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How to Choose Thesis Topic for Telecommunications or Technology

Our report is better steered towards what you have actually learned or experienced there.

I cannot suggest a particular topic. This is simply because I don’t know about your level of knowledge, the company’s field of expertise, your experience in that company and your passions. But you may find the following lines useful:

Write down a raw narrative of what you did, things you saw, new stuff you learned, your overall experience, your interactions with people, etc. Feel free to write in any style you want. Shut down your inner critic. This is only for you. Just write. If you have enough time write down 500-1000 words a day. If not just write as much as you can until you feel you have nothing more to remember.

Ask these questions and try to answer them as elaborated as you can: Why I spent my time in there? How I spent my time? What I know now about that line of work that I previously did not?

Search for keywords in your raw texts. Connect them. Get a piece of paper, write them down and try to connect your keywords to each other. Find the keywords with most connections. Sort them out based on their importance and your priorities. Choose those with connections to telecommunication concepts. Narrow down until you reach a handful of keywords or just a couple of the most important ones. Choose the most important keyword as a basis for your topic. Look for your keywords in the texts you’ve already written. Find out those chunks of texts which include it and try to connect your writings this time. Keep the original versions intact.

Form a structure for your report. It usually needs an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Structure your raw texts around this structure. Form paragraphs. The first sentence of each paragraph must be an introduction to the topic you speak about in that paragraph and your last one is the conclusion or a question which you will answer at the next paragraph.

Be honest in your report and point out any limitations or obstacles in your way. Acknowledge the cooperation of the company you worked with and the people who helped you in your experience at the end of your text. It’s good to have some suggestions for how this experience can be improved for others.

Edit your texts. Try to maintain a logical consistency between different parts of your work. Add, cut, crop, and groom your text. Proof read it a couple of times. Print your text and review it again on paper. Some typos and mistakes in style are easier to detect on a hard copy.

Your report is about you and what you find important or worthy of note about your experience and what you can share with others about it. Stay away from distractions and focus on your job. Do your best and don’t mind the results or the marks you will score. Do it with your mind and your heart. Good luck.

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