How to Write a Term Paper in APA Style

Writing a term paper is a difficult task as it is and the truth is you are not going to be able to pass your post-graduate level of education, unless you do a few research assignments. However, in some colleges and universities, you're given an additional layer of difficulty by having to write your term paper in APA style.

How to Write a Term Paper in APA Style

If this is the case and you are wondering how to write a term paper in APA style, then you are at the right place. We'll help you out easily do your task with these simple tips.

What is APA Style?

The first thing to note when wondering how to write APA style term papers is to actually understand what it really is. The American Psychological Association, known as the APA, is actually one of the most popular formats for academic writings, especially in the scientific fields. While several changes have been made to the format throughout the years, in the most basic terms, the format hasn't changed. The style includes a few key points and technical formatting guidelines, which you should follow when creating your term paper.

How to Write a Term Paper in APA Format?

Rather than thinking that having to keep a certain style makes your task harder, you should actually understand that this is not the case. In fact, the APA style serves as a great guideline that can help you out more easily complete your essay or write your capstone project.

There are a few key elements that make up writing a term papers in APA style:

  1. The Title Page. The Title Page should include the title of your work, the names of the authors, as well as the name of any institutional affiliation you might have. Serving as the first page of your report, you should center your text on the page and your lines should be double-spaced below the main title, if there are more than one. The author note is the place where you should add additional information.
  2. Abstract. The abstract, usually consisting of about 150-250 words contains a short summary of your work. Make sure that all the numbers in the abstract are typed as digits and not words.
  3. Body. Starting on Page 3, the body of your research is the most important part of it. What you should note is that when formatting, your text should be flush-left typed and with 5-7 spaces indented from the left. Make sure to also avoid hyphenating words at the ends of line.
  4. Text Citation and References. To avoid plagiarism, make sure to take note of the text citations and references within your report.
  5. Appendices. If you need an appendix, make sure to add one. There you may present unpublished tests or other descriptions that are needed.
  6. Footnotes. Footnotes can also be used within your custom term paper. You can add them centered on the first line below the Running Head.
  7. Tables and Figures. Tables and Figures can also be added within the term paper, if they are needed. Usually there are no strict or specific rules about them.

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The Technicalities of Term Paper Writing in APA Format

One of the most important things to consider when wondering how to write a term paper APA style are the technicalities. In fact, to write a good term paper in APA style, you need to follow the formatting rules strictly. Here are the most important rules you should be aware of when wondering how to write a term paper in APA format.

  • Margin - Formerly was 1,5 inch, now margin is 1 inch on all sides, which include top, bottom, left, right.
  • Font Size and Type - For all the text throughout the work, the font should be Times New Roman at 12-pt size.
  • Spacing - The whole document should be double-spaced.
  • Text Alignment and Indentation - Flush Left (or Aligned to the Left).

When you are thinking about the style of your work, make sure to consider the rules above. In fact you should simply think about the formatting of your text and including the right pages where you need to do so. As a whole, term paper writing in APA style is not that difficult and will definitely make your assignment look more professional. However, when wondering about how to complete the task in a proper style, make sure to also consult with our critical analysis writer and your professor as they might have additional instructions in formatting.

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