7 Stats That Explain Why We Need Face-to-Face Networking

Back when I used to run a small nonprofit in Boston, my co-director and I thought it would help board productivity to host all our meetings virtually. Picking a convenient location for the entire group continued to be an issue, so we opted for a Google Hangout-first strategy.

That same year, we almost ripped each other's heads off. 

After intense, heated meetings, I required the group to attend an in-person team meeting. And within five minutes of the meeting start time, we resolved all miscommunications and issues. 

That's when I was hit with a critical lesson: There are only so many technologies that will replace the power of in-person relationship building

While digital collaboration and communication tools can complement our remote needs and digital networking, an appropriate dose of face-to-face interactions is needed. If my little story isn't convincing enough, these seven stats may do the trick

  1. 84% say they prefer in-person meetings.
  2. 85% say they build stronger, more meaningful business relationships during in-person business meetings and conferences.
  3. 77% say they prefer in-person conferences due to the ability to read body language and facial expressions.
  4. 75% say they prefer in-person conferences because they lead to more social interactions and the ability to bond with co-workers/clients.
  5. 49% say they prefer in-person business meetings because they allow for more complex strategic thinking.
  6. 44% say they prefer in-person conferences and business meetings because they provide a better environment for tough, timely decision-making.
  7. 95% say face-to-face meetings are essential for long-term business relationships.

Written by Anum Hussain

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