Top Nursing Scholarships In Canada 2024

Studying Nursing In Canada

Nursing degree scholarships are quite popular in Canada since the country's healthcare system is one of the best in the world if one considers strict rules and innovative solutions that are being implemented all the time. In most provinces, Registered Nursing education (RN) lasts for four years and includes various seminars, lectures, and complex laboratory experiences.

In most cases, Canada's nursing schools focus on nurse-client partnership, the study of changes in health, wellness aspects, and professional clinical practice. Speaking of Graduate Certificate in Enhanced Nursing Practice (think of ER nursing as an example), it usually takes a one-year long course as a part of the total curriculum. There are numerous options and helpful nursing scholarships that make Canada a great land to study nursing!

Why Are People Looking For Nursing Scholarships?

Imagine a nursing student in Canada who is working in rural areas and studying the challenges that are faced by indigenous people. It takes strong leadership and socio-emotional qualities to achieve success. As a rule, it takes time and inner strength, which often results in additional costs and a necessity of support. Then we also have nursing students who are first in the family to receive a degree, thus requiring financial support. Let us not forget about young parents or students with learning disabilities!

Keeping it all in mind, the Canadian government and numerous organisations offer nursing scholarship help. It does not matter if these are ACN scholarships or those that recognise leadership qualities or ethnic minorities, these always become helpful and help to raise successful and happy nursing learners.

Nursing Scholarships in Canada in 2024 Worth Applying

Bachelor's Nursing Scholarships (ABSN degrees)

  • 50th Anniversary Scholarship in Nursing. Offered by the University of Brunswick, this scholarship is aimed at the Bachelor of Nursing students. Although it welcomes any students, learners that belong to First Nations people or those who have excellent academic achievements have more chances of getting the award. A departmental recommendation is required. The sum and deadline of nursing grants vary according to each particular case and pandemic restrictions (remote learning options).
  • Adah Chapter No. 16, O.E.S. Nursing Scholarship. Provided by the Thompson Rivers University, it is aimed at Bachelor of Science Nursing students located in Columbia. You should have at least a 2.5 GPA level and meet the basic nursing eligibility requirements. The deadline is the third Friday of September annually, the scholarship sum varies.

Master's Scholarships For Nursing Students in Canada

  • Alexandra Hirth Award for Excellence in Nursing Research. It is aimed at students who are studying for a Master of Nursing or MSN degree. The Faculty of Graduate Studies at the Dalhousie University offers scholarships for Canadian nursing students in Nova Scotia but other provinces may be eligible (skills-based). You should provide your research thesis to become eligible as you apply for this scholarship. The deadline is May 31, 2022.
  • Adele Turcotte Memorial Award in the School of Nursing. It is aimed at RPH or Masters of Nursing students. The presence of community services, belonging to the Ontario province, and excellent grades are the only requirements for this $2,500 award. Offered by Ryerson University, it has no strict deadline, which is why it is always good to check.

Practice / Internship Nursing Scholarships

  • Ambassador Nursing Award. Although it is only aimed at the Alberta province, it offers annual awards of $1,000 for students who are looking for scholarship help during their practice or internship courses as they show integrity, caring/compassion, patience, empathy, ability to live with ambiguity, critical thinking, responsibility, accountability, and ability to promote strong nursing values. Even if you have average grades, it is your volunteering and social skills that matter for this and most similar nurse practitioner scholarships. The deadline is March 15, 2022.
  • Anne D. Thorne Saint John School of Nursing Scholarship. This scholarship requires departmental recommendation and reference to your practice/internship nursing situation. If you are a graduate of the Saint John School of Nursing, your chances are even higher. Eligible provinces include New Brunswick. Even if you are a part-time, or a full-time student, you still have a chance to receive this award. Sum and deadline may vary.

First Nations People / Indigenous Scholarships

  • Anne Rieder Graduate Scholarship. This amazing nursing scholarship is aimed at aboriginal students and First Nations People. It is nonrenewable and requires at least two years of Registered Nurse experience. You must be in the second year of education, belong to Alberta province, and have an interest in Aboriginal Health practices or show plans to become an ACN in rural areas. The amount is $1,900. The presence of excellent grades is always welcome, yet other types of merits can be discussed.
  • Indspire: Indigenous Education: Canada's Future Scholarship Award. There are multiple scholarship awards with two deadlines, namely June 1st and November 1st, 2022. This particular organisation has provided over $153 million of financial support, sponsored by the government of Canada. You can receive up to $2,500 financial aid per year (renewable) as long as you belong to the indigenous people and have at least a 2-year course enrollment.

International Nursing Scholarships In Canada

  • University of Toronto Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing. It offers over 100 different types of undergraduate awards along with graduate grants for nursing students, international learners, and practitioners who study in Canada. The scholarships are based on academic merits or financial needs.
  • Florence Nightingale Foundation. If you belong to the Commonwealth countries or are a student based in the planning to study in Canada, this nursing scholarship will cover travel costs and research projects. It also offers various leadership scholarships that are also open to nursing students from all over the world. You might ask your Canadian host university or college for more details regarding international grants for nursing students.

Unusual Nursing Scholarships in Canada

  • A.J. Baumgart Outstanding Achievement Awards (Extracurricular Activities). This unusual scholarship for nursing students in Canada has a deadline of February 28, 2022, but might be extended if there are candidates. You must belong to Ontario province and have a full-time enrollment status. Both undergraduate and graduate students are acceptable as long as they have outstanding achievements beyond their nursing course.
  • Academic Vice President & Provost Award for Student Leadership. If you have course recommendations and strong leadership qualities as a nursing student in Nova Scotia province, St. Francis Xavier University has a great scholarship for you. Talk about your leadership strategies, talk about why nursing is important to you and get tuition help!

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How to Apply For Your Nursing Scholarships & Things to Mention

Of course, it will always depend on what you would like to achieve, depending on the scholarship application guidelines. Still, there are some requirements that remain the same as you consider various nursing scholarships options:

  • Start with a careful study of your current qualifications and academic objectives.
  • Have your academic transitions ready along with provincial documents that may be applicable.
  • Recommendation letters and testimonials (course or departmental) must be present.
  • Study eligibility twice and ask questions before applying to avoid mistakes or failed applications.
  • Explore what kind of help is provided and what financial and academic needs are covered.
  • Explore indigenous and aboriginal scholarships in Nursing as these are not always mentioned.

Nursing Scholarship Application Writing

This aspect is often ignored as students do not take enough time to work on a personal statement letter, an essay that may be requested, or a basic nursing scholarship application form. One should always remember that even a minor mistake or lack of accuracy may result in a failed request. As a solution, you can always approach scholarship essay writing and discuss your situation with a trained expert. It means that you can receive timely assistance with structure, grammar, spelling, or just getting your thoughts into a correct logical flow.

It is only natural to ask for assistance because some people find it hard to express their feelings and prefer to work in a practical environment. For example, scholarships for students with ADHD also require some writing, which is why getting your application writing help is essential and can be life-changing!

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