessments.

What is a research essay?

Simply put, it’s a written piece that outlines the details involved in a research or a detailed investigation of a topic, person, situation, or thing. This type of written work usually is undertaken by Postgraduate and Doctoral students but can be done by Undergraduates on the lecturer’s request.

This kind of written work is sometimes given as the last project task for final year students of various courses. It often constitutes a bulk of their final assessment marks, which explains why some final year students get jittery when they have problems with it.

How to Write a Research Essay

Before we take you through the steps involved, we feel it’s essential for you to understand that essays involving research studies come in different forms and varieties. You must be aware of the essay type being asked of you. In this respect, it would be important to compare and contrast qualitative and quantitative research essay types. Quantitative research often deals with studies involving numeracy values – statistics-related topics are the basis of the research usually. Qualitative essays, however, focus on the degree of perfection achieved in situations – for example, when we try to investigate how much of an improvement is seen in health care quality within a period of time.

What steps do we take when composing a research report essay?

  • Making an outline or paper structure

This is very essential. When making an outline of your work, you should consider questions like what was the investigation about? Would the paper require an abstract or introduction? Is it quantitative or qualitative? What is the required word count?

In default settings, an essay consists of the following:

  1. An introduction (also called an abstract)
  2. The body
  3. The conclusion
  • Take your time to go through the resources that provide more information on what you are reporting on. A quality essay writing attempt is easy to spot through the thoughtful arrangement of ideas and arguments. Be sure to carefully select the points you will use to form your report.
  • Find out about the required referencing criteria, and use them appropriately. Do not include any quotes or findings without proper referencing.
  • Write in your own words. Plagiarism is a serious offense in the eyes of many lecturers. People have been known to have their course marks canceled because of this.
  • Every discussion you strike should be within the confines of the topic you chose to investigate. Do not jumble up different ideas while writing on just one theme.
  • Your task is mostly an assessment of your analyticalskills, not your grammatical efficiency. It would be unwise to use a barrage of hefty grammatical words, especially when they have simpler synonyms available. Beyond using good English, make your work understandable enough to look through.

Creating the perfect research essay outline

Your paper’s outline forms the skeletal support of your work as a whole. This means that if you get the outline wrong, there’s a slim chance of you achieving an excellent report. The outline should reflect the vital components of whatever topic you get to choose.

If, for example, you are asked to create a drinking and driving essay research paper, your outline would involve elements like:

  • A brief history ofalcohol consumption statistics.
  • The history of accidents/lives lost because of the drunk driving.
  • Challenges faced by authorities in curbing this menace.

Introduction to research essay

Every aspect of a paper is essential. However, the first impression of a paper’s quality is gotten from the introduction paragraph. In some instances, a separate paragraph called an abstract is used in place of or alongside the introduction.

What should your introduction entail? For a paper without an abstract, this paragraph serves to offer the reader a glimpse of the whole paper i.e. one should be able to deduce the content of the essay from the starting paragraph. It should not be too lengthy, as this might make it less captivating to read.

A good example of what to include in introductions includes relevant quotes and statistic facts (one or two, not all).

Writing the conclusion of a research essay

Like its counterpart above, the conclusion to a research report should be clear and concise. This segment can include relevant sentences relating to lessons learned, and how the results that were obtained would be instrumental in future situations. When penning down the concluding paragraph, ensure that you do not stray from the main theme, and avoid using too many words to describe one lesson or task.

Title page for the research essay

Some tasks would require you to create a separate page with the title written boldly on it. In this case, endeavor to include the name of the institution where you study, the faculty, the topic and other necessary details. Some instructors would request that you write the word count for the report on the title page as well. Use readable, standard fonts like Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri. Refrain from using flashy fonts as they make it difficult to read texts.

Good Research Essay Topics

  1. The relationship between social media and mental health disorders
  2. The influence of genetics on personality traits
  3. Alternative therapies for treating depression and anxiety
  4. The effects of climate change on crop production and food supply
  5. The ethical implications of artificial intelligence and automation in the workforce
  6. The correlation between sleep patterns and academic performance
  7. Virtual reality and its impact on empathy and perspective-taking
  8. The importance of urban green spaces for community health and well-being
  9. The benefits of mindfulness meditation for stress and anxiety relief
  10. The social and cultural implications of plant-based diets
  11. The correlation between music and cognitive function
  12. The effects of early childhood education on academic achievement and social skills
  13. The relationship between exercise and disease prevention
  14. The impact of social and economic inequality on health outcomes in communities
  15. The ethical considerations of gene editing and genetic modification in humans
  16. The psychological effects of social isolation and loneliness
  17. The impact of childhood trauma on mental health in adulthood
  18. The cultural and societal implications of language extinction
  19. The effects of food additives and preservatives on human health
  20. The ethics of animal testing in scientific research
  21. The impact of the digital age on human communication and relationships
  22. The psychological and emotional effects of living in poverty
  23. The effectiveness of mindfulness-based stress reduction programs in the workplace
  24. The relationship between socioeconomic status and access to healthcare
  25. The effects of climate change on wildlife and ecosystems
  26. The impact of cultural diversity on organizational performance and success
  27. The relationship between nutrition and cognitive function in aging adults
  28. The role of music in therapeutic settings for mental health disorders
  29. The effects of social media on body image and self-esteem
  30. The ethical implications of genetic testing and personalized medicine.

Remember to choose a research essay topic that is interesting and has enough depth and complexity to explore! Conduct thorough research and analysis to develop a well-supported argument or thesis statement.

Research argument essay: creating examples for college tasks and submissions

There are instances where, instead of reporting a conducted investigation, you would be asked to prepare an argument for/against one or two aspects of the report. Let’s examine a literary research essay example. Suppose you are asked to write an argument relating to a number of research antics used in preparing a book review. Your task would focus on identifying the flaws present in the approaches used to source out ideas for that review. That would basically make you a critic. However, such tasks are very instrumental in developing one’s critical analysis skill. And with a little help from us, this can be very stress-free and enjoyable.

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