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Write a Narrative Essay like a Pro

Successful storytelling leads to triumph in the world of business and advertising. People love to buy products or services that have significant value and history. That is why mastering the art of crafting a successful narrative essay is key to academic and professional success.

Narrative essays are personal. You can stand out as a creative person who has something unique to share with readers. Following an adequate format helps you master this type of writing even if you lack the necessary skills.

What is the Definition of a Narrative Essay?

Completing an academic piece is not an easy task. Many students struggle with narrative assignments because they involve a great deal of creativity. They often ask questions like “What is a narrative essay?” and “Why is it different from other types of write-ups?”

This type of writing gives the writer a chance to think and express their opinion, which revolves around a single theme or point. All incidents and characters should relate to this specific theme. It is your goal to speak about memories, share viewpoints, and experiences that you want to communicate to readers. For this purpose, you are required to engage all audience’s senses to deliver a certain message. As you share your thoughts, you should follow a logical sequence that a compelling story would follow.

An excellent narrative essay will impress and motivate readers. By listing experiences of main characters, you will teach them an influencing lesson. However, it is different from an ordinary story because readers can understand the main theme before reading the rest of the assignment.

Elements of a Narrative Essay

Before you ask how to write a narrative essay, it is time to get acquainted with its elements. A typical narrative essay has 3 components: characters, theme, and dialogue.

  • Characters

These are people involved in your tale. Although a narrative essay is usually told from the writer’s point of view, it typically involves other people who act around the protagonist. Their actions and reactions affect how your essay evolves.

  • Theme

The theme or main topic of your narrative essay is presented in the thesis statement or introduction of your assignment. The idea is later followed by pieces of evidence that highlight its importance.

  • Dialogue

What do different characters say to each other? A rich conversation improves the quality of your narrative essay writing. Even when the main character is thinking, you can write their thoughts in a dialogue form.

Follow the Correct Narrative Essay Structure

Just like all kinds of essay writing, following an outline helps you finish an excellent narrative essay that grabs readers’ attention. The structure of this essay has 3 main parts; introduction, main body, and conclusion.

  • Introduction

In this paragraph, work on creating a compelling hook that engages readers and makes them curious to read the rest of your narrative. If you fail to do so, they are likely to lose interest in reading.

State the thesis statement or motif. You should highlight its importance and explain why this topic is significant. You will be writing a narrative essay to express your viewpoint and feelings so explain why this theme means a lot to you.

  • Main Body

Here, you should talk about the setting and background of this story. Who are the leading characters and what do they do? What shapes their personalities and how do they react in different situations? Answering these questions helps you compose an excellent narrative essay that provides exceptional value to readers.

Discuss events and actions that affect various characters in this story until you reach the main event. The climax of your essay is the most significant struggle. Use vivid and unique vocabulary to engage readers by describing details. This provides a rich experience, so your audience is focused on reading the essay you’ve worked so hard to compose.

The resolution or final event is where problems resolve. If your characters have been facing struggles or issues, this is where they find solutions. If they have been dealing with specific challenges, it is time to find answers and explanations.

  • Conclusion

Here, you will summarize the moral of your story and mention the most significant event. In this section, you should present a lesson you’ve learned from what you’ve experienced and shared with your audience.

A narrative essay might also involve a call to action that encourages readers to make a stand or take an action that might contradict with their current beliefs. Summarize the main thesis statement one more time and explain how different events affected you and might influence readers.

Narrative Essay Topics

Narrative topics can be quite personal. In this regard, your job is to write about something that you’ve experienced in the past which has affected your life. You want to share it with the audience to influence them. Here are a few examples that you can write about:

  • Your First Day at School. Exploring memories and reflecting on them from a mature point of view is compelling. How did you feel on your first school day? What was your first impression? You met someone you can’t forget until today. Talk about them and mention how this shaped your character.
  • Scariest Moment of your Life. Fear can be paralyzing, but we must get up and keep on trying. Talk about an occasion when you felt terrified. What triggered this feeling? Who was involved? Was there anyone to help you? How did you fight and win your fear? Does this still affect you? Your narrative essay allows you to share this experience with others.
  • Something I am Proud of. We all have our good moments. Believing in one’s self motivates us to try harder. Talk about one time when you did something right. What did you do and how did it feel? Did it affect others? How did people react? Talk about your emotions and state of mind and how this encourages you to do the right thing.

These are some good examples that you can write about when you are asked to submit a narrative essay. Spend time to brainstorm the topic before you start writing and take notes of points that you want to reflect in your assignment.

Writing Tips from Our Narrative Essay Writing Service

Narrative essays are not impossible to write. Here are some useful tips for writing a narrative essay that attracts everybody’s attention:

  1. Present a clear main idea. Readers shouldn’t speculate to understand your essay’s theme or motif. Your audience should be able to identify your viewpoint upon reading the first few sentences of the assignment. Don’t overuse complex words that might confuse readers.
  2. Avoid the second-person narrative. Narratives are usually told from the first-person perspective. You don’t have to be the main character in the story, but you are the one telling it. Nevertheless, don’t overuse the pronoun “I” to avoid repetition. Make sure that you use a versatile and creative approach to keep readers engaged.
  3. Limit your references. This type of writing doesn’t necessarily require citation. Mention your references at the end of the essay in a separate section because you are telling a personal story.
  4. Don’t get over the top with details. Engaging readers by describing details is an excellent tool to keep your audience focused on the topic. However, over-describing the details is unnecessary and bores readers.
  5. Describe all events in chronological order. This guarantees that readers will stay focused because it is the easiest way to tell a story. Follow a chronological order that leads to the main event and climax of the essay.
  6. Proofread the final essay. Take a chance to read your assignment before submission. Use variable sentence structures to keep your writing interesting. Make sure that the words you use evoke all senses by mentioning what you see, hear, touch, smell, and taste. Don’t forget to correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

You can Finish an Excellent Narrative Essay

Do you think that you can’t complete amazing narrative essays? A professional academic writing service provides help with essay. If you lack time or any skills required for a writing task, contact us, and we will write an exceptional assignment on your behalf.

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