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Statistics is a scientific tool for collection, manipulation, and presentation of data to reach conclusions like forecast, prediction, or estimation. The science part of definition implies that statistical analysis follows systematic process. Researchers employ it to establish relationship between two or more datasets. But first, one must develop hypothesis or estimated investigation outcome. Also, one should create null hypothesis which suggests no relation between dataset and so on. Sounds complicated, isn’t it? We understand how difficult for students it may be, that is why we’ve created our statistics help service to provide expert assistance with homework!

Statistical Categories We Handle

Statistics is a broad science, so it can be divided into various categories. For instance, its main areas and themes are:

Descriptive statistics. It’s one of the sections of science, in which methods of describing, presenting basic properties of data are studied. It allows summarising primary results obtained in observation or experiment. The usage of descriptive statistics includes the following steps: data collection, categorisation, compilation, presentation. Any of these steps can be requested as statistics help at Canadian Edubirdie!

Data collection. Common methods of obtaining information include surveys, experiments, and observation. A survey is deployed in a human study. Method involves asking respondents various questions through questionnaire or interview concerning the research question. Findings are analysed, based on probability. Government census, political opinion polls and marketing research studies use survey as a helpful tool. Scientific investigations may necessitate laboratory experiments. Students repeat procedures under different factors while observing results for change. Finally, observation involves systematically viewing phenomena in real-time.

Inferential statistics is based on analysis of sampling studies results. It’s aimed at estimating population parameters as a whole. In this case, sampling results are only starting point for general conclusions.

Analysing categorical data. Data can be categorical or numerical. Categorical variables have finite possibilities. They include blood type, gender, ethnicity, and wellness. Statisticians use Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Statistical Process Control (SPC), Regression Analysis (RA) to analyse information. Researchers use bar-graphs and pie charts to present it. Categorical distribution determines number or percentage of each category. Our stats help experts can deal with any dataset!

Displaying & comparing quantitative data. A researcher may employ one of the options below to analyse categorical data: frequency tables, contingency tables, proportion test, chi-square test.

Numerical data. Numerical values are measurable. They include temperature, age, weight, along with length. Researchers utilise line or scatter graphs to plot numerical values. Distribution of numerical data shows magnitude from the smallest to the largest.

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