Tips for writing a persuasive essay

Composing a persuasive essay is the same as participating in the case as a lawyer. The writer collects all the forces to present point of view he or she represents and build the most powerful arguments to win.

The writer’s primary task is to convince the reader to take into consideration particular opinion on some sort of things. The persuasive essay requires a lot of research and knowledge that is why many students frequently are lost and confused with writing this type of academic assignment. That is where EduBirdie comes to rescue helpless students from homework overload.

How to start writing

A persuasive essay is a certain type of writing that has its purpose to be delivered to the audience. Once the speaker talks to the audience, this person sure wants to accomplish certain goals and to be confident that audience accepts his or her personal opinion. The same is when writer composes a persuasive text. No matter formal or personal, a persuasive essay is such type of communication aimed at arousing changes in other people.

Every essay starts with prewriting phase. This part of the work is exceptionally essential. While preparing to write, one should think over every part of the future essay:

  • Decide on the issue. The position you are going to advocate or confront is the aim of your writing. You have to maintain it throughout the paper to let readers understand you are concerned about the issue.
  • Get acquainted with your audience. Your audience is readers of the information you want to present. To present solid point of view you have to understand the perspective of reader. Is the reader tends to maintain your point of view or look at things from another perspective?
  • Consider research. To persuade the audience, you need to turn your persuasive paper into research essay. To do that you have to work out strongest evidence and arguments to maintain them. Discover a couple of reliable sources of information and examine some textbooks to find out topics worth everybody’s attention.
  • Point out the strongest evidence. Those are the key points for the view you are going to present.

How to make a great thesis

When you don’t know how to start, you should probably develop your thesis first. Thesis is the essential element of the introduction of your essay. It is a sturdy hook that can attract the readers’ attention. Why thesis statement has to be strong? This one simple sentence or question has to define your confident opinion to demonstrate reader your competence and deep understanding of the chosen issue.

Thesis has to show your reason to choose a particular topic. It has to be concise and laconic and at the same time contain your wide viewpoint. Each body paragraph has to be related to thesis and maintain the primary point you state at the beginning. Think about the things you want to highlight in your writing and create a thesis that will be a brief combination of your ideas.

Persuasive essay ideas

Many students seem confused when they have to choose a topic for a persuasive essay on their own. That’s why experts from EduBirdie provide you with a list of ideas to can borrow.

  1. Should we learn etiquette in high school?
  2. Is studying abroad for everyone?
  3. Middle school and uniform: should pupils wear a uniform?
  4. Effect of beauty contests on female’s perception of own body
  5. Can junk food be healthy?
  6. Is education in single-sex institutions better?
  7. Testing on animals is immoral.
  8. Kids should avoid social networks.
  9. Technology is essential for learning process.
  10. One world currency has to be established.

You can also browse a template or rubric on the Internet. Or ask EduBirdie essay writer for help and save yourself some time to spare!

Work on structure

The structure is your essay’s backbone. When working with an initial draft of your persuasive essay, follow the structure to present the materials successively.

  • Start with an introduction. Outline some facts or statistics that made you choose this particular issue. Don’t forget about thesis statement.
  • Proceed in main paragraphs. You should have as many paragraphs as much arguments you have. Choose from 2 to 4 firm arguments and devote a paragraph for each. Support your viewpoint with evidence, facts or experts’ opinions.
  • Summarize all the conclusions in the last paragraph. Define the opinion you reached and offer some predictions on the current state of things. You can leave the ending open and provide readers with food for thought.

Following the structure seems effortless. But it is difficult to develop strong arguments. Our writers are experts in creating influential persuasive essays and can deliver assistance fast to anyone so feel free to use our persuasive essay writing service.

General tips to follow

The first thing you should bear in mind your statements have to sound earnest. Solid arguments, strong evidence are constituents of an excellent persuasive essay. We have prepared some tips for making an impressive and effective persuasive essay.

  • Be simple. Don’t mention things you are unfamiliar with only to sound terrific. Write about things you like or have in-depth knowledge on. Simplicity and honesty attract an audience.
  • Make a plan. Creating a list of arguments in sequence is a great way to start writing your essay. Begin with an introduction where tell about your attitude to the chosen problem.
  • Be concise and accurate. Choose three or four facts or events and tell about them briefly. Then describe your personal opinion to those issues.

Don’t forget to stick to your primary goal – persuade an audience. When you decide on the topic, read as much as possible on the chosen subject or problem. Once you’ll have a solid viewpoint, and after that, you can start making a plan of your essay. Preparation will give a boost to your confidence, and you will impress readers with your ideas.

We can persuade everyone!

If you can’t come up with thesis or idea – EduBirdie is here to help you out! Our writers are experts with profound experience in writing. They will create non-debatable arguments and impress everyone with thorough research in the field. Don’t hesitate to entrust your persuasive essay to us – we know what to do with it!

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