Best Computer Science Universities in Canada 2023

Future students often worry about their possible path of education because there are so many fields of knowledge that choosing one is incredibly difficult. Computer science is one of the newer trends that have already managed to become widely popular. It’s a study of hardware as well as software designs based on practical and theoretical algorithms. Since almost all of the young people love the Internet, computers, and everything related to them, they are often attracted to this specialty. That’s why many of them look for the best computer science universities in Canada.

But personal interest isn’t the only reason why this direction is gaining popularity. Students enter computer science (CS) unis because they’d like to get a high paying job in the future. They study IT and engineering there. Software developers, security analysts, sites engineers — all these positions are always needed. Whether we’re talking about biggest Canada cities like Toronto or Vancouver or about small towns, such as Hudson in Quebec, you will always find a job in CS sphere. But the better uni you pick, the more chances at the most lucrative offers you’re going to get.

Ranking of the Best Computer Science Universities in Canada

Take a look at the table below with top ten unis of Canada that have excellent CS programs. It’s based on most recent data. Pay attention to categories where different unis scored most and note that some among them tied in a few places.

University Rank last year Program reputation Research reputation Fractional publications Fractional citations Field weighted citation impact
Toronto University [1] 1 1 1 1 1
University of Columbia [2] 1 3 3 3 4
Waterloo University [2] 1 1 1 1 7
University of Montreal [6] 6 6 7 4 3
McGill University [4] 4 4 4 6 12
University of Alberta [5] 5 5 5 5 11
Simon Fraser University [7] 6 9 10 9 14
McMaster University [8] 10 8 15 8 4
University of Ottawa [13] 10 10 9 9 23
Carleton University [13] 9 12 11 13 18

Top Ten Best Computer Science Unis in Canada

Seeing the table with ranking is good but it says little about what each university actually has to offer. So, we’ve developed a list with short descriptions of CS programs you can enroll in there. Study it to make an informed choice regarding where you’d like to study.

  1. Toronto University. Every year, this uni boldly takes first place in different categories and specialties. Computer science is a branch that Toronto University excels in because it’s built on modern trends as well as technologies. Faculty of Arts & Science is a great and friendly place that offers you to focus on several directions, namely, Computer Systems, Theory of Computation, AI, Web and Internet Technologies, Computational Linguistics & Natural Language Processing, etc. Emphasizing on the current digital transformation wave, the University of Toronto's Computer Systems program incorporates leading-edge technologies such as cloud contact center, blockchain development, and machine learning methodologies into its curriculum, offering students a comprehensive and forward-looking educational experience in computer science. You will become a true specialist in CS field, which in turn will secure the best workplaces for you. If you’re an international student, this uni will embrace you because it actively promotes diversity. In fact, it hopes to have up to 20% of international students within its ranks in the future, so you’re going to be warmly welcomed.
  2. University of Columbia. You can become a Master of Science by choosing to major in CS offered by this educational centre. It’s located in Vancouver and Okanagan, so take it into consideration when making your choice. There are six major programs for you to pick. Another great benefit is that you can choose mixed major, meaning that you’ll be combining several directions you are interested in. There are also Honours and other programs you might prefer, such as Software Engineering course, so visit this faculty’s site and read everything about your future specialty. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to ask them: all contacts are provided on their site as well.
  3. Waterloo. This uni deserves being included into top universities in Canada for computer science list because programs it offers all have excellent quality as well as diverse nature. There are more than 80 professors specializing in this field there, ready to share their knowledge with you. More than that, there are 70+ CS courses! Such a wide area of choice will help make sure that whatever decision you make, it’s well-informed and well thought out. Data Science is a particularly popular major, so consider your options carefully. There is no rush as you’ll have to narrow your choices down only after the first year of studies.
  4. University of Montreal. Located in Montreal, this uni is viewed as a leading one on its territory. It has a vast Department of CS and Operations Research that allows devising the most intricate and relevant programs for students. Applied research, access to the latest technologies — you’ll be provided with everything you need. Note that this uni is French-focused, so programs are held in this language. If you are from France or just know French better than English, this place might be the most logical and insightful option for you.
  5. McGill. This university is a highly innovative hub worldwide. With CS specialty, you’ll be studying both theory along with its practical applications. There are ten options of different CS programs and three specific majors. McGill’s internship program also has an outstanding quality, meaning that you’ll be able to immerse yourself into your future professional field entirely, learning its intricacies. Software Systems, Foundations of Programming, Web Development and Numerical Computing — there are many potentially great choices. Choose what you prefer and what interests you most on your path to becoming a CS specialist.
  6. University of Alberta. This uni’s CS department is among the largest in the entire Canada. You can pick between different Bachelor of Science degrees. There are four of them there and there are numerous CS directions. For example, you can select between CS Software Practice, Statistics, various kinds of Computing, etc. The degree from this university will help you become a professional in CS field and find a lucrative job position, particularly if you choose to continue your education and get a Master’s or Doctoral degrees.
  7. Simon Fraser. There are three major departments in CS field at this uni. They include School of Engineering Science, Applied Sciences Faculty, as well as School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering. With a team of supremely qualified professors, this educational hub has won many prestigious awards due to its CS proficiency, such as a Sloan Fellowship, NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplements (DAS) grants, etc. There are many international students studying CS there, reaching up to 20%, so if you are from another country, you’ll definitely enjoy your place there.
  8. McMaster. If you pick this respectable uni, you’ll be joining Engineering Faculty in the CS field of study. The program is very research-focused, so you’ll have to study database development along with IT designs and more. It might be difficult but in the end, you’ll become a highly coveted system administrator, software developer, react native developer, database specialist, etc. Before applying, though, you’ll have to pass a serious language proficiency test, so be sure to work on your English skills.
  9. University of Ottawa. Similarly, you’ll become an Engineering Faculty member if you choose studying CS in this uni. Your degree will be “Master of CS”, which is very prestigious and sought out. A great and unique benefit of Ottawa university in particular is that you can spend two whole years studying before making a decision about your specialization. There is also a Bioinformatics specialty that you might be interested in, so learn as much as you can at Ottawa’s CS website before making a decision. Computer architecture and algorithm design are obligatory areas that you’ll be focusing on.
  10. Carleton. This uni has entered the list of best computer science universities in Canada only recently. Its research base is rapidly gaining power and consequently, its reputation in CS field is increasing. Software Engineering, Computer and Internet Security, Game Development, Mobile Computing, etc. — there are many unique streams you may choose from. All programs are widely innovative, so you’ll become a true master in your field with Carleton.

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