Top Party Schools Among American Educational Institutions 2020

Study hard, party hard... We all have heard of this expression, yet sometimes we just want to party like those girls that just want to have fun. Remember the song? Alright, the newest ranks list by the likes of Princeton Review is here. Let us take some time to explore the contestants and see who could come up with those excellent school parties that many will remember even years from now!

Without further ado, we are happy to announce the winner for 2020! It is Syracuse University in New York. It is not even surprising for some of us since this New York-based famous institution always stood out in terms of their community support and the positive experience in terms of special learning conditions and extensive alumni network. It is for the first time since 2014 that Syracuse University is finally back on the first spot in the list of best places to party. It must be noted that Syracuse Uni always made it to Princeton’s list Top 10 for the last eight years in a row. Speaking of 2018 and 2017, it took fourth place.

So what has changed so much this year? Well, Princeton offers several categories in terms of how they define party greatness. Syracuse took second place for amounts of hard liquor and only eighth place in terms of beer. It is not the quality that counts but the amount of what has been spent for a party. Still, what took Syracuse to the first spot is their third place for the adherence to national values and the school spirit. Number 7 for intramural sports and even first place for the excellent college newspaper. If this does not sound convincing enough, they earned the honor of being 6th best college radio station and also represent students who are active in terms of politics (11th place). Combining all of these rankings, Syracuse wins the grand prize!

Let us not forget that Syracuse University also offers great research facilities, so the study hard, party hard concept truly comes to life here.

Now the Top 20 of the best college parties in 2020 by Princeton Review goes as follows:

  1. Syracuse University, New York.
  2. The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
  3. University of Delaware
  4. West Virginia Uni
  5. Tulane University
  6. University of California, Santa Barbara
  7. Colgate University
  8. Wake Forest University
  9. Bucknell Uni
  10. University of Rhode Island
  11. University of Maine
  12. Union College (New York)
  13. University of Wisconsin
  14. Uni of Vermont
  15. Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  16. University of Florida
  17. Sonoma State Uni
  18. Florida State University
  19. University of Dayton
  20. University of Connecticut

As you can see, the list consists of both private and public schools in the United States that are located all across the land. It shows that we all know how to party and have fun! Of course, even if your college is not on the list this year, it does not mean that you cannot put up a great party to be proud of. There are many categories where your school can show a good performance. The most important part is not the number of drinks on offer but the great community spirit and readiness of both students and the staff to organize something good.

Remember that you can always help your school join the famous list by thinking about how you can do something special for the entire community. Think early about the possible ideas and let your college professors know about your plans. Organize people, use your professional knowledge, talk to creative types among you. Even if you are enrolled in a Christian college where drinking is prohibited, you can focus on the true values of a person and prove to the world that a healthy lifestyle and a good attitude can make a positive difference and let the school party become the best!

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