Choose As Many Opportunities How To Make Money As A Student As You Like

Students are people who need money not only for tuition fees, accommodation, and everyday expenses but for parties as well. This is the perfect time in life when one wants to try everything new whether it is internship in Google or going to SF fandom party wearing Han Solo’s costume. Though money is needed both for serious things and fun. And getting a job while studying may be difficult as not all employers want to invest in young students. The solution is simple: studying at Canadian universities can be combined with part-time or freelance jobs! Let’s see what way of how to make money as a student suits you best.

Working In Hospitality Industry

  • Waiter

Very popular opportunity to have irregular job with adjustable schedule to combine it with studies. Low salary can be compensated by tips but be aware of hard physical work and possible feeling of constantly being tired.

  • Bartender

Variation of part-time employment in food service that usually offers higher wage and a lot of fun. Are you ready to impress visitors with your shakers’ handling skills and perfect Daiquiri? If yes, be ready for good tips.

  • Barista

Another possibility of making extra money in hospitality industry enjoying even occasional tips. This job does not demand any significant skills as almost anybody knows how to make perfect coffee. Free meals and coffee are small benefits that should not be ignored though.

  • Food delivery

Flexible schedule and absolute absence of desired skills except basic navigating ones are required. The major benefit of this job is possibility to get extra money fast and with minimum efforts.

How To Make Money As A Student And Have Time For Studies

  • Rideshare driver

If you have a car, such services as Uber in Montreal or other Canadian cities would be helpful to earn money when convenient. Starting working is easy since adequacy, reliable car, and smartphone are all that is needed for this job. Possibility to control workload is the main benefit for students.

  • Night auditor

This is a great opportunity to have fixed schedule and combine it together with studies. Night shifts at hotels as receptionist provide useful working experience with guests and performing duties of accounting department employee. This position is either full-time or part-time.

  • Pet sitter

One can earn some extra money watching other people’s pets, usually dogs, either in Ottawa or any other city. This is half-time job that requires only a few hours per day and a dream job for those who love animals.

  • Monetizing hobby

Having creative skills such as carving, painting, beauty products making or any other may bring some extra money. Online market platforms like Etsy do not need substantial attention but selling some homemade creative works results in substantial income.

  • Tutor

Possessing notable knowledge in any academic sphere of knowledge becomes a way to earn money being a student. Teaching other students Math, English or any other subject either in person or online via Skype is perfect part-time job which requires only some preparation for lessons and homework.

  • Translator

Proficient level of English and any other language opens the opportunity for written or oral translation jobs either as freelancer on relevant platforms online or part-time employee for translation agency.

  • Content Editor or Proofreader

Possessing good writing comprehension and attentiveness allows earning money working as freelance editor anywhere and anytime. Only laptop is needed to get online access to platform from any place in city or campus.

  • Customer Service Representative

It is either temporary position in office or remote one that requires just computer and phone. Student who wants money will have to learn about product or service and CRM software to help customers concerns. Competitive wage and stable workload that can be arranged with studies are guaranteed.

  • Blogger

Talkative and lively students who know something fascinating and want to share it are welcome to start a blog choosing any of multiple social network platforms currently available in Canada. High number of subscribers results in good revenue stream upon monetizing the blog. You can make informative live videos on YouTube and monetize them with youtube super chat.

  • Video games streamer

Live streaming platform Twitch offers the opportunity to earn money by just streaming your playing computer games. This money-making option is interesting for dedicated gamers only but if you play Counter-Strike so effectively that audience wants to make donations for fun you deliver, video streaming becomes a nice blend of fun and making money.

  • Participation in market research

Easy and fast way of extra money-making presupposes some research to avoid scam websites but if one finds reputable online platforms in Canada to take surveys, he or she would earn some rewards for each completed online surveys.

  • Participate in film making

Filmmaking industry in Canada often requires background actors of different age groups including students. If you get such position, no significant efforts, skills, or actor’s talent will be needed. Schedule is also adjustable to meet the demands of both odd-job and studies at university.

  • Technical writer

Well-paid freelance work for those who know rules of effective texts creation. Possibility to work anytime and anywhere having just laptop and stable internet connection. Scheduling and variety of subjects are among multiple benefits of this option for Canadian students.

  • Search engine evaluator

Complicated algorithms were developed for multiple search engines including answer bots. But real humans are needed for reviewing their outcomes’ relevance. This occupation is rather monotonous, requires good attention to determine correct response among similar ones, but still good for some extra cash without significant obligations. Studies should not be affected as well.

  • Fitness instructor

Not all students consider this as plausible option as not only athletic body that proves person’s skills is needed but specific certification allowing work in gyms as well. Otherwise, nobody will be participating in training sessions with unlicensed instructor.

  • Music teacher

Many people feel strong desire to play guitar or piano but cannot attend music school for some reason. Private music tutor becomes a solution. Are you good at playing any instrument? Then consider this variant of money-making while having fun doing what you like.

  • Work on campus

People on student visas are allowed to work neither full-time nor part-time since much time must be dedicated to studies. No reason for being disappointed since you may be offered temporary job on campus upon special permission, for instance, as circulation clerk assisting librarians. Be ready for insignificant number of working hours since main focus still must be on studies.

  • Babysitter

Just check your neighborhood and easily find many parents who don’t mind paying someone who can babysit their kids while they are at work or elsewhere. This way to make extra money is combined with parents’ being very grateful for all your help.

  • Guide

Living in big city like Toronto offers chance of learning all local tourist attractions and subsequent organizing personalized tour guides. Joining any large tour company is also a solution. Both variants are promising and rather reliable ways to make money in big attractive city.

  • Computer master

Many students nowadays are familiar with technology so that they help other people with software and hardware installation or different services. Major drawback of this work’s type is impossibility to predict earnings. Consider this as possibility of getting occasional income.

  • Photographer

Honing skills of operating camera opens an opportunity of selling best photos to stock photo sites. This may be treated as nice little cash boost as additional bonus for monetizing one’s hobby.

Part-Time Work And Future Career Perspectives

  • Publick network assistant

Almost every company now has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media account or even all of them at once. Updating all these profiles requires time and efforts and full-time employees may not always have time for that. Students looking for temporary or freelance occupation are of great help here.

  • Testing service

New software and websites undergo testing before release. Some companies are ready to pay for this service and all that is needed is computer or smartphone to review the offered product or app and provide substantial feedback.

  • Web designer / Designer

Students pursuing their degrees in Marketing and Design have good opportunity to find freelance job and apply obtained professional skills. Creating content requires specific knowledge and software but good payment and possibility to apply for internship at a big company make this option preferable to those who think about future perspectives.

  • Facebook advertisements manager

Those looking for home-based job should try their hand in managing Facebook ads for any small business targeting new customers. This option must be especially appealing to those who study Marketing at the University of Toronto or other Canadian higher education institution as it is the opportunity to enrich one’s resume and gain real skills.

  • Online researcher or analyst

It’s a considerable position for people who study business, as here perfect research skills are required. Job presupposes coordination with business professionals, finding relevant data, and delivering reasonable explanations to client’s questions. This might be a start of successful career in the field.

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