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Mental Health of College Students

At the present time psychological issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression is rapidly increasing in university students’ year by year. These include the local students as well as international students. There are many problems are faced by students due to disturbance in mental health both physically and emotionally. The common reasons for these problems of students are big family expectation towards studying, new environment mostly for international students, change in academic work place, pressure of examination, and fear to fail the subject. Some may even turn out to have suicidal thoughts on suffering from stress or depression too much. The essay will further discuss the causes and effects of mental health and stress, illustration of students suffered from these and tried to commit suicide, and prevention taken to solve the problems.

Stress, depression, and anxiety are the main factors of mental health and it can be caused by many reasons. One of the main reasons for mental health issues is caused by expecting excellence in academic work (Kruisselbrink, 2013). Students feel the pressure for passing the subject with satisfactory or high grades. Parental pressure is also a victim to the stress. Almost every student who studies in a university are from different places which are far away from their home. So, home sickness and aloneness can lead to depression. In some cases, students who are involved in breakdown in family structure are the most disturbed as they can’t concentrate in their studies and incomplete work can create pressure. Many students face stress due to too much workload in universities, they try to complete their work no matter what because of gaining the marks (Henriques, 2014). The most and important cause of all three problems is financial condition. Tuition fees of university is considered to be very costly compared to college or school. (Kruisselbrink, A, 2013) The average rate of tuition fees rose from 10% to 21%. Some of the students get a loan for paying their tuition cost, so students think that they have to repay all the money to their parents as they helped in paying the fees taking self-respect in their mind.

Initially, in many cases, stress affects how students think, feel, and act. It also makes a big difference on how they study and maybe if they feel more stress then it can lead it disturbance in studying and concentration. Health problems may occur if stress level exceeds the limit of stress and a possibilities of illness may occur and symptoms like weight gain, sleeplessness, being abstain or restlessness can also be seen. Short temper could also be seen and that may end up making the relation with friends and family in a difficult position. Suicidal attempts have also been observed or else other attempts to hurt themselves. The most dangerous and worst outcome to suffering from stress can be abusing alcohol and drugs which are very hard to get through.

Suicide is one of the major case of the death for today’s students. The amount of death rates has increased due to suicide of students since 2012. According to Monteiro (2018), there have been about 10 deaths till 2012 in University of Waterloo and recently there has been one incident in 2018. The student was a fourth year student and jumped from the 12th floor in student residence building. The whole university was saddened by the loss of one of their students. The highest number of suicides in one year was four and it was observed at the University of Guelph. (Van Skingerland, Durand-Bush, & Rathwell, 2018) In the national survey in 2012 it was reported that 89.1% felt overwhelmed by all the things they’ve done, 62% of them felt lonely and 8.6% of students had committed suicide.

Stress and depression are two factors that can cause a drastic change in a students’ life. If the students don’t get a solution for it, then they might lose their life sometimes if the struggle continues in their life. For instance, they can do anything if they are suffering from stress or depression and they decide to take their lives from themselves so that all those emotions end within seconds. Another example if a student starts to get addicted to drugs or alcohol which almost the same to killing yourself. They can also lose their loved ones as well, on suffering from stress and depression one has various mood swings as well as short temper which is very dangerous for the relationship towards the family and friends. For example, if a student is in stress and gets annoyed from people asking if the student was alright or not then the student might say something very bad to the person and hurt their feelings which can destroy the bond between them.

Preventions can be taken to reduce the stress level of students. First of all, the most important thing that student should do is go talk to someone if this kind of situation has taken place such as a counselor in university, friends or family members, a therapist, counselor in your city or a doctor (Shadick & Akhter, 2014). Students must find why they are suffering from stress and that can be done by attending seminars on preventions of stress and find a way to solve their problem. Besides these they can try some medication to calm the mind or even trying a new hobby to get their mind of their previous problems.

The factors of mental health that are stress, anxiety, and depression of students attaining higher education are becoming a concern across all over the world. The important devote to the factors of mental health includes academic stress, financial load, and change in environment. The universities must build a friendlier environment for the students to share their feelings and issues they are facing so that the student does not go to emotional breakdown and continues having mental health problems. The student should also utilize these types of service as much as they can which are provided in the campus of university but in some universities the service for this is not that much developed so the students fail to communicate. The students must be encouraged by the teachers, mentors, friends, and family members so that they can give their best in academic as well as in the social field.

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